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Twitter Apps

Twitter for iOS 6.0 adds swipable timelines, photos in direct messages

Twitter for iOS received a major update today, moving to version 6.0 with a refreshed design and some new tricks. The two major changes in the design are the new navigation bar and addition of the Activity and Discover timelines, accessed by swiping through the Timelines tab. Direct messages have also been moved to the navigation bar for easy, one-tap access from anywhere in the app.

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Tweetly for iPhone: A great Twitter client for beginners and pictures takers

Tweetly for iPhone is a new Twitter client for iPhone that focuses on providing a streamline user experience more than it focuses on containing every feature you could possibly cram into one client. For those that take and share a lot of photos, not only can you easily share your pictures, but edit them too.

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Tweetbot 3.2 adds night theme, fast account switching, more!

Tweetbot 3.2 is now available, adding some enhancements, as well as the long-awaited night theme. Night theme turns all of the white elements of Tweetbot's UI dark gray. You can turn the theme on manually or set Tweetbot to turn it on automatically based on your screen brightness in the Display section of the app's settings.

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Tweetbot 3.1 adds text resizing, quick actions, and more

Tweetbot 3.1 is out, adding some important features to Tweetbot, including using lists as timeline, quick actions, and independent text sizing. To use one of your lists as your timeline, first make sure that Tweetbot has loaded your lists at least once. Then, in the timeline view, tap and hold on the timline name at the top of the screen. Choose your desired list from the drop-down menu that appears.

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Tweetbot 3 for iOS 7 loses the textures, adds the physics, and keeps all the personality

When iOS 7 was announced, one of the most frequent questions in the Apple design and development community immediately became - what will Tweetbot do? The thing about Tweetbot, and all of Tapbot's apps, was the way they looked. The personality. That was achieved through heavy, textured design. And iOS 7 was the opposite of that. All the personality was in the physics. And that's just where it's gone in Tweetbot 3 as well.

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Tweet7 is one of the best iOS 7 inspired Twitter experiences you could ask for

Tweet7 is a new Twitter client by Halcyon Mobile, the makers of finance and budget app Dollarbird. With transparent menus, matching fonts, and a completely gesture driven interface, no space is wasted on menus and buttons.

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Echofon for iOS updated with new interface and support for iOS 7

Popular Twitter client Echofon has just updated both their free and paid versions with support for iOS 7. As you'd expect, the update includes a nice little facelift with new menus to match the iOS 7 look and feel.

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Twitterrific 5 update brings refreshed interface, new Today view, and more

Twitterrific 5 has just received an update that brings with it a new Today view section that shows all your most recent mentions, followers, and more. The update also brings with it some nice visual enhancements to both the overall interface as well as the fonts and menus.

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Twitterrific updates with Readability and Droplr support, bug fixes

Twitterrific for iPhone and iPad has been update with support for Readability and Droplr as a bookmarking and image service, respectively, along with other improvements and bugfixes. These include fixes for notifications and VoiceOver issues.

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Twitterrific 5 updated with push notifications, more

Twitterrific, the elegant Iconfactory Twitter client for iPhone and iPad, has been updated to support one of their most requested features -- push notifications. Currently in beta, users are being added to Twitterrific's push system in batches of 1,000 to make sure servers stay up and the experience remains positive for everyone. If you don't get into the push beta immediately, just try again in a few days. (You can find it in the Settings section.)

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