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TiPb.com Picks of the Week

Every week a few of us from team TiPb will bring you our current favorite, funnest, most useful App Store apps, WebApps, jailbreak apps, even the occasional accessory, web site, or desktop app if the mood strikes us. As long as they’re iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch related, they’re fair game.

Ally's Pick: TLert (Jailbreak)

TLert is a quickreply SMS app available to jailbreakers via Cydia. It simply allows you to start a text message or respond to an incoming text from anywhere on your device without interrupting what you're currently doing. TLert is also heavily customizable.

In settings, you can choose different chat bubble colors and types as well as how you want TLert to present notifications. You can lock into portrait or landscape, or choose auto rotate. You can also change whether or not you'd like TLert popups to appear on the lockscreen. This is nice for people that run programs such as LockInfo or other information programs. I've got TLert disabled from presenting on my lockscreen as LockInfo already shows me that info. One bug I've noticed is that once you unlock the phone, the alert is there, which is sometimes redundant if you're clicking from another app on your lockscreen to text back. I hope we see a fix for this in a future update.

TLert is extremely user friendly and easy to setup in comparison to some other QuickReply apps. It doesn't replace your default texting program, it simply enhances it. Since you can set gestures for quick texting, I rarely find myself using the default SMS program.

TLert is available on Cydia for $6.99 (also comes with a 3 day free trial).

Andrew's Pick: Posterous

Posterous is a neat little app made specifically for the Posterous blogging community that was just released in the App Store this past Tuesday. The app allows for posting of blog articles directly from the iPhone itself without being tied down to a laptop, PC or Mac in order to help get your ideas out onto the web -- no matter where you are, no matter what you're doing.

The app allows for great features and functionality like geo-tagging your posts, auto-posting to other social services like Twitter and Facebook, the inclusion of pictures and video into your post and so on...

Thanks to the Posterous app for iPhone, you can now view individual post statistics, number of comments, adjust the media quality when including pictures and videos and even supports multiple Posterous blogs under a single account. All from the iPhone itself. The list of complementing features in this gem of an app are simply endless, and undercuts the competition hands-down.

For more information on the app and to download it to your iPhone, head on over to the App Store now.

[Free - iTunes link]

Brian's Pick: App Switcher Rotator (Jailbreak)

If you rotate your iPhone in landscape mode and hit the home button to launch the app switcher, you will notice that apps in the switcher keep their portrait mode orientation. A new jailbreak app called App Switcher Rotator will fix that for you.

App Switcher Rotator rotates the app switcher icons to the current orientation.

The developer notes that this tweak probably won't be compatible with Five Icon Switcher and has a price tag of $1.49.

George’s Pick: GetGlue

GetGlue is a simple app that lets you ‘check in’ when consuming your favourite media. Whether you’re watching your favourite TV Show, watching a new blockbuster, listening to that CD, reading a book or even drinking a bottle of wine, you can tell everyone about it by checking in through GetGlue.

If you review an item, you can be voted up as the guru, which gives you extra abilities on that particular item, like edit the image, description and the suggestions that come up for people who check in.

What I love about GetGlue is, that even though it has a ‘sticker’ (badge) system like most check in apps, they’ll send you the stickers you've earned in their physical form...for free!

You can connect GetGlue to your Facebook and/or Twitter, to keep your friends informed with what you are watching/reading/listening and GetGlue will also send you suggestions for more shows/movies/books, based on your check ins.

I’ve found many a new TV show just by checking into GetGlue.

Get GetGlue Now!

[FREE - iTunes link]

Georgia's Pick: Cut the Rope

My pick of the week is Cut The Rope, published by Chillingo. This game is an iTunes favorite and my newest addiction. The object of the game is to feed candy to an adorable monster called Om Nom. This innovative puzzle game has you cutting ropes, using bubbles and other innovations in order to keep your monster’s sugar tooth in check. Get this game before Om Nom goes into a diabetic coma.

