Doctor Who goes to twelve, catchup now with your iTunes TARDIS

The Internet has been abuzz this past 24 hours with news of the Twelfth Doctor having been formally announced – Peter Capaldi, in case you missed it – taking over from current star Matt Smith starting with the Christmas Special later this year. Capaldi is an older gentleman than his predecessor, and it's pretty easy to get an early feeling for what kind of character he will bring to the show. The Doctor is one of the most high-profile science fiction TV characters, to the point the big unveil was televised live in several countries including the UK and the U.S. While you're waiting, you can get your Sonic Screwdrivers on a huge amount of Doctor Who content for your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac right within iTunes, today!

While many of us may first have discovered The Doctor through the newer series, first aired in 2005 starring Christopher Eccleston, it has actually been around for decades before that. There's too many to list, but here's a flavor of each of the first seven Doctors.

Then of course, in 2005 the show was resurrected by the BBC, and the new Doctor, Christopher Eccleston began his own journey through space and time accompanied by the lovely Rose Tyler. From there, he was replaced by David Tennant, who in turn made way for Matt Smith, who stars in all the most recent episodes.

So, plenty of viewing for the Doctor Who fans, young or old, human or Dalek. But, it doesn't stop there, as the iBooks Store has a whole host of Doctor Who novels for you to read between viewings. Here's just a taste of what's on offer

The Doctor even stars in his very own, official iOS game for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The Mazes of Time is a top-down, puzzle adventure game that sees you assume the role of The Doctor across various locations in space and time. It has authentic music, and authentic enemies; without Daleks it wouldn't be worth playing. A great time-waster for fans of the show.

I'm personally more of a fan of the recent seasons of the show, with Christopher Eccleston getting my vote for favorite Doctor. There was something about the way he played the character that was so different to those who came before, or indeed came after. The BBC favorite is showing no signs of slowing down, though, and it'll be pretty exciting to see Capaldi's interpretation of the famous Time Lord.

So, that's literally just a taste of the masses of content iTunes has to offer you if you're a fan of the show. If there's a particular favorite episode or season, book or app you think should be highlighted, let us know in the comments!

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Reader comments

Doctor Who goes to twelve, catchup now with your iTunes TARDIS


Why is iMore spoiling Doctor Who? I do *not* want to know what's going to happen before it does, and you guys outright say in the story what's happening. I had no other spoilers today, then I see this. Why not just say "All Doctor Who (from 2005 to now) in the iTunes Store" and leave out the goes to twelve, and even more so, *leave out when it's happening*? I mean, do I have to quote River with "Spoilers"?

Yes, a lot of people saw the announcement, but there are some who didn't, and might have ignored this and won't see my comment, but still. I know I've complained about some posts you've done before, but I'm just curious why not even title it "All Doctor Who (2005 to now) in the store ***Spoilers Inside***"?

Where did I say what's happening? The fact they've cast a new Doctor? How do you expect to avoid that if you're a fan of the show?

Sent from the iMore App

I'll clarify myself, you didn't say what, but when:
"taking over from current star Matt Smith starting with the Christmas Special later this year"

It's easy to avoid it if you're a fan of *the show* not the sites that talk about it non-stop, nor the channels that air spoilers. I watch the show, and have been since I was introduced to Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor when I was a kid by my dad. I don't even watch the "Next Time" things for any show, let alone Doctor Who.

Again, I know I've commented before, and one person won't sway anything, just that not everyone reads news about the show, watching it and spoiling it are two different things. I wouldn't have heard about it before you, had I not accidently went on reddit without signing in this morning.

Or, when it happens, ask why sites that aren't Sci-Fi sites (I'd expect it from iO9), like iPhone news sites, give spoilers without warning is all. I mean, the only place I saw this today, apart from that slip on Reddit, was here. Very easy to avoid that type of stuff otherwise.

Bobbob, I'm impressed that you were able to keep yourself in the dark for as long as you have. But the cat's entirely out of the bag when the BBC makes the unveiling of the twelfth doctor a prime time event in Britain that's simulcast internationally. What's more, Matt Smith's "retirement" as the Doctor was widely reported by mainstream entertainment press in the UK and the United States in June.

Unless, of course, you're just being cheeky and trying to channel River Song by telling us, "Spoilers, sweetie."


Honestly, it's a bit of both. I mean, I don't go looking for cats and bags, I like to be surprised when it happens. I know it's unavoidable at some point, I just think the spoiler tag is responsible, but no one does it, I was just commenting that it doesn't hurt, and helps those who avoid said cats and bags. Same with those who avoid Nurse/Nun cats.

Except... it was established ages ago that there can be only 12 regenerations. But I'm sure they have plans on how to get around that when the time comes. Wibbly Wobbly and all that!

Yeah, I think there was some toss-away comment about several hundred regenerations. Plus, any regenerations that the Doctor may have gained from River's "gift".

Not available in the Dutch store, any other stores that aren't selling? Why not sell it world wide? Makes no sense to me......