TomTom iPhone Car Kit Pricing Revealed

TomTom has finally gotten around to revealing the price point for their much anticipated iPhone car kit, which provides its own GPS as well as iPhone charger, loud speaker, and hands-free dialing.

TomTom car kit for the iPhone will have a recommended retail price of EUR 99.99 or USD 119.95.

The TomTom car kit will be available this October and will be sold separately from the TomTom app. It will be compatible with the iPhone 2G, 3G and 3GS.

When you add in the price of the TomTom iPhone app, that more than $200 for the combo, not exactly a bargain compared to a stand-alone GPS device. Then again, this saves you having to carry around a second device just for GPS, so does convenience trump cost, or does TomTom need to rethink their business model here?

Could they offer a second version of the TomTom app -- one that only works with the car kit -- at a greatly discounted price for those who shell out for the car kit? More importantly, should they?

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TomTom iPhone Car Kit Pricing Revealed


I wonder if getting the TomTom Car Kit and using another (cheaper) turn-by-turn app would work. Can other apps use the built in (car kit) GPS chip? I don't see any reason why it wouldn't.

I believe tomtom at some point stated that other gps apps would work with the kit so that is what I will do

Over 200.00 for a GPS? Give me a break, that's ridiculous with today's GPS Prices. Who'd be dumb enough to by that?

and people will buy it for the convince of one less device and the tomtom brand.
but meh what do i care. im not a fan of navigation systems.

Makes sense. Corporate idiots trying to make a buck off of "this new app thing all the kinds are into." Morons.

This would be nice if it were cheaper and added a fm transmitter. Does anyone know can you actualy listen to music and use navigation the same time?

my wife and i recently purchased navigon mobilenavigator, and it works just fine with the iPhone's existing GPS, so 120 dollars for a car mount seems ridiculous.
i'm guessing that this device isn't really aimed at iPhone owners, but at iPod touch owners.
maybe tomtom will put out a heavily discounted version that only works with the iPod touch + car mount but if you have an iPhone i can tell you right now that this device/mount isn't really worth it.

Garbage. I really don't think this kit is necessary. I've used both TomTom and Navigon (which is far better, IMO) with a simple cradle and it works just fine. The GPS signal is good and accurate. Sure, the audio isn't crystal clear from the iPhone speaker but it's not terrible either.

@Nchelix: Yes at one point tomtom said other gps apps would work with it. They said it at the same time they said the mount would come with the app which turned out to be wrong… I wouldn't want to spend $120 to find out if it works with other apps. I heard navigon is working on their own similar mount anyway.

I wonder if the cost is $40 or something like that. You can get a car charger for about $5, let say speaker cost $5, GPS chips cost another $20, add a few dollar for the plastic mount and add some wiring for another few bucks.
Let see if a China brand start ripping off this rip off. lol

You have got to be kidding me?! Who in tgeir rite mind would spend 99$ for the app and then 120$ for a mount?! First of all if att has great 3g signal everywhere like thet claim then the phone signal alone should suffice. Secondly you could get a bluetooth speak that is compatable with the iphone for less than 70$ and last but not least a giod mount from ebay for less than 5$. If anyone actually goes for whats being advertised, its no wonder why att and apple steadily raise prices on everything becuz nowadays ppl will buy anything.

Ok, so the purpose of buying the TomTom app is so I only have to carry one thing instead of two.
IF I have to get a cradle in order for the GPS to get proper reception am I really doing any consolidation?

Yes. It is a rip off. Shame on them for making us quiver with anticipation only to reveal a ridiculous price point. And...shame on me for still wanting to buy it as soon as I can save up the clams! :p

Let's meet half way.. I really think both app and mount should be 100-120 total.. I'd consider buying both combined at 150. Maybe a holiday sale coming in the near future?

Too bad TomTom does not read/care about this page... It shows 30 negitive points and 0 postive. I too, all not purchase this POS.

Was thinking about getting one but then I saw and bought the motorolla a2dp Bluetooth handsfree car kit for around £40 this works great with tom tom and has built in fm transmitter or if you don't want to use radio as speaker the internal speaker is great . It allows iPod and tom tom app to run together . Call qaulity is excellent highly reccommended motorolla t505 check it out on YouTube

TomTom this is pathetic. Your app was excessively priced and now the delayed kit follows suit. £150 or more for the combined offering. I bought copilot £26 which works very well and I note that it is top of the Grossingtable for the UK which means that it is selling at more than double tom tom volumes and probably more. An epic fail tom tom why would Iphone owners want to pay more than the cost of
a stand alone unit? Are you insane

Tomtom No one is that stupid to pay £100 for car kit. I've got a Navigator on my phone and it works perfectly with normal car mount which cost me a £5. I don't see a point waste of money..

