Tweetie 2 gone from App Store. Twitter for iPhone incoming?

Looks like Tweetie 2 is gone from the App Store and that could mean its anticipated renaming and relaunch as Twitter for iPhone is nigh.

Atebits's Loren Brichter, the developer behind Tweetie, announced just over a month ago that Twitter was buying Tweetie as their official iPhone app and he was joining their mobile division, and that not only would the Mac version continue (users are eagerly waiting for Tweetie for Mac 2), an iPad version was also on its way.

TechCrunch teases that a new Twitter for iPhone, if it is indeed launched today-ish, could even be a universal binary that works for both iPhone and iPad.

While we wait and see, let us know if you're not a current Tweetie user, will it going all official (and free) prompt you to switch or at least give it a try? (And what will that mean for


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Tweetie 2 gone from App Store. Twitter for iPhone incoming?


If it has push then I shall continue to use it happily :3
imo push is the only thing missing from it.

i'm a happy echofon user (free version), but i will definitely give the new tweetie a go. i am a bit worried though about what kind of changes the new ownership might mean, especially with twitter's ideas about potential targeted ads in mind.
there are so many different twitter apps coexisting in the app store right now; i don't think that a free tweetie/twitter for iphone will have a huge impact. sure, some users will be swooned away from other clients, but in the end every app offers something different for users to like, so unless tweetie acquires every single feature of every other twitter client, i think not too much will change.

Absolutely. I'm on Twitter and only use the official apps. I didn't download a Twitter app for my Android until it went official and will do the same for iPhone.

I wonder why @atebits and @lorenb are so quiet, usually when big things like this are coming he posts some teasers.
Perhaps Twitter wants to avoid this... hehe

I've never used tweetie 2 but will be giving it a try as its free.
I currently use twitbird pro and love it, ive tried loads of different twitter apps but keep coming back to twitbird mainly because i like the interface, I do find its a bit slow sometimes though. So im hoping tweetie 2 is pretty quick.
I am kind of looking forward to finding out what all the hype is about with tweetie 2 and hoping the fact that its the official app will bring lots of advantages.

I will probably give it a tr as it's free, but ultimately i tend to stay away from Twitter Apps that don't include Push Notifications, so that will be the decider for me.
Currently i have Twitbit on iPhone, and my current fav for iPad is Twittelator (although it has no push' it's still the prettiest in my opinion)

I used the original tweetie and tweetie 2 right when it came out. as far as twitter clients go, i definitely have more than a whole page of them between twitter reviews and A.D.D. lol
Tweetie 2 has always been my favorite. Well worth the 2.99 pricetag. I'm just wondering if it'll be a separate app or show up as an update to Tweetie 2. If it implements ads at all, I really hope it shows up as a separate app so those that paid the 2.99 can still use Tweetie 2 with no ads. If an update comes through that adds advertisements, I'll be bitter. lol

Are you kidding? Loren is notoriously silent about updates.... it's kind of infuriating, given that he announced Tweetie 2 back in September and promised a beta by the end of April, and we haven't heard a word from him since the acquisition. A little communication would go a long way.

I'll definitely download the app because it's free, to give it a go, but i'm still sure that Simplytweet has got it in the bag. Yeah it's $5 but it has so many features and push works wonderfully. It's simple and intuitive. Go get it!

Tweetie 2 is perfect as is. It has the nice little touches that make it better than the rest of the other Twitter clients. Push or no push. This is one of the most polished apps in the store. I'm sure that quality will continue but I won't update until I know exactly what's in it. Any ads or official Twitter b.s. would kill it for me. Birdfeed was an awesome Twitter client until it was bought by some big company and robbed of it's charm. Hope that doesn't happen with Tweetie.

I currently use twitteriffic (free version). I am excited and ready for something a little more faster and easier.

Tweetie 2 for iPhone rules, and Tweetie for mac rules even more. I have used a bunch of Twitter clients on iPhone and Mac but I keep coming back to Tweetie. (although Twitbird pro is worthy of an honorable mention). I fear that the Twitter takeover and the official Twitter app will changes things for the worse. Why mess with a good thing? It is great that Atebits were able to sell their app for a good price I am sure, but what does this mean for 3rd party apps? I will continue to use Tweetie and only time will tell what the outcome is.

Echofon is so far the only app I've used that seems to support everything (that I care about, at least): threaded @ conversations, new-style retweets and most of the new fancy things like location embedding.
I haven't tried Tweetie yet, basically just because it's going to be free as soon as it's renamed, so why waste the cash?

@tape. Just to let you know in the last update about month ago or so tweetie supported all those features, so I'd assume the official one will too

for me i just want atebits to get off his clearly rich ass (he made so much money hes not comfortable talking about it if you watched the itunes U video he did) and fix what he released.
Tweetie 2's persistance his been broken since day one and no updates so far have fixed it this is really annoying.
If i recall correctly a lot of people got a but peeved with having to pay again for the upgraded app, ok it wasnt much but you at least expect someone like atebits to keep their app up to date, keep people informed and fix bugs. Tweetie 2 for the mac is still in limbo so what has atebits been doing all this time not doing either? If hes busy in his private life fine, say something dont just leave people hanging with buggy software. Now twitter has bought it out im hoping they'll force him to update more often and kill the bugs and most importantly.
BRING BACK THE BLOODY DARK THEME - one of thebest features of v1 and one of the most requested features i hear from friends

I already have tweetie to but I am actually concerned Twitter will be ad supported, that it will lack the best features as other clients will proceed to charge with experimental features and no ads.

Tweetie 2 is the only Twitter client I will use currently... If the new Official Twitter app is ad supported I will delete it and go back to EchoFon and then gather people for a riot...