Twitpocalypse Now'ish -- Is Your iPhone Twitter Client Safe?

picture-101 defines the event as:

similar to the Y2K bug. The unique identifier associated to each tweet has now exceeded 2,147,483,6471 [...] For some of your favorite third-party Twitter services not designed to handle such a case, the sequence will suddenly turn into negative numbers. At this point, they are very likely to malfunction or crash.

Here's how it may be affecting some of your favorite iPhone Twitter clients:

  • Tweetie: No official word, but users indicated it's experiencing pain in searches.
  • Twitterrific: Currently experiencing problems after a preventative update wasn't enough to avoid the great doom. Second update in the works per Icon Factory.
  • Twitterfon: Unknown, if you have word, let us know.
  • Twittelator Pro: Claims to be okay ).
  • Twitkitteh: Is, apparently, unaffected.

If you notice your favorite Twitter client misbehaving, drop a comment below or let us know via @theiphoneblog and we'll update.

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Reader comments

Twitpocalypse Now'ish -- Is Your iPhone Twitter Client Safe?


TwitterFon seems to be working fine: updating, searching, opening links, sending updates all work.

I use Tweetie, Twitterfon and Twitterific. Twitterfon is the only one unaffected while twitterific is pretty much useless to me. Tweetie has errors on Search and Nearby, but not on the tweets themselves.

Twitterific “Twitter API Error”YAJL error 3). Twitterfon is working but what a giant step down in terms of functionality.

Twitterrific - “Twitter API Error” (YAJL error 3.) every time when checking new tweets or posting. But it seems that new tweet is posted

my 3g would update from twitterrific even tho it gave api error at first, now completely useless. my friend with a 1st gen iphone had no probs with twitterrific last i heard...

Me too. Since Friday i cant use Twitterific! Does anybody know why i get an api error on twitterific? Please help!

I just got a twitteriffic update on the iphone that says it should fix the bug. Now working fine! was getting the yajl error all weekend

Was getting the API error, installed update on Sunday which didn't help. Installed new update 2 minutes ago (which specifically said would fix bug) and BAM! we are back w/ 40 new tweets.

Twitter API Error
The connection to Twitter failed with 'Operation could not be completed. (YAJL error 3.)'

I’m using Twitterific free and I’m getting a “Twitter API Error” (YAJL error 3.)