All the big announcements from Apple's Mac event

Apple made a few notable announcements at its event today, and you can learn more about what's coming for Apple's laptop lineup right here.

Also be sure to check out our live coverage of the event here:

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

The MacBook Pro was definitely the star of this event, with its first major redesign since the introduction of the MacBook Pro with Retina Display in 2012. The new MacBook Pro is slimmer, with smaller speakers, and feature a Retina display touch strip above its keyboard called the Touch Bar, which can provide a multitude of abilities depending on the app you're using. The company is also introducing a version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro with traditional function keys for $1,499. The MacBook Pros with Touch Bar start at $1,799 for the 13-inch model and $2,399 for the 15-inch laptop.

Touch Bar

Touch Bar

Apple's new Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro allows developers to develop a custom set of controls just for their app. The power button next to the Touch Bar also incorporates a Touch ID sensor, letting you unlock the new MacBook Pro with your fingerprint, or use Apple Pay without the needing to authenticate on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Apple TV

TV app

Apple made some announcements for the Apple TV today, announcing that Minecraft would be making its way to the set top box. The company also talked about its desire to make the Apple TV the single destination for all of your TV content, which it's doing with its new TV app, which brings together television content from all of the apps on your Apple TV.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X Touch Bar

To go along with the MacBook Pro announcement, Apple has released a major update for its Final Cut Pro X professional video editing software, along with companion apps Motion and Compressor. The update brings support not only for the new Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, but also the wide color displays. The new Magnetic Timeline lets you take a quick glance at your movie and understand where you are, with color-coded audio clips and customizable arrangements making quick edits much easier. The updates for Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Compressor are all available for free to existing customers.

Joseph Keller is the former Editor in Chief of iMore. An Apple user for almost 20 years, he spends his time learning the ins and outs of iOS and macOS, always finding ways of getting the most out of his iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac.

