Got $120? Apple Online Store has TomTom Car Kit for iPhone!

Just bought that ~$100 TomTom iPhone app and have $120 ($199.95 to be exact) bucks more burning a whole in your wallet? What luck! The matching TomTom car kit has just become available via the Apple Online Store! (Shipping in 2-3 weeks!)

Yes, that's $220 total cost of ownership for TomTom lovers, but it's so hard to set a price on convergence, isn't it? (Especially when that convergence now comes in two parts!)

Anyone buying it? If so, tell us why. If not, tell us why as well!

Rene Ritchie

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  • for $49 ill think about it
    $120->> crazy!
  • I'll wait for this to come down in price or for another manufacturer to make a cheaper version. It is a good device for the right price. The iPhone can barely charge itself and use Navigon, this would offload the heavy lifting. Also, the iPhone GPS has a hard time getting a lock on cloudy days.
  • think there are people that are going to pay that ridiculous price!
  • Typo alert. I'm assuming it should be $119.99 to be exact.
  • Ordered mine from TomTom on Saturday (UK £100) because I've got more money than sense 
    Not got the app yet, maybe go for CoPilot?
  • I'll just get a normal tomtom.
  • Have Garmin.
    Not buying.
  • My stand alone Tom Tom cost $130 at best buy
  • I have a Garmin, on which I spent roughly the same amount, so I won't be getting this. But if I didn't have the Garmin, I'd seriously consider getting the app and car kit.
  • Well it's a deal if you pirated the app otherwise not really worth it. It's a great holster though.
  • @Qube this has an integrated gps booster which is supposed to be alot better than the iPhones weak gps. A review of this would be nice
  • Oh I'll be getting rhe car kit. And I will refuse to buy a cheaper version as you GET what you PAY for. Cheaper versions are just...cheaper. Go get a Hiphone to catch my drift.
    As far as the $100 app? Nope. Will not be purchasing that as of yet. The maps program does what I need. It shows me where I need to go. But if it proves to be more convenient than maps I might even get that.
  • Anyone know if there are any limitations to using this car kit with Navigon app? I know you can, just wondering if you get 100% of the features using Navigon instead of Tomtom app.
  • $120 is absolute insanity. I can buy a standard mount for muuuuch less. Plus I'll need the extra money to pay for all our new taxes :-)
  • This thing gives you a lot of stuff. Enhanced GPS is worth it. If you have EVER spent a lot of time with a standalone TomTom or Garmin unit ... then you know the iPhone GPS or the GPS on any other phone cannot compare. The standalone can track you very well even in places with a lot of buildings. Phones don't track live. This unit gives your iphone the capabilities of a standalone GPS unit by including a GPS chip so you can even get great tracking in dense areas. You also get a speakerphone, a mount, and a charger. Other speakerphones cost $150 or more.
    For what you get:
    * Enhanced GPS giving you capabilities of standalone unit.
    * Speakerphone
    * Charger
    * Mount
    * One device to carry around. (I wont have to worry about that thing exploding in the AZ heat because it has no screen)
    I am getting it.
  • I'll be getting it as soon as I can. I haven't stopped wanting it.
  • Heck no. The tomtom app sits on my springboard a costly app to be sitting there I know but I find that app useless in calgary. I'll use google maps far more
  • Standalone TomTom $200. An app and piece of plastic to stick it on your dash $220. Are they out of their effing minds?
  • if i buy this thing, would it only improve the gps in the actual phone while running the tomtom app?
  • I'm not buying it mainly because of the price. Rip off. Might as well go and buy a standalone gps unit.....
  • 220 ? Yeah I will pass
  • Rip off
  • Typo: "Buring a 'whole' in your pocket". Should be 'hole'.
    I'll consider this when the price drops, and it will.
  • Tom Tom is over rated. My favorite for speed, cost and useability is G-Map. It is a great GPS app.
  • for the people that are wondering if this boosts gps
    i am a contractor, i visit 4-5 houses and about 200 miles a day, i use the built in gps on a $5 vent mount from wal-mart, $5 car charger and i never need anything stronger
    3Gs btw
