Verizon Twitter account hints at Verizon iPhone?

Verizon tweets hints at Verizon iPhone?

Seems like someone over at Verizon may have slipped up. It appears a Twitter user asked if Verizon getting the iPad could possibly be hinting at the release of a Verizon iPhone. Shockingly enough, whoever is behind the @VerizonCareers Twitter account actually responded back and said this -

"yes, that is the latest scoop".

This could just be a Verizon account acknowledging how widespread the rumor is, or playing a cruel joke on Twitter and Verizon iPhone supporters, or it could be an employee that isn't aware of the fact that putting internal information on Twitter is typically frowned upon. The tweet is still up and has not been deleted as of writing this.

Verizon getting the iPad is definitely a step in the right direction when it comes to Verizon earning the iPhone, but is this a bit of a stretch? What do you guys think?

[ @verizoncareers. Thanks @slinky317 for sending this in! ]

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mojonation1487 says:

Apparantly Mark Nachman said verizon is getting it. And anybody working in the chicago area for verizon KNOWS who Mark Nachman is. But I still don't believe it. hehe

Johnas says:

Early today I saw a screenshot of verizon iPhone 4 on

mojonation1487 says:

revision, hes pretty well know even in montana, utah

Syncopations says:

I need to hear "iPhone on Verizon" or any variation of those words come out of The Jobs mouth. Then, I'll believe it.

firesign3000 says:

No matter how many times you beat a dead horse, it's still a dead horse. Seriously do you really need to stretch this far?

mojonation1487 says:

Johnas, that is a fake. FakeCarriered, photoshopped.

mojonation1487 says:

Remember people, on verizon PHONES they use TWO signal bars.

Geo Coldz says:

Well the person who tweeted it won't be having a career anymore at Verzion.

slinky317 says:

Hey everyone,
The original tweet from VerizonCareers that led me to ask if it was an iPhone hint was this one:
As you can see, in the RT they took out the bit that said "and this is just the beginning to what is coming soon =)" to save space.
This is an official account... I'm surprised this hasn't caught on like wildfire yet.

Jaydigga says:

iOS 4.2 now please. Worry about everything else later

Chris says:

No need to wait for it to come out of Jobs mouth. Just have Gizmodo do it.

trtmazda3 says:

Still just rumors and speculation. I can't see Verizon or Apple relinquishing one bit of the device control they've come to know and love. Plus, Verizon has spent an awful lot of advertising money AGAINST the iPhone (think of the "Island of Misfit Toys" ads last year).

Adam says:

Has the tweet been deleted? I keep getting "Sorry, that page doesn't exist."

melb_guy says:

This means nothing to me because i'm in Australia but it looks like Verizon iPhone is real, tweet deleted, employee gonna get some discipline!

slinky317 says:

Wow, looks like the deleted the tweet... not sure if that's a good sign or a bad sign!

Fresh says:

Verizon sees c.r.e.a.m.

Jim says:

With how secretive Apple is, do you really think that apple would let the person running the Verizon customer service twitter account know about a Verizon iPhone?

dead horse says:

I'm f#cking dead. please, god, stop beating me. seriously, are you guys actually citing fake twitter sites to further the agenda?

Dantv says:

Apple better get the iPhone on every single carrier because Android is on its way to smashing iOS just like Windows smashed the Mac....

Ken says:

Buy one get 6 android phone deal get yours today .... Hey u here android tops the os war?

Danny2582 says:

Windows smashed the mac... ? And whats the big deal if verizon
Gets the iphone anyway....

Danny2582 says:

Its also pretty funny that so many customers from diffrent companys hated on the iphone and now that there a chance verizon may carry it people changed there tune

Mark Nachman says:

I don't know who this "chris" person is seeing how I have never been to Montana or Utah.

tino72 says:

The people hatingon the iphone are usually droid and anti apple people who will continue to hate it. Verizon gettin it hasn't changed there tune its the people waiting for it to finally to come to there carrier that didn't switch carriers just for a phone.

Sonnynsb says:

The way I look at this, Apple and At&t have both said that there is an exclusive contract till 2012. This happened last year as well. Not as much hype but there were Verizon employee's saying they were going to get the Iphone. If I was At&t I would sue. I would not give up this contract and let Apple know! I would not think that Steve Jobs would put Apple in the way of a massive law suit. Second why would Verizon want to launch the Iphone on their network? Only certain markets will be able to handle the phone. Meaning their new 4g markets. The CFO said a couple years ago the current network could not handle the Iphone and it need to be updated to their 4g. Food for thought.

Tristan Thomas says:

While I am all for Android and to be honest I have not seen any real prof that it really exists. that is until now... this article "shows" a picture of the verizon iphone. What do you guys think?