Roundup: Control iPhone with WiiMote, Record and Upload Video to Ustream, Tom Tom Car Kit Priced in UK

Cali Lewis of rounds up some of the news from last week that TiPb somehow didn't get to, including the iPhone mirroring a WiiMote, the new UStream 3GS Recorder app [Free - iTunes link] that lets you record and upload video to Ustream (no live streaming though...), and the first signs of life for the TomTom car kit for the iPhone... along with a big UK price tag that makes us think it may land at US$200.

While Cali recently broke her iPhone, and Apple's App Store shenanigans have encouraged her to look at alternate handsets to replace it with, here's hoping she stays iCali for a while still and helps all of us help Apple evolve their thinking...

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Reader comments Roundup: Control iPhone with WiiMote, Record and Upload Video to Ustream, Tom Tom Car Kit Priced in UK


$200 is a tad too much.. maybe my $100 expectation was too low.. but $200 for an app.. I may have to sadly pass on that. The wii mote control is very cool though.

Thank you sir.. maybe I should read the whole thing next time. That price is more understandable then.

200 is too much I can get a dedicated in car gps for that why would I want to use my iPhone for the same price when I can just leave the other gps in the car and not need to fool with it all the time

Egad! I hope $200 includes the car kit along with the app. Then it might be worth it because try include an antenna booster for the GPS with the car kit along with the windshield mount and other goodies.

Poor Cali's not the sharpest crayon in the box is she? One of her many mini gigs is wrapped around the iPhone, reviewing apps. She not only lets readers know that she's been busily reviewing apps made for 3GS on a 3G, she confides that she is thinking of moving to another phone now that she broke her 3G. Either her gigs are going south or she has limited marketing sense.

For 200 dollars the tomtom app+kit better buy me dinner first, I think I'll stick with the flawed but free xgps(jailbreak 3gs)

It will be over the 200 mark as the cradle is without software , if you look at how much tomtom charge for thier software for the other platforms then you would be way over the 200 mark plus the software probably only works with the cradle making it useless if you buy it without it , with all the other navigator systems for the iphone being cheaper it makes this one look a big joke