Track, analyze, and budget your personal finances with Dollarbird for iPhone

Track, analyze, and budget your personal finances with Dollarbird for iPhone

Dollarbird is a new finance app that aims to make it easier for you to manage and analyze your personal finances. The unique thing about Dollarbird is that it functions much like a calendar which means adding an income or expense is done just as easily as adding an event to a calendar.

If you aren't a fan of services such as Mint or PageOnce, Dollarbird may be a nice alternative. It requires very little personal information to use which some users tend to prefer.

I've become a fan of the way Dollarbird analyzes finances and provides you many different ways to view data. Tables, lists, and charts are a few of the ways you can get an overview of your finances. The calendar view then shows notations as to where you've added income and spent income. This makes it easy to find what you're looking for instead of scrolling through long lists of entries.

The interface is very well done and income and expense entry is quick and easy. If you happen to check out Dollarbird, let us know what you think in the comments.

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Track, analyze, and budget your personal finances with Dollarbird for iPhone


I was so excited this morning when they released this app! I have been searching high and low for something like this...there are a lot of budgeting and expense tracking apps out there but no one thought to do it this way...I have been using excel for years in a custom calendar I created and it was a pain trying to remember whether or not an item was planned or already paid (which dollarbird does great) also if couldn't do recurring income or expenses (also great job by dollarbird) I would love for them to create a web app and ipad app as well! It's an amazing first version and am so excited to see where they go with it! Best Budget App for iPhone + Best Expense tracking app for iphone = Dollarbird!

I have used Budget for Mac and its companion, Budget Touch, for iOS, for years now. I uses the envelope method, and it's allowed me to develop a system that works. Budget syncs over WiFi between iPhone and Mac. Made my Snowmint, and they explain how it works very well on their site. Best part is you can use it in a variety of flexible ways, whatever suits you.