Tomb Raider reboot now available for Mac

Tomb Raider reboot now available for Mac

Feral Interactive on Thursday released the Mac version of Tomb Raider, the rebooted action game featuring Lara Croft. The game makes its debut on the Mac App Store today, while it will be released on other download services including Steam on January 30th.

The new Tomb Raider game is a complete reboot of the series, an origin story that explains how a young Lara Croft came upon her life's vocation as an adventurer and the titular Tomb Raider. Shipwrecked on an uncharted island, Lara has to fight for survival.

The game features both single player and multiplayer modes, though multiplayer has been excised from the Mac App Store version, so if you want to play with other gamers, wait a week.

Peter Cohen

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sleblanc1976 says:

This game was amazing. If you have a Mac that can do it justice, I would highly recommend it.

George Guerrette says:

"The game features both single player and multiplayer modes, though multiplayer has been excised from the Mac App Store version"

And no mention of this shortcoming in their App Store listing. Not good.

Peter Cohen says:

No mention of multiplayer is made in the Mac App Store version at all.

George Guerrette says:

Yes. I meant failure on the part of Feral Interactive, not you :)

Peter Cohen says:

I didn't take at as such - just noting that Feral doesn't mention multiplayer in the MAS notes; my assumption is that they presume that MAS customers wallow in ignorance of the game's features. ;)

WPSteve says:

Just as the recent article pointed out. Macs and Gaming don't mix well.

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Gazoobee says:

I always found these games incredibly boring. That is, except for the naked mod. If you can't make Lara run around naked for a laugh, really ... what's the point? After the third or fourth "jump, twist, and grab for (invisible) ledge" it's just boredom piled on boredom.

I can guarantee that the exact same game, but with the ability to pick different outfits (or indeed no outfit at all) for Lara, would be ten times more popular. It's really more about dressing up dollies than climbing through caves.

sleblanc1976 says:

This game is anything but boring, much different than traditional Tomb Raider games.

Becjr says:

The Mac App Store really doesn't get that whole gaming thing [right] does it?

John20212 says:

Did anyone honestly waited a year to play it on the Mac? I just don't see the point of this release.
You can put Windows on a mac and dual boot so what is the point of this even if you do have a mac?

Emeroid says:

I've already got this on Steam. Hopefully I'll be able to play at no extra cost and without having to boot into Windows or use Parallels.

zdn1042 says:

Finished this game on my PC.
Really awesome game! Highly recommended!

asuperstarr says:

Looks interesting!

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