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Subway UK Subcard app adds support for Passbook

As time passes by here in the UK, we get word of another app adding Passbook support. This time it's Subway, with an update to their Subcard app that allows you to finally add your card to Passbook on your iPhone. Your Subcard ID and recent transactions can now be accessed from your Passbook wallet.

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New York’s MTA releases Subway Time app, lets users know exact train arrival times

The New York MTA (Metropolitan Transport Authority) has released an app that will allow users to access up to the minute information on when a subway train will arrive at their chosen station. The app which is called Subway Time will initially cover seven stations with more to come in the future.

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Friday Fun Video: iPhone band performs on NY Subway

New York band Atomic Tom had their instruments stolen, so they rocked out with their back-up instruments - their iPhones! Each member of the band used an app on their iPhone to play a different part (drums, guitar, bass, keyboard, vocals). They gave a great performance on the New York subway; passengers can be seen bobbing their heads and getting into the music. This is the kind of thing I would love to see in person!

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Apple Renovating Chicago Subway Station

Apple has come to an agreement with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) in which they will spend 4 million dollars to renovate the run-down Red Line subway station on North and Clybourn in the city. This particular site just so happens to be across the street from the future Apple retail store on Halsted Street.

In return for the renovations, Apple is receiving first dibs on naming rights, first crack at advertising rights within the station, and a free long-term lease on an unused bus lane that is between the subway station and the Apple store that will be turned into a landscaped public park. All of this should be taking place no later than September 30th of 2010.

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