Verizon iPhone users to get Verizon Navigator for only $4.99/month?

Verizon iPhone users to get Verizon Navigator for only $4.99/month?

Looks like Verizon iPhone users will be getting access Verizon Navigator app that AT&T iPhone users, and other Verizon smartphone users, have been enjoying for a while now -- but our sources at Verizon are now telling us it will only cost $4.99.

That means Verizon Navigator for iPhone will be half the price of Verizon Navigator on other devices and half the price of AT&T Navigator.

Sweet deal if you like subscription-based online maps. It should be launching in a couple days and you can sign up to be notified when it does. If the price proves to be true, anyone going to be taking them up on it?

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Verizon iPhone users to get Verizon Navigator for only $4.99/month?


Agree'd ^^^^ will be cheaper just to buy a navigation app in the long run or look for a cheap free one., IMO..., for you new vzw'ers ip4

You can just use Mapquest mobile for free or buy one of the other gps navigation apps and it comes out cheaper.

I downloaded mapquest mobile and will use that. I dont want to spend 50+ for a navigator app that I may use probably not to frequently

i was with Verizon for 8 years, and no i would not pay for it just like i am not paying AT&T for something that can be done free.

actually yes. You can take a call while using VZNav. I just moved to a new area, and do it all the time on my Droid X

Heck no. Already bought Navigon for $30 and it is far superior. Doesn't need a network signal to work either which is critical in rural areas.

Doesn't make sense. Why not upgrade iOS platform apple let google apps in app store why not return the favor

I use Motionx Gps drive it's 19.99 a year and it only loads the maps as you need them. I don't have the space for 1.2 gig of maps of the whole united states that I'll never visit on my phone.

No. VZ Navigator is not worth $5 a month. It is cheaper and better to get a stand alone navigation program that keeps the maps resident on the phone.

I personally go with Navigon. It's a great application that's well developed and not a 'download' based navigation.

I like Navigon too, but it takes up way too much space!!! I'd rather go with an online solution.

I'd rather go with VZ Navigator. I've used it for 5 years and it's really good at getting around traffic.

Just checked on my 'MyVerizon' account management site - and indeed, VZ-Nav is available for me at $4.99/month - still not enough to make me want to ditch my Garmin Nuvi with lifetime map updates :)

One thing to note with VZNavigator is that it's prorated. I enable it before a road trip, then turn it off when I get home. Costs me a few dollars, tops. It would take a long time for a paid application to become cheaper. Plus, VZNavigator is excellent. I arrived in Seattle once when police seemed to have cordoned off every road I needed to take to get to my destination. VZNavigator stuck with me all the way, recalculating my route maybe 8 times. Didn't even arrive all that late.

Save your money and buy GPS Drive for $0.99. 30 days of free voice-guided navigation. They give you the option to purchase a one-time $2.99 for one month package as well as a $24.99 for a year. I guarantee it is THE best affordable navigation app out there with Live Traffic!