Tweetbot for iPhone now hitting App Store

Tapbots, one of the most innovative, user experience-oriented iPhone app developers, has released Tweetbot for iPhone. Tweetbot is a Twitter client with personality and Tapbots claims:

Whether it’s the meticulously-crafted interface, sounds & animation, or features like multiple timelines & smart gestures, there’s a lot to love about Tweetbot.

  • Multiple Timelines. Quickly switch between your lists as your main timeline.
  • Smart Gestures. Use Twitter more efficiently with time-saving and configurable gestures.
  • Customizable Navigation. The last 2 tabs are customizable and unused tabs are easily accessible.
  • Support for multiple services like Read it Later, Instapaper, Cloudapp URL Shortening.
  • Push Notifications via Boxcar.
  • Save drafts, add locations and POI's, attach photos and videos, manage your lists, and much more.

Tweetbot is still rolling out to all countries and we're anxiously waiting to download it. It's currently available in the New Zealand App Store Has it hit your local store yet? Let know when it does and what you think!

[iTunes link, thanks everyone who sent this in!]

Leanna Lofte

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There are 22 comments. Add yours.

MILE says:

Wow, how'd you find it…?! It's not even showing up on their own website yet…
I've always been a loyal Twitterriffic user but I do love the Tapbots app so I will definitely give it a try…!

Mrjr says:

I'm running out of love for Osfoora. If this is any good, and not too pricey, I'll spring for it.

websyndicate says:

Finally I can move on from twitter aka tweetie

Josh Hofer says:

If you're in the US, you probably won't see it go live until around 10/11pm. That's normally how it works.

phoo master says:

looks cool not in canada yet but PasteBot is .. and its soooo badass! I can't tell you

cth11 says:

I notice that there is another "Tweetbot" from Koh Sueda...I wonder if that will be an issue...I have been patiently waiting for Tapbots version.....

James says:

Ehhh I'll stick with twitter app for the iPhone

emtp563 says:

How does this compare to Twittelator Pro?

chavista says:

$2.59? Whats up with that price? never seen that before

Josh Hofer says:

@Brandon -- That link should work fine once it goes live in the US Store. Read my previous comment (#4).
@chavista -- That isn't a US price, that'll probably translate to $1.99 USD? Not sure.

websyndicate says:

From Tapbots they are saying we dont get it until tomorrow.

jo says:

in this thread: losers who actually use twitter.

websyndicate says:

and when you say "losers" you mean - awesome, smart, connected, intelligent, users that are on a much high level than you. Then yes we are losers. Thanks for the compliment. Please keep them coming :)

Geo Coldz says:

You are a loser because you took the time to comment and this isn't a thread.

Db says:

^ this guy, a loser that has nothing better to do then flame people getting information on an app. Who's the biggest loser

TychoQuad says:

I've installed tweetbot, and while it is very nice, with the benchmark being the official free twitter client, it makes it hard to recommend. I will be using it on my iPhone nonetheless.

TK says:

Does anyone know if it allows for the old retweet style? As in "RT @username"

Steve Doherty says:

This is live in the Australian app store, I just got it.
Can tipb do a in-depth review of this please?

Hook Man says:

Live in the US store now $1.99

Scooter says:

Finally, a iOS twitter client thats very slick. Was beginning to think webOS was the only OS that could have fancy, unique twitter interface.

Matthew Snider says:

We are giving away a copy of the application here - -Check it out.