[$0.99 - iTunes Link]

Leanna's Pick: Words with Friends HD

Words with Friends HD is a scrabble-like puzzle game for the iPad. Take turns placing your word on the board with other Words with Friends players as well as chat with your opponents. I have been playing this game for many months and it's the longest I've consistently played a single game. Even though it arouses much anger from me at times, I find the game relaxing and fun. It's a game I can play while watching TV, nursing my daughter, or standing in line at the grocery store (with iPhone version). Although I also have Words with Friends installed on my iPhone, I rarely play it because the iPad version is so much more beautiful and the experience is substantially greater.

[$2.99 - iTunes link]

Rene's Pick: Air Video

Air Video is a wondrous app that takes video from your Windows or Mac PC -- in almost any format, including AVI and MKV -- and automagically streams it to your iPhone, iPod touch, and/or iPad. You can choose to transcode to iOS friendly format in advance, but the real killer in this app is "play with live conversion" which transcodes on the fly. You need to have a small client running on Windows or Mac, but that's it. The rest is pure Star Trek.

Thanks to Air Video, I can go to friends and family with an Apple AV cable, hook up my iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, and stream anything I have with me on my laptop. I can go to bed and watch any video I have on my desktop without having to wait for it to sync or worse -- transcode and sync.

You can tweak the conversion settings if you want but I've been fine with the defaults. There's also a 3G option as well but I haven't used it. Moving video around my local network like magic is more than enough to make this app my pick of the week.

[$2.99 - iTunes link]

Your pick?

You're part of the team as well, so jump into the comments and let us know your pick of the week!

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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TiPb Picks of the Week


Not new but still funny as ever you can view all XKCD web comics and get a badge icon alert when a new one comes available.
you can zoom in so each panel fits the screen and it works in portrait and land scape.

iRealSMS has always been a much better, fuller featured SMS client than anything else offered. More expensive yes, but still the best.

I'll second Rene's pick for AirVideo. It's an awesome app, although it's been flaky on my iPad lately and I'm hoping the 4.2 update will fix it. Works super on my iPhone, though, and its worth it for the built-in transcoding alone.

I prefer PlayOn. It let's you stream your media on the fly but also watch streams from a ton of online spots such as Hulu (ALL content), Netflix and several others that don't have iPhone apps. It's not an app, but an html5 website.
Been using it on my PS3 and my iPhone for months both at home or on the go. It's Star Trek too. But more like Borg technology. playon.tv

I think the posterous one is a lot better than tumblr. It sucks, bad. Also, Tlert is really neat looking but I don't know how to jailbreak my phone :-( how would I do that??

Top 16 jailbreak apps IMO

  1. BiteSMS (Hands down the best IM app available... Converted from iRealSMS and glad I did)
  2. MultiFl0w + backgrounder (Expose style multitasking... who needs native pseudo multitasking when you have these two apps... must download separately, but they work together)
  3. Wi-Fi Sync (Sync your iPhone / iPod / iPad wirelessly)
  4. MyWi (Turns your iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot... also allows USB & BT)
  5. 3G unrestrictor (FaceTime over 3G, no app store 20 meg limits on 3G)
  6. Winterboard (Themes and mods... docks, icons, backgrounds etc)
  7. Shrink (customize the size of your springboard icons... looks nice with iconoclasm 5x5)
  8. Iconoclasm (customize the number of icons on the springboard)
  9. Lockinfo (create custom lockscreens, clocks, calendars, sms, phone, voicemail, todos etc)
  10. DisplayOut (mirror anything on the iPhone / iPad / iPod on the TV. No restrictions so far)
  11. Cyntact (display photos in address book list)
  12. FolderEnhancer (unlimited icons in folders... opens faster)
  13. FullScreen for Safari (true fullscreen for Safari)
  14. iFile (Full on file manager / previewer / editor)
  15. iRemix (iPod app enhancer... AWESOME!)
  16. SBSettings (look it up)

Some extras worth getting
1. YourTube2 (youtube downloader)
2. Five icon dock
3. QTweeter (slide down tweet / FB post app)
4. Multi Icon Mover

I love tlert and An amazing feature is being able to set a auto compose (i used swipe down from status bar) to quickly compose a message from anywhere! Even when your phone is syncing!
Its awesome to be able to sync your phone and answer the message at the same time.