TiPb Give Away: Tap Tap Revenge 3 Wants to Help You Get Your Groove On!


Tap Tap Revenge 3 [$0.99 - iTunes link] is scorching up the charts, and so to thank their fans the fine folks at Tapulous are tripling up on the give-aways.

First, if you've already got the app, they want to give you the TTR3 version of #1 hit on iTunes, “Fireflies” by Owl City for FREE for the next 7 days! That's right, just fire the game up and download away!

Second, for those who haven't yet upgraded from Tap Tap Revenge 2, buy the game in the next 2 days (through midnight Friday, PST), gets a FREE credit for a premium two-pack bundle (by top artists like Foo Fighters, Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Smashing Pumpkins, and more being added every day). To get your free tracks,just email your iTunes receipt or screenshot to freemusic[at]tapulous[dot]com with your Tap Tap Revenge 3 username (and nothing else) in the subject line. Clear?

Third, they're giving away a chance to win the entire premium catalog of Tap Tap Revenge 3 for FREE (over 100+ sensational songs). Want that chance? Drop a comment below (through midnight Sunday PST), telling us who you'd most like to challenge on TTR3. Anyone in history, any where, any when. Who do you most want to play off the TTR3 stage and leave begging for music mercy? (Me, I'm claiming Shatner! He tasks me and I will have at him!)

Note: You'll need a copy of your TTR3 iTunes receipt to claim your winnings, so keep it handy. Also, be sure to leave a valid email address so we can contact you. Now get going!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 70 comments. Add yours.

Alli says:

Who would I most like to challenge? The kid who lived next door to me back in 1975. He used to play the first 8 bars of "Smoke on the Water" over and over and over and over all day and all night long.

Xanadeath says:

I'd like to challenge Steve Ballmer! Not only could I beat him, but the best part would be hearing what stupid things he would say afterwords. Maybe Tap Tap would have run better on Windows Mobile, or Steve Jobs couldn't have done any better.... or I had my tongue sticking out in front of my eyes so I couldn't see...... I couldn't even imagine what he might say :p

Derek says:

I'd challenge Dave Grohl at his own song... Best of You!

Gallo says:

I'm rolling for a twenty. Hopefully it will turn out in my favor.

Chris says:

I'd challenge Mozart just to see his reaction to today's music.

Frankless says:

i love tap tap revenge !!! and want some new music!!!

pilotnh says:

Easy choice- Balloon boy's dad. He needs a good whoopin'.

Gavin says:

Bring it on Slash!!! You can shred in real life but how about on TapTap???

Nick says:

I don't know. I could challenge the composers of the pieces but I would probably lose. I would challenge Nigel Kennady so I could say hello to him!!! or maybe Bill Gates so he had to use a iPhone!!!

Alex Radu says:

I would like to challenge Shaq, just to see his tweets trash talking me before the showdown

Nathan says:

I love this game. id challenge kobe bryant, just so that i can meet him

Michael says:

Abe Lincoln. Big thumbs. Skinny guys tap till they're burger. ;)

rkbrown81 says:

I'd challenge Dr. Horrible, since he uses gloves with his iPhone.

Chris Vitek says:

I would love to challenge my wife, because she might be the only person I can beat. :)

david says:

Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo or Thomas Bangalter from Daft Punk

Frank says:

This game sounded like it would be fun... Count me in :)

pnut78 says:

Someone good at tapping.... How about Piano Man, Billy Joel!!!

Adam says:

Idk who I would wanna play against. All I know is that I will not play Chuck Norris. He will beat me so hard I will turn into a cantelope or something crazy like that.

NovaTornado says:

my best friend at school... he plays tt so much xD wonder if i can still beat him :) eh, wonder how they are gonna pass out the credit.

Johnny Huynh says:

I'd like to challenge Bill Gates to a game on TTR3.

Tommy says:

I would have to play against Marty McFly, from Back to the Future.

Hakala says:

(all in good humor) I challenge...HELLEN KELLER! She does have a pretty good sense of direction with her hands. Lol I could totally win or totally lose. It's a tossup

Mike says:

Von Neuman.. it would blow his mind

Amoliski says:

I would challenge Jesus while riding on his velociraptor. I might even let him win.

