What you need to know

  • A former Apple employee has listed a clear Apple Newton MessagePad on eBay.
  • The extremely rare piece was given to Apple developers at a conference in 1994.
  • It still works and comes with the original manuals.

A former Apple employee is selling a rare clear Apple Newton MessagePad for $1050 on eBay.

The listing states:

Up for sale is a CLEAR Apple Newton MessagePad 110 PDA + TONS OF EXTRAS all original. Shipped with Fedex Ground. I use to be an Apple employee back in the day and these are rather an extremely limited production model given to developers at an Apple conference. They say this is still a very unusual item and highly collectible (I've been watching for another one to pop up on eBay for years with no results). I received conflicting estimates as to how many were actually produced; the lowest I was told was 150, the highest only 1200.

This MessagePad 110 turns on and works (but is not sold with any warranty). The only thing(s) missing are around the stylus - I had the thing repaired under warranty and when I got it back, they sent me a charcoal stylus! I have also since lost the screw-on top …

As Cult of Mac notes, the clear Newtons were given out to a few select developers at an Apple conference in 1994.

The Newton MessagePad boasts an ARM 610 processor, 1MB of RAM and a 320 x 240 pixel display.

Shipping will cost you another $75, but if you're interested, you can check out the listing here!

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