Twitter updated, allows users to install and open apps from tweets

Twitter updated, allows users to install and open apps from tweets

Twitter for iOS has been updated, adding the ability to install and launch apps from tweets. Apps with support for the latest Cards functionality will automatically add a link to open or install the app when a user tweets from it, along with a short description of the app.

Twitter says that this update also contains general performance enhancements, including faster launch times. “Retweeted by” in tweet detail is now tappable. There were also a couple of bug fixes, including one that prevented users from undoing retweets.

If you use Twitter for iOS, let us know what you think of these changes.

Joseph Keller

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wormeyman says:

Notice how instagram was not one of the launch partners :p

linsiris says:

Well I think this is good news for people that uses Twitter app, the last couple of updates have been a great improvement over previous versions (which is the idea), I still use it for iPad but have tweetbot on my iPhone.

wscotchmer says:

How long before someone figures out how to "hack" this feature and uses it to trick people into installing junk on their phone... I hope there is a middle step where the user has to confirm that they actually want to install or launch the app...

shinuyuki says:

Agreed. How do the link apps, with an iTunes link or something? Sucks that they are limiting third party developers; however, I still don't see myself leaving Tweetbot. With spam already on twitter, and Twitter's ads coming soon, this feature makes me nervous.

sting7k says:

Install an app from a tweet? Through the App Store? What apps?

Fit24 says:

Why would I want to open an app through Twitter?

asuperstarr says:

It's always good to see updates, that means improvement and a better app. I'm not a big facebook user but this is always good.