Tweetie for Mac Shows Where iPhone Twitter is Headed?

We generally don't cover Mac or Windows news on the site, even though most people who have an iPhone will at some point plug it into a laptop or desktop. And we almost never cover software that isn't directly involved with that plug in connection. Why the exception? Tweetie for Mac began as Tweetie for iPhone, one of the most popular and robust iPhone Twitter clients in the App Store, and as much as the iPhone version set the foundation for Tweetie for Mac, it looks like Tweetie for Mac rebuilt that foundation for the next iPhone release.

Everything that's good about Tweetie for iPhone is in the Mac version, including support for multiple accounts, an easy way to trace back conversations and fetch user data, and elegant solutions for tracking your timeline @mentions and direct messages. However, though some have complained about it on the iPhone version, I have found myself missing the big honking refresh button that tops all iPhone list views in Tweetie (you have to use a key combo or go to the menu for refresh or refresh-all on the Mac).

My wish list for the future? Double clicking sidebar icons to collapse or expand the reading panel so the application could be truly tiny but still informative when not in active use. Likewise, -- tip of the hat to lgreenberg) iPhone style numbered badges to count unread replies and direct messages would be swell (though they may not scale nicely if you let them hit the thousands).

Overall, I've never had much use for desktop Twitter clients in the past but it's been a day now and I'm still using Tweetie. I'm not a huge fan of Adobe Air-based apps, so the idea of a native application appeals to me greatly, and one that gives such an iPhone-like experience, with iPhone roots, just seems like such a natural fit to my usage style.

(Note: Tweetie for Mac has just been updated to fix an issue with SSL encryption)

Of course, come iPhone 3.0, Tweetie for iPhone may not just roll up all the re-engineered goodness from it's big desktop brother, but we're hoping it gets some Push Notification love as well.

Meanwhile, if you have a Mac, give the free, ad-supported version a try or take advantage of the reduced, debut-pricing of $14.95.

If you give it a try, let us know what you think. I still haven't found a Windows or Linux client that feels "right" to me either, so if you have a recommendation, drop that in the comments as well!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Tweetie for Mac Shows Where iPhone Twitter is Headed?


Clients like Tweetie will be a good first test of the extra cost for Push Notification infrastructure that you covered earlier.
Tweetie sells for $3 without having to create and maintain any servers, and I imagine it sells pretty well. An updated Tweetie with your big honking refresh button and no push could probably still sell for $3.
With push, though, who bears that extra cost? Do the devs already have the excess capacity that the cost is trivial? Does Tweetie make enough money at $3 that the devs just eat it? Do they raise the price to cover server dev and maintenance? Release two versions, e.g. regular, and a "Pro" version with Push? Monthly subscriptions? A jailbroken version that pulls on a schedule in the background? :)
I am sure developers and customers will find the levels they are willing to pay, but it will be interesting when Push is released how this all will play out...

So.. They expect mac users to pay $14.95 when they could just go to the website for free?....
This sucks as a desktop app. At least the iPhone app adds extra functionality.

Well... I don't think it's worth $15.00. Firefox Addon, tweetfox works just as well, maybe a little better because it stays in your browser. It looks good but that's about it, sour grapes but I wish I spent $15.00 on something else.