Twitter app updated, gains camera support for iPad 2

Twitter for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad had been updated again and if you think it finally fixes that hideous #dickbar... you'd be wrong. #dickbar is still there, but now it adds support for the iPad 2 camera hardware (such as it is). Here's the brief change log:

  • Photo/Video capture support for iPad 2
  • Disabled significant location change monitoring that was causing compass to appear constantly when in app
  • Bug Fixes from user reported crashes

As always, it's free in the app store so if you check it out let us know what you think!

[Free - iTunes link]

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Twitter app updated, gains camera support for iPad 2


Why do they call it the dickbar and what is it. The twitter app on my iPad seems perfectly fine except its daily crashes.

dickbar is a term coined with contempt by John Gruber, I think, to describe the bar installed on the Twitter app for iPhone/iPod Touch in the recent update. It's a universal app, but the #dickbar does not appear on the iPad iteration (yet). It basically displays tending topics and "sponsored" trends. It's basically Twitter's attempt at generating revenue.
It generated such negative reaction due to its intrusiveness and the inability to turn it off.

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Question about the Twitter for Mac app: It skips tweets. That is, it seems to only go back, like, two hours or something - I pretty much miss all the overnight tweets. I have looked under 'settings' and 'preferences' to try to change this but can find nothing in the app that sets how many tweets it keeps/loads/whatever. Can anyone help?