16 and 15-inch MacBook ProSource: MacGeneration

What you need to know

  • DigiTimes and supply chain sources say a 16-inch MBP is around the corner.
  • The new notebook is expected to arrive this month.
  • Quanta Computer is already building units.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is one rumor that just won't go away. That's likely because there's something to it and now the reliably unreliable DigiTimes (via MacRumors) says that the new computer will be here within days.

That's because supply chain sources have told the outlet that the 16-inch MacBook Pro will be on sale by the end of October. And with only a few days left, Apple will need to get a move on.

The same report says that Quanta Computer is already building the notebook. Sources tell DigiTimes that the new scissor keyboard is present, as is the "ultra-thin" bezel that will allow the large display to fit into a chassis of similar size to the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

The computer is expected to sit atop Apple's existing MacBook Pro lineup with Intel Coffee Lake processors used. We've heard rumors of a 3,072x1,920 display as well – something that is likely to help bump the price higher than the standard 15-inch MacBook Pro.

An image found in macOS 10.15.1 beta 1 has already given us a small glimpse at what the new computer could look like and it does very much look like the 15-inch model but with a larger usable display. If Apple is set to announce the new notebook it needs to do it soon, but if there's one thing we know about Apple it's that it will do so in its own time.

DigiTimes certainly isn't going to bring any product announcement forward. But I'll just be happy to see this particular line of rumors come to an end!