UPDATED: Twitter for iPhone, iPad updated -- now with push notifications!

Twitter for iPhone and iPad just got an update and the big news is -- push notifications. This has been a highly desired feature for a very long time. At the moment, push notifications for the official Twitter app are only available for @mentions and direct messages.

Interestingly, Twitter does not include push notifications in the release notes. So it was a pleasant surprise to see Twitter asking for permission to send push notifications when launching for the first time after the install. Was this intentional?

I know there are some users who have refused to use the official Twitter app because it did not offer push notifications. If you're one of those users, is this enough to make the switch?

Who's excited for this feature? Do you plan to enable push notifications from Twitter or will you stick with a third party solution such as Boxcar?

UPDATE: Twitter has updated the change log to include push notifications for @mentions and messages.

UPDATE 2: Twitter has been updated again. Go get


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There are 27 comments. Add yours.

jaredkm says:

Hopefully push notifications are more consistent in this app than the Facebook app....

BLiNK says:

awesome! hope this works

LisaLisa says:

did they fix the post with twitter safari java applet thingy?
That would be the first thing I want in this update...that they fix that java applet thingy for safari.

Jeremy Little says:

In my settings it gives me options to send notifications for Messages, Mentions and Replies. So I don't know why you're saying there's no support for DM's

derrythe says:

So, I only have about 10 I follow on twitter, and I get about 20 or 30 tweets throughout the day, can't imagine getting notifications for every update. That setting would last less than a day.

Xavier says:

Sticking with Osfoora. I get push notifications spot-on about 99% of the time with Notifo.

Xavier says:

Oh and by the way, I think the push supports direct messages too.

Leanna Lofte says:

@Joe - the notifications will be for @mentions and direct messages only, not your entire timeline.

BLiNK says:

just curious, is there any app that will push timeline?

G says:

@BLiNK boxcar! It's free, too!

Eric says:

Not switching. Too many things still missing like counters, themes, links in tweet, etc. SimplyTweet and Twittelator are still king of the hill.

mongchacha says:

i wish apps that roll out with the PUSH feature would also provide their own set of alert sounds. everything uses the default sms sound! i'm sticking with boxcar for now. however, i will make use of the badges...

Patrick says:

What's with Update 2?Why did they update the app again?

Jon says:

It has a new icon too.

Chaotic Buddhist says:

Nah. I started looking for better clients and found Icebird. I can't imagine ever using anything else now. Push handled by Boxcar.

Josh says:

I downloaded and installed Boxcar yesterday after the few posts I read here. I immediately set it up for my Google Voice and Twitter accounts. Lo and behold today we get to see the official Google Voice app released, and the official Twitter app gets an update to include push notifications. I've now removed Boxcar since all I needed was for @mentions and DMs.
Would be nice to see the Twitter notifications extend to include follows and such someday within the app.

Gmac82 says:

I actually love getting my time line pushed. That's why I use IM+. I follow about 40 people. Every tweet is pushed to my phone. I love it and don't want to change it.

Gmac82 says:

I will also add that I wish their was an app like uber twitter for BlackBerry on iPhone. Which pushed tweeds every 30 minutes or so. Then it will display the amount of new tweets you had. It also automatically started you off with the first unread tweet. Very useful twitter app. Wish their was something like that on iPhone.

FutureDHughes says:

I plan to use the push notifications! I use to use Echofon because of the push notification system but it was kind of bad and late. The official Twitter app push seems to be working just fine! Love it!

Alexander maxham says:

So far the push notifications are faster and working better then the Facebook Push notifications.....Great job twitter!

mikeys says:

Echofon still has a better interface, and tied with Boxcar, it's win-win.

wingnut73 says:

@Gmac82 Uber twitter is in the app store.

Ivan Williams says:

I think the Twitter app is even better now. No more SimplyTweet or Osfoora...
Now if only Facebook could get a decent PUSH system, we'd be good...

Gmac says:

@wingnut73 thanks but it doesn't have push, hopefully they add it soon. But I'm happy with IM+ especially since it's $10 lol.