Twitter’s iOS developer Loren Brichter announces his departure

Twitter’s iOS developer Loren Brichter has announced via a tweet on his personal account that he has just served his last day with the company. Loren Brichter was the lead developer for Twitter for iPhone and Twitter for iPad.

Today was my last day at Twitter. Taking some time to figure out what’s next. Really proud of the way the team has grown.

Twitter purchased Loren Brichter’s Atebits company back in April last year in order to release its own Twitter application. At that time Atebits had its very popular Twitter app called Tweetie 2.0; which was basically converted to the official Twitter iOS app. It was later extended to the iPad as a universal application. It is not known where Loren Brichter is headed, all he will say is he is taking some time to figure out what's next.

Source: electronista



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Andrew12 says:

Here’s Some More Funny Replies From Siri By Apple :

Anton Frost says:

He's not going to Google, is he?

Hans Madera says:

He should go and work on the facebook app maybe then it could be atleast half as good as the twitter app