TiPb Give Away: PCalc Wants Your Input -- Has 30 Promo Codes to Prove It!

PCalc 1.8

PCalc [$9.99 - iTunes link] has 30 promo codes to give away to TiPb readers willing to help them out with a little survey. Here's the thing: since "free apps no longer have to stay free", and in-app purchases are now available to everyone, they're interested in knowing just which in-app purchasable features interest YOU.

Ready? Here's what you need to do:

  • Download the free version of PCalc Lite [iTunes link]
  • Try it.
  • Rank the following features from the full version that you'd like to see made available as in-app purchases, in order of preference:
    1. More keyboard layouts with additional functions aimed at engineers and programmers.
    2. More themes, digit styles, and key click sounds.
    3. More unit conversions and constants.
    4. A virtual paper tape and display of memory registers.
    5. More advanced settings for controlling things like number of decimal places shown, thousands separators.
    6. Hex / octal / binary mode.
    7. Multi-line display and multiple memory support.
    8. A coupon code to save $9 on PCalc for Mac OS X.
  • Suggest one cool new calculating feature they've inexplicably forgotten to include so far (real or fantastic).
  • Email your feature ranking and new feature suggestion to survey[at]dragthing[dot]com
  • Best suggestions received in the next 24 hours will get a promo code for the full version of PCalc in return. (US App Store only -- Apple's rules, not ours.)

Here's what a sample entry would look like:

Screen shot 2009-11-02 at 8.41.58 AM

Got it? Good. Go get it and get to it!

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Reader comments

TiPb Give Away: PCalc Wants Your Input -- Has 30 Promo Codes to Prove It!


You know, these developers seem passionate at what they do, but most don't need anything beyond the built in app. I think if students were allowed to use it in class it would really open up their business, but unfortunately phones aren't allowed and especially not for tests. No mainstream makes this a very niche app.

No mainstream makes this a very niche app.

Once you get out of school you will quickly learn what Mainstream really means.
I have a 25 year old Cassio fx-450 solar powered calculator for hexadecimal calculations, complex formula and occasional linear regression analysis.
It gets used daily, but its getting old. Still its faster and easier to use than the one that comes with any Operating system (OSX Windows Linux) because it doesn't require a mouse or screen real-estate.
I'd find use for the Full Version of this app. The light version, not so much.

Call me crazy, but I would bet there are more college student/young professionals sporting an iPhone than there are those "experienced" enough to own a 25 year old calculator.

Ok, you're Crazy. ;-)
Point is, in the real world, use of calculators is not forbidden, but rather encouraged.

Recieved my code this morning!!! See email below:
Hi Benjamin,
Thanks for taking part in the survey, and for your suggestion. I'll certainly add it to the wish list for a future release.
Here is your iTunes promo code:
In the iTunes store, click the "Redeem" link at the top right, enter the code, and it will download a copy of PCalc automatically.
I hope you like the full version. Oh, and it would be helpful if you could add an honest review to the store, as they are really good at getting the word out to people.
Thanks again,

Yea, I got a code too. I love this thing. The full version has way more than the lite, and the programming functions are fairly complete.
A lot of functionality crammed into a small space, and very configurable.
Any tech geeks would love this calculator.
Math-heads too Lleana.

Got my code too.
The full version is Way better.
Totally worth $10 if you need a pretty complete calculator.