Ubisoft releases Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge for iPhone and iPad

Ubisoft has a new iPhone and iPad game available for download on iTunes called Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge, in a cute and cuddly take on the Robin Hood legend.

Here's the publisher's quick description of the game, which was developed by Future Games of London:

"Players will join Robin in his fight against the Evil Sheriff Blackthorn across three different regions and thousands of missions. They will help him raise a band of little raiders, free villagers and battle foes while gaining new skills and resources. Levelling up and crafting new weapons will be essential to prepare for the epic boss fights. As players progress through the game they will unlock new maps and quests, gather loot and resources, train raiders, master new classes of heroes and obtain building upgrades for their treetop village."

Ubisoft promises that the game will receive regular content updates after today's launch that will include a new region, a new hero class and more. Be aware that while the game is free to download and play, it does contain in-app purchases.

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Ubisoft releases Little Raiders: Robin's Revenge for iPhone and iPad