  • @obee1: You obviously didn't read it. It is not just a piece of plastic. It has a full GPS chip on board to give you the accuracy of a standalone unit, a speakerphone, and a charger. My friend paid $99 for his speakerphone and I was thinking of buying one. With what it gives you I think it is worth it. The GPS quality of the stock iphone in no way can compare to a full standalone unit like a tomtom or garmin, and anyone who has EVER used them a lot will know the difference.
  • Ordered mine last night, excited to get it.
    If you watch the video on the TomTom site this mount is
    really well designed.
    Yes, It will work with any other GPS software for the IPhone
    Yes, a Bluetooth handsfree for the visor is about 100.00
    and for just 20.00 more you have alot of added value.
    And Yes, there are alot of cheaper ways to go.
    A roll of duct tape being the most versatile and cheapest.
    I'll update when I get mine.
  • looks like the editor was asleep for this post ... multiple errors
  • i am definitely interested in this but i am curious as to how easy it will be to mount.
    as for the audio part of it, does it go by an fm tuner or is it a direct line? and, if it's a direct line, how do you set that up?
    i guess i'm somewhat clueless about things but i AM interested in this.
  • Navigon app works flawlessly without this expensive piece. ill pass
  • @Melwan: No it doesn't. I have Navigon and it does not work as well as my TomTom in dense areas. When I have to navigate in neighborhoods where turn are very short and a second from each other ... like turn left then right Navigon, just like all of the others fail because the GPS in the iPhone does not track as quickly. The TomTom tracks perfectly.
  • Doesn't everyone already have a GPS built into their cars? I don't get it... as a supporter of all things Apple, why would you clutter up your car with misc equipment when it goes against all design sensibilities... if you're car didn't come with GPS already built into the dash, then you need a new car! Don't ruin your dash by adding more stuff that wasn't designed to be there in the first place!
  • I don't know what kinda car u got but I bought a brand new one last year and no no gps!!! My tomtom does the job if I need directions. Not everyone has got the money to add an extra 10000 to the price of the car to get the newest gadgets. I'm doin fine when it comes to income but with depriciations today; I am not willing to spend that extra. $300 on a gps device sounds a lot better to me. I'll sell my car next year and and I'm not loosing as much as I would loose on a fully loaded car. I think u are not really working for ur money. It's just handed to ya. Don't buy this crap it's over rated.
  • Let's see... a car holder that evidently won't fall off the window because of the new grip system... GPS enhancer chip... microphone... speaker... bluetooth... recharger cradle... audio out... positionable... if it is well built, sounds like a pretty good price to me.
  • For me the car kit is perfect and I'll be ordering one ASAP.
    I travel a lot for business so the app works great for me; I take it everywhere I go and all my rental cars now have gps. The only problem is mounting the iPhone in these cars (I usually have to put it in a cup holder and hope the reception remains good). I can bring the car kit along on those trips where I have the extra packing space, but for the overnighters I can stick with what I'm doing now.
  • On top of this, TomTom released a press article this morning announcing they've sold 80K apps so far in the app store. Whoopie!
    Of course, what they FAILED to report is how many people were dissatisfied with the app after suckered to plunk down $100 to buy it. iTunes ratings are 2.5 stars. That’s pretty dismal considering the pricepoint. Plus, charging another $120 for a mount makes it cost-prohibitive. If that were my only option, I’d buy a standalone GPS instead. However, some will feel the need to fork out the $220 for app/mount and proclaim it the next best thing since sliced bread.
    Meanwhile, Navigon – which is the one I like best – has 4 stars. Also, note Navigon is the #4 top grossing app, whereas TomTom can’t even crack the top 25 (coming in at #40 instead). Navigon continues to improve upon their product offering and support. They realize the niche they’re comfortably sitting in and will do everything to knock TomTom out of the game.
    Just saying. :)
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