Brian Tufo says:

I would like to challenge President Obama and see if he really is worthy of a nobel peace prize!!!

chris_t54 says:

most def. would take on hitler

Muero says:

I'd like to challenge William Shakespeare.

sinbad says:

I'd challenge A-rod. I'd like to smash that punk.

Houli says:

I would love to play Chuck Norris. The thing is though I won't be playing Chuck Norris he'll be playing me. I will lose but I'll be happy knowing that Chuck Norris played me.

Mike says:

I'd challenge John Lennon!

NevadaScott#IM says:

Eddie Murphy as buckwheat. haha. nothing then better than listening to buckwheat singing along. haha.

ANT says:

id challenge bob barker....just so i can show him that the price is right on this game lol

Jade says:

I'd challenge you, Rene Ritchie. How's that?

Christine says:

I challenge God to a good ol' game of TTR3. Or Jesus. I bet I could best em'.

Nikhil says:

I'd challenge the guy who made the song http://www.shutupwomangetonmyhorse.com/
He's got some serious musical talent and would be an interesting battle, weird though...

Dave Houston says:

Id love too play the legendary Carlos Santana!! at his best song, he would probably kick my ass, but hey its all fun!

johntmeche3 says:

Jimmy Hendrix all the way.

d.allen says:

I'd challenge Mike Vick to the song of who let the dogs out.

johaen8 says:

I'd challege... your mom! :O

Scott Lewis says:

I challenge YOU, Rene Ritchie. Now you either have to make me a winner, or admit you're scared!

Tuxster says:

Oh, it would so obviously be Bill Gates! Just seeing him with an iphone would be worth it even if he were to beat me at the challenge.

Bryan says:

I would challenge Buckethead. Crazy fingers!

Oboewan says:

Kevin Bacon. Then I'd film it and release it in theaters. INSTANT HOLLYWOOD STREET CRED

Rob says:

I would challenge Bill Gates because the thought of him with an iPhone in his hands would make it worth it in itself.

justag33k says:

Real of fictional? If real I would have to say Scarlett Johansson because... well.. you know... (schawing!) If fictional then definitely the pinball wizard. cuz he plays by sense of smell :D

shoewee says:

I'd have to go against Chuck Norris, cuz I'm that good! :)

Paul Burney says:

I'd want to challenge the dudes from Black Tide to see if they're as good at their songs on TT as I am.

MaTiCeK says:

Silvester Stallone, The Eye Of The Tiger. Need I say anything more?

fuzzbinn says:

Mr. T. So I can Pity him for losing.

zvandiver@gmail.com says:

Paul McCartney- just to see if we could get some Beatles tunes.

Trey says:

I would like to challenge Barack Obama in TTR3. I think I would win.

shagmii says:

I'm ok at the game. But I would absolutely dominate in a game against Edward ScissorHands. Mhmm.

BoGuS for Life says:

I would challenge Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He only has three fingers and if his pinky is even half as useless as mine he will be at a distinct disadvantage.
P.S. I don't have my receipt via email but is there a way I can access my recent purchases in iTunes and take a screenshot?

marne says:

I would have to challenge Jimi Hendrix.

Nathan says:

I wouldn't mind winning. Okay, I'd love to win.

Chai says:

I would seriously love to challenge the man who killed Indigo Montoya's father. I would enjoy the feat of defeating the six fingered man!

iSkythe says:

I'd like to challenge Napoleon Bonaparte. He may have defeated many people in battle, but I'm sure he can't beat me in Tap Tap.

Abel Garcia says:

I'd like to challenge Neil Armstrong, but he should be playing on the moon!

Sean says:

I would challenge none other than Darth Vader.

ericadams01 says:

I’d like to challenge Bill Gates!

Mr Brainz says:

I'd challenge Samuel Morse. He made a living out of tapping, now I can put him to shame by out tapping him.

bamf-hacker says:

I would want to challenge myself, but back in the day when I was young and crazy into gaming.

Roberto says:

I can't use the game because it says that i need a username and then when i write one it says that its invalid, that i need a valid username but i dont know where to registre or something

receiver hitch cargo carrier says:

Talking about Bonaparte, I heard that he succombed to stomach cancer. But I believed he was murdered. Which one is correct?