10 Great Nintendo Joy-Con Grips That Add Comfort And Style To Switch

How to Deal with Loose Joy-Cons Joy-Con in Hands
How to Deal with Loose Joy-Cons Joy-Con in Hands (Image credit: iMore)

Every time a friend tries out my Nintendo Switch for the first time, they comment on how small the Joy-Con controllers are, especially when each person is using just one Joy-Con. You can add a variety of different grips, whether ergonomic or simply for a better hold, and they are way cheaper than investing in an expensive Pro Controller.

Here are 10 grips that will sweeten your Joy-Cons in style.

1, Clear, concise, and with a point (opens in new tab)

Those wing grips swivel out for a variety of positioning options. Get them on Amazon for $10 (opens in new tab).

2. Larger than life for the smallest price (opens in new tab)

It makes those tiny Joy-Cons way bigger for the small price of just $12 (opens in new tab).

3. What a stud (opens in new tab)!

These stud muffins will tickle your digits while you play. $12 for 10 tickles (opens in new tab) isn't bad.

4. Ergonomically flashy (opens in new tab)

Add some more color to you Joy-Cons, while getting the most comfortable grip you can for your $8 (opens in new tab).

5. Just the basics (opens in new tab), please

AmazonBasics is the perfect brand for getting the basics at a super great price. This grippy goodness (opens in new tab) is just $12.

6. Thumbs up (opens in new tab)!

Don't need all the grippy but want better joystick coverage? Get 'em (opens in new tab) in a variety of complimentary colors and sizes for $8.

7. Everything's covered (opens in new tab)

It's grippy and studded and covers your Joy-Con Grip for just $10 (opens in new tab)!

8.Hidden in plain sight (opens in new tab)

It's called "camouflage blue" but I can't think of anything that this could blend in with. It looks cool, though, and only costs $11 (opens in new tab).

9. Charging (opens in new tab) while you play

Look at those nice, springy shoulder buttons. Yum! They're pricier at $25 (opens in new tab), but they do charge your Joy-Cons.

10. How's your backhanded (opens in new tab)?

Tennis anyone? These are the perfect grips for Mario Tennis Aces. I can't get over how cute they are and they only cost $17 (opens in new tab).

How do you grip?

Do you have a favorite grip for your Joy-Cons? Show us your style.

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