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Best computer speakers for Mac

A great set of speakers can turn your Mac from squeaking mouse to roaring lion. Super simple to install, external speakers can make your favorite movies, music, cat videos, TV shows, or any other audio you listen to sound superb.

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'Mobile audio has to improve'

While screen display densities and technologies are approaching ludicrous levels, many phones and tablets still provide lackluster audio at best.

It's like trying to enjoy a movie with half your senses tied behind your head. But is home theater quality sound possible on mobile?

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Best AirPlay speaker systems for your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

AirPlay makes it easy to stream your music from your Mac or iOS device. Here are five speaker systems that make AirPlay sound spectacular

AirPlay is Apple's secret weapon when it comes to integrating with your home entertainment system. It's the video and audio streaming technology that makes it possible for your iPhone, iPad or your Mac to take over your television through an Apple TV, but that's only part of its appeal.

A lot of us love to listen to music while we work, do chores, exercise and entertain. If you're looking for a compact speaker system that helps you get the most out of your AirPlay-equipped Apple device, I've rounded up five of my favorites here.

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Bang & Olufsen on expensive speakers and mobile

It's CES 2014, and that means every tech company under the sun has made their pilgrimage to Las Vegas. Audio company Bang & Olufsen is one of those companies, bringing their line-up of premium speakers to show off. Back in October they rolled out their Immaculate Wireless Sound line of speakers, utilizing the WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio Association) standard to communicate between TVs, receivers, and speakers.

WiSA allows B&O to do something similar to what Sonos does, allowing the user to control which speakers are used to broadcast audio. They can control individual speakers or create groups of speakers with assigned roles. B&O worked with other WiSA members (which include recognizable audio names like Onkyo, Pioneer, and Klipsh) to help build the standard.

CEO Tue Mantoni told us that B&O had for the past decade been exploring building their own proprietary wireless systems, but never had the expertise to make it happen. They are a small company, Mantoni said, serving a niche market. Their strengths are in sound quality and acoustic design, not wireless communications. By partnering with some of their competitors in developing WiSA, B&O got a high-bandwidth 24-bit wireless standard that will work with WiSA receivers, speakers, and televisions developed by any manufacturer. In theory, at least, as B&O is the first to release WiSA gear.

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Twelve South 'remasters' BassJump laptop subwoofer software with Mavericks support, more

Twelve South on Thursday announced the release of new software for their BassJump subwoofer, a speaker designed to work with Apple's laptops. The new Sound System 2.5 software is available for download immediately, and is a free update for BassJump users.

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Belkin announces new Thunderstorm speaker dock for iPad 4

Belkin has announced an update to their Thunderstorm Handheld Home Theater speaker dock that is compatible with the iPad 4. The dock connects through an integrated Lightning connector, and is supposed to enhance the audio of the iPad. The new new dock features an updated design as well as new audio modes, according to Belkin:

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Former Star Wars audio company THX sues Apple over speakers

THX, the audio company founded by George Lucas to ensure the audio quality of the Star Wars films, has filed a patent infringement suit against Apple for the speakers used on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Independent since 2001, THX holds a 2008 patent for a sound-boosting speaker. Karen Gullo & Joel Rosenblatt of Bloomberg report:

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Sound To Go Plus portable audio system for iPhone, iPad, and Mac review

If you’re like me you absolutely hate -- hate! -- the weak speaker performance of your iPhone, iPad, or Macbook Air, Edifier has made the Sound To Go Plus, a quality built auxiliary audio system that's as portable as your Apple devices.

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iPhone 5 speaker review

The iPhone 5 is thinner, lighter, longer, brighter, and faster than ever before. But is it louder? iPhones have always sounded good through headsets, and they can even pump out decent sound through Bluetooth these days. Yet year after year, iPhone after iPhone, little or no attention seems to get paid to the on-board speakers. While others experiment with everything from the solid Dolby to the silly Beats by Dre, the company that created the iPod + iTunes, has traditionally not devoted the Keynote-time to killer audio that they have killer camera optics. This year, however, my hopes were raised. Apple's iPhone 5 event did indeed feature an entire segment on speakers --- but only for the new EarPods. What about the on-board speakers?

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Win a FREE Naztech N15 3.5mm Mini Boom Speaker!

Friday Freebie time again, and since the TiPb iPhone Accessory Store now has the Naztech N15 3.5mm Mini Boom Speaker in stock and ready to move, we figured we'd move one of each color right on to the TiPb Nation... for FREE!

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