This is a great example from Tomtom on how to release a product. Show in off months ago to get everyone excited. Then delay it several times even though it looks to be about a $10 hunk of plastic. then price said $10 hunk of plastic for $120.
Genius. Pure and simple.

This is no different than any other pricey app in the App Store. They're going to start out sellling as many as they can to all of those with money to burn, then when sales drop, they'll lower the prices on both by thirty to forty percent for the average consumer. :roll:

The mount does FM transmission on top of the aux audio input, charging, handfree dialing, GPS boost.
Stil, I think I'd pay $50-$70 at most.
I'm gonna check around for other mounts that do all of the above and see what they run..

Wellp ... I need a mount that does charging, handsfree and FM transmission and it looks like the TomTom mount is the only one that does all three. Can anyone recommend another mount that does it all and will cost around $50-$70?

Ok after looking around I seriously can't find anything that matches all the features of the TomTom mount. I really only give a crap about three of them but since I can't find anything else that does all three I guess I'm forking out $120.

I thought I read an article on Engadget about the FCC's "RF Exposure Report" mentioned an FM transmitter, but looking again it seems I'm wrong.
I guess I also assumed that a cost of $120 without an FM transmitter would be JUST PLAIN CRAZY.
Yeah ... nowhere near enough here to justify $120. I'll get a cheaper mount that does FM and just rely on my bluetooth for car calling.

@Joe H-
I agree. I mean the aux in is just a cable that can go from iPhone jack anyway, so that's not really a "feature" of TomTom app. Only features are increased GPS (if that is really one), enhanced speaker (if it really is enhanced) and charging. Pretty weak.

everyone boycott this Tomtom crap until they lower the price.
It doesnt even fit a phone with a case, and they want $120 for it! Theyre nuts!
The thing prob costs $10-15 to make. Charge $50 for it and people would buy it, thats a fair price for a powered mount with a gps chip.
Most regular window mounts without the powered part go for $15-20 or so.

Agree with everyone here... It is a rip off!!! I can just go out an buy a really nice GPS for that price. I am for the boycott b/c TomTom needs to know they are not going to get away with this crap. We are already getting ripped off by AT&T every month. (Zing!) I will be curious to see what Navigon's mount will cost.....


everyone boycott this Tomtom **** until they lower the price.

Why not boycott it even AFTER the price is lowered? That's their plan — to get the wealthier peoples' money first, while making YOU WAIT. Why would you all want to suddenly jump at it when it's lowered to $80 or $90 next February? So they can laugh at all of you for thinking you're finally getting a great deal?
If you can't get it RIGHT NOW for a price you think is fair, move on to something else.

For that money (combined price), the app better be killer. I haven't reviewed it yet (waiting for TomTom to get back to me!) but I have heard people say it isn't anything special - plus there are rumors that updates won't be free, even things like updates for services that should be included.

Tomtom is great and iPhone is excellent! The combination of the two is even better, but with this ridiculous price I rather upgrade my phone or buy another iPhone for my kid instead of giving away my money for something that definetely should be cheaper.

Ha! I was wondering what it was gonna cost. I was hoping something like 120-130$ for a bundle.
Now I'll probably buy MobileNavigator europe.

Dam but i will be paying for it they will have my 119.95 cause that thing is the best car kit period for the iPhone it has a gps enhancer and it charges it but i won't be buying the Tom Tom app i like google and i will stick with them there good enough. But i am one of the people that r buying it for show

Initially I was really excited about the car kit. Now, I think Ill just stick to having 2 devices. Not worth the cost in my opinion. I'd like to see the car kit priced around 59.99-69.99 and I want it to be able to hold iphones in cases. I never have my iphone out of the house without a case.

Not really too sure what everyone is complaining about, $119.95 translates to $135 AUD. So even if they charge $149.95 it's still the same price as the belkin car mount kit that only does fm transmission and charging. And everyone knows music over fm transmitters is rubbish. And the belkin doesn't have a built in speaker or gps chip, or hands free dialling.
I've bought the app and will be glad to not be using up my data plan thru 3G whilst navigating.
I do have to add tho that if most people are complaining about pricing it usually means they haven't jail broken their iphone and are supporting developers, so if you're legit i tip my hat to you.
Have already told my wife to add it to the xmas wishlist (along with uncharted 2) haha i'm such a geek.

AT&T wireless coverage sucks, I wish somebody would make a car mount that would boost the darn AT&T signal and charge the phone. An external antenna would really help. I love the new XM Skydock design that plugs into the car lighter, keeps the iphone away from the hot sun and positions the iphone at half an arms length.

I couldn't agree more, HAHA, TomTom is a company made up of idiots. There TomTom app for iPhone cost $99, then there car kit tat goes with it is $119.95. Thats a total of $218.95, and they don't even provide the basic part, The iPhone does that. Who would buy that? especially since google announced free navigation.