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Winterboard now compatible for iOS 5 [jailbreak]

If you are currently jailbroken on iOS 5 you can now return to skinning and theming your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your heart's content -- Saurik's most recent update to Winterboard (0.9.3901) adds iOS 5 compatibility.

Although Winterboard is now compatible with iOS 5 it still isn't safe to assume that all themes and skins are. As always, make sure you're reading the descriptions carefully. In most cases themes just don't apply properly if they haven't been made compatible but it's still good to check.

Anyone found any awesome themes that work with iOS 5 they want to recommend? Let us know!

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Theme It will bring theme store to iOS [Jailbreak]

Theme It is a new site and app (via Cydia) that will feature themes for iOS. Anyone currently jailbroken knows how big of a pain it can be weeding through themes and tweaks in Cydia. Hopefully having something like Theme It will reduce some of the clutter and allow users to more efficiently browse for quality themes.

Theme It boasts to provide only the highest quality themes to their users. They've already gotten some of the best theme creators on board in an attempt to offer a better option for browsing themes. The app will be available via Cydia and will have an actual website as well. The counter along the top of the site shows we have less than 2 days before launch.

I know I'm looking forward to seeing if this makes me more apt to install and download themes. I don't theme as much as I used to since weeding through Cydia for quality themes can be pretty time consuming. How many of you are excited to have a new way to browse and obtain new themes?

Demo video after the break!

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Daily Tip: How to skin carrier names with Winterboard [Jailbreak]

Sure you can get an iPhone that says AT&T or even Verizon now, but curious how to make the carrier name say anything you want? Want to put your own name, even an icon? If you're Jailbroken and not afraid of a little hacking, we'll show you how after the break!

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How to theme your iPhone with Winterboard [Jailbreak]

A lot of people are curious how to theme their iPhone's -- not just change the wallpaper but customize the whole look of the interface, including icons, menu bars, fonts, and more. Enter Winterboard, a free Jailbreak app you can download for free via Cydia.

Winterboard is a necessary utility to install themes and most customizations. Many veteran jailbreakers will remember the days of Summerboard as well. Winterboard took its place a few years back and improved upon several things. When you install a theme, all the components will show up in Winterboard.

Depending upon how a theme developer decided to bundle their theme, you may have only one package in Winterboard, or you may have several. I personally prefer when developers separate theme elements. Since Winterboard works as a hierarchy, I can select a theme and if I don't like the sounds, I can download a sound pack I "do" like and apply that in Winterboard. The key is to move it above the main theme so it overrides the sounds you don't want.

I highly suggest jailbreakers become familiar and comfortable with Winterboard. If you do, there is no limit to what you can do to your phone and you'll be able to tweak and customize even the littlest details of your springboard.

If you want to more, check out our complete guide to Jailbreak basics. If you need help, head on over to our Jailbreak Themes Forum! If you're a veteran themer already. let us know some of your favorites!

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Theme artists Zausser and K. Nitsua presents iNitsua Z Twilight HD for iPhone 4 [Jailbreak]

From the expert theme designers of Xhd and iNSPIRED comes iNitsua Z Twilight HD for the iPhone 4. Zausser and K. Nitsua have created a breathtaking Retina quality theme that skins every UI element of the iPhone 4 from the keypad to the SMS messaging interface. This full featured theme is to be used on Jailbroken iPhones with the Winterboard app and comes with numerous weather widgets, animated lock screen themes, pin entry skins, and even comes with a non Retina port for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS. iNitusa Z Twilight HD is available on Cydia for $2.99.

As with all of Zausser and K. Nitsua's themes, most of the fun is derived from customization. iNitsua Z Twilight HD comes with PSDs to easily customize different aspects of the theme and to make your own custom icons. There is already a large library of user made add on packs that allow you to change the color schemes, install different weather widgets and lock screens, iAccess keyboard skins, or add custom icon and SBSetting packs.

Check out the stunning pictures after the break but keep in mind that Retina quality themes look much better on a Retina display than on your computer screen. Excited about all the HD theme's coming to the iPhone 4? Questions about Winterboard and theme customization? Leave us a comment or visit our Jailbreak forums!

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Top 5 best Jailbreak apps and tweaks for iPhone

What are the top 5 best, or just our most favorite, Jailbreak apps and tweaks for iPhone? That's something we get asked a lot in comments, in the forums, and during the podcast chat. Cydia is filled with wonderful tools and applications to enhance your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. In this version, we're going to look at the top 5 jailbroken apps or tweaks to help you make the best of your iPhone experience. Some of these may apply to other devices as well, but we'll strictly be looking at the iPhone variants. Hit the break for what we think are 5 jailbreak utilities every jailbreaker should check out!

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Jailbreak basics: Everything you need to know for iPhone and iPad

We see quite a few questions in our Jailbreak Forums about jailbreak basics. So, we've decided to compile a master list of some basic jailbreak magic right here in one place. Hopefully this will help a lot of you beginner jailbreakers learn the ropes (and maybe even help some of you decide whether the leap to the jailbreak world has its advantages for you). We've included common jailbreak lingo, popular jailbreak apps and tools, and videos highlighting some awesome jailbreak utilities!

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Top 5 Must-Have Jailbreak Apps: Post iPhone 3.0 Edition

Today TiPb brings you round four of the Top 5 Must-Have Jailbreak Apps series, this one focused on what still makes Jailbreak compelling in a post-iPhone 3.0 world.

Now, all of the Jailbreak experts out there will (or should!) know about all these apps already. The purpose of this article is to give our readers who may not be familiar with the jailbreak community just a little taste of what is out there. So, if youโ€™re still debating whether or not to jailbreak your iPhone, after reading this we are guessing that you will make up your mind one way or another...

All of the following applications can be downloaded via Cydia on your Jailbroken iPhone.

Read on after the jump!

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Updated: Ultrasn0w, Redsn0w, and Winterboard Get iPhone 3GS Compatible

Three of the most popular tools on the scene have been updated to be fully compatible with the iPhone 3GS: The Dev Teams software unlock - ultrasn0w, their jailbreak software - redsn0w (via torrent for Windows, Mac, Linux), and saurik's popular iPhone theming tool, Winterboard (via Cydia).

Two hours ago saurik twittered the following:

The newly released 0.9.2958 versions of MobileSubstrate and WinterBoard (upgraded to support ARM7/Thumb2) should now work on the iPhone 3GS

That was followed by a quick tweet from the Dev Team:

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