  • To say I'm excited for this event today is a understatement! Been waiting the whole year for a new Macbook Pro :D Even taking time off work to watch this event. Well Well worth it.
  • The event is today. It's literally happening right now as I type this.
  • Not metaphorically happening now - literally.. Good, necessary use of the word 'literally' there ;)
  • I hope you're joking about the "tomorrow" thing lol. Otherwise you may want to tell your boss you'll be there lol.
  • sorry guys. Meant to type TODAY lol ^_^ IM SO EXCITED LOL
  • Am i the only one who thinks Craig needs to be the "face" of Apple? He seems to be the only one that really "means" it. Everyone else seems so rehearsed and Al Gore-like. Maybe it it because Craig is the only one that had something cool to present? I can't tell you how many times i felt the awkward "got to change the channel" feeling during Tim's and Scott's presentations. Susan did a much better job, but I'm not sure she beat Craig. It is time for Tim to give up control of these keynotes to Craig. The touch bar is an interesting adaptation of functions juxtaposed to the touchscreen concept. My shoulder muscles are applauding with much gusto. Hopefully the bar learns the commonly used functions of the user, not the ones targeted by the developer? Maybe some sort of TouchBarKit to allow developers to fluidify the bar?
  • SURFACE WHAT? Exactly...the touch bar kills whatever surface "innovations" were released yesterday!
  • the surface has touch SCREEN. where absolutely everything you want to do can be done via touch. not just a few (albeit handy) functions. a full touch experience will always beat a partial, limited one.
    where the macbook wins is overall design, as is seen in the thickness and touchpad size
  • apple does not care about there computers making enough money with there phones.
  • A full touch experience on an operating system that still contains parts and applications that are not designed for touch screen is not a good experience, whereas iOS on the iPad Pro has 100% of everything on it designed for the touch screen
  • completely not true. Elements that are useful for touch are present. Others not so much. Humans: Able to tell the difference.
  • Ok so if I open Adobe Photoshop on the Surface Pro whilst detached from the keyboard, it's going to have the interface designed for touch? Oh wait, no, it doesn't. If you want to use Adobe Photoshop with the touch screen, it's going to be finicky touching the small icons
  • Thats why you don't open Adobe Photoshop on the Surface Pro whilst detached from the keyboard.... See how awesome options are?
  • And now you don't have a touch screen device. Bravo. You just validated my point exactly. If you're lying down and using your device comfortably via the touch screen, now you have to get up and attach the keyboard. The fact is, this isn't just with Photoshop, there are plenty of other apps not designed for touch either. You're going to be constantly swapping between touch and the trackpad whether you like it or not, which means you don't have the "option" to use the touch screen, not comfortably at least
  • So, by your definition any device that cannot perfectly support touch for every app means the device is unworthy. Go it.
  • You're not exactly dealing with a rocket scientist here... Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Oh, look, the troll is back…
  • You're really missing the point here.
  • and you never worked with a computer
  • It's really quite simple…
    1) Apple has a windows 8-like UI DISASTER
    2) Now, 30% of apps are compatible with touch. The rest are clunky and still need a keyboard and mouse
    3) The mac costs more than it already does
    4) Eceryone else also has to deal with crappy apps designed for touch but not mouse and keyboard. That's why macs don't have touch screens. Leave that to the ipads.
  • The Surface is still a Windows machine. That's where it fails.
  • BA haa haa haa. Your comment is so bad it made me comment for the first time on any Mobilenations page. A little glass screen that customizes buttons! A simple improvement to an existing form factor. That beats everything the surface released yesterday?? Clearly you didn't see what the surface released yesterday...A whole new form factor with a new device that changes how you interact with your computer. That's fine. Continue to live in your naïve world. Surely that strip of glass beats the ability to hand draw in 3D, change paint colors as you paint, and convert your desktop into a drafting table. Keep living the dream!
  • apple troll ...
  • The problem with Mac Users is just this. Yes, I love the new MacBooks. Superb engineering etc. But, Microsoft has also produced a new hardware idea this week that is just as valid. Evyone should be happy about this.
  • Bingo. We need more competing ecosystems to move the whole sector forward. We should applaud all new innovations and developments, regardless of platform, and support them.
  • I'm assuming you're joking...
  • Liar, Microsoft totally over shadowed Apple. You are just a fanboy saying ****.
  • Wow a touch bar. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Wow a "Posted via the iMore App for Android" comment
  • Yes...because if you're not an iPhone user you don't get to comment on Apple things, right? Get over yourself. Not everyone was impressed. There's nothing wrong with that. Your undying defense of all things Apple isn't necessary.
  • I'm not saying you don't, but that comment didn't explain why he thought the Touch Bar was unimpressive. He literally just saw a picture then came here to make a sarcastic comment. Had he replied something like "I don't think the Touch Bar is impressive because X Y and Z", then I would've had a normal discussion with him. Also, I don't have an undying defense of all things Apple. Yes I see a lot of positives with them, but I've also talked about things that I find negative. For example, that the iPhone 7 screen hasn't really been improved, or that Apple products are overpriced, or that iOS should allow file-system access but it doesn't
  • I just didn't see the picture, I watched the event. Also, no need to explain since apparently you understood what I meant. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Well, not really, but at this point it's difficult to say how useful the Touch Bar will be. After people have used it for a year when it's compatible with all the major applications, then we will see how impressive it is by how much it increases people's productivity
  • WOW did you see what you can do with it? Way better than crap MS.
  • really...? You're being a bit unrealistic comparing the two products. But I understand "fanboyism " can get the best of people sometimes.
  • surface dial is just so cool specially when you work creative and use the computer to draw. i am using a mac pro and is time to retire and get a windows machine and that is so sad because i use macs for the last 15 years
  • I hope there's a whole lot more than a thinner rMBP with a touch bar, and a little enhancement to Apple TV. If that's all there is I'd feel it's pretty lame to say the least.
  • What more do you want added to the rMBP?
  • How about a USB port and a real keyboard? Kinda sad that I need to ask for these in 2016...
  • The rMBP has USB ports, the latest USB-C ones. I have no idea what's wrong with the keyboard, as a touch-typer and programmer myself the keyboard is one of the most important things, and the rMBP keyboard is one of the best I've used
  • Just curious how you were able to type on the new rMBP? The Apple Stores don't even have them yet. Did you attend the Apple Event and see the Demo models? How does the keyboard compare with the MacBook which had the first thinner keyboard design?
  • Isn't it the same keyboard that's used on the "MacBook", or if not the same, then improved from that? I've tried the MacBook (fanless) keyboard in the Apple Store and I didn't find any problem with it, if this one is improved from that then I certainly don't see any issues. Apple aren't silly, many many people program on Macs (including myself!), the keyboard has to be good
  • I wasn't saying it wasn't good. From what I understood it is the 2nd generation of the one in the MacBook and I was curious how much different it was. I thought you meant you had actually tried this new one out since that is what is being discussed here and was wondering what you thought of it.
  • Sorry it was easy to misconstrue what I had written. I've not tested it unfortunately, I just thought mojaveazure was quick to judge it, and so was I probably, a bit of a kneejerk reaction to his comment. When they get it in stores I'll test it out and see how it feels. It'll be really interesting to test out the Touch Bar too
  • Whats the battery life?? And $500 for the Touch Bar??
  • 10 hrs battery life...and I can guarantee you WONT get what the surface book exaggerates for their battery life...and get overpriced for a crappy detachable screen on a surface book.
  • while its true its practically impossible to regenerate battery life claims made by hardware manufacturers, by the average end user, the same holds for the macbook too. a 10 hour claim doesnt mean you get 10 hours. but it will still be less than what the surface offers, for the same type of usage
  • When do you need 10 hrs battery life ? Never ! Sent from the iMore App
  • No update on the Airpods Sent from the iMore App
  • I agree that the pro models are overpriced - and if they are killing off the airs then they need to drop the macbook to 999. Marketing has blown it with the pricing on these machines, they need to spend some of that cash horde on subsidizing the loss of profit. Not sure what they are thinking, hope i am really wrong. Holding onto my 17-inch Santa Rosa MBP for now. Was hoping get into a 15-inch new model for $1699 but I was not correct. <sigh>
  • I was hoping for a Mac Mini refresh.
  • me too just for the living room as media hub.
  • Systems over priced Microsoft will be laughing allay to bank with this one
  • surface studio amazing
  • Yeah and its only $2,999.00 for a core i5 and 8GB of Ram....
  • I really love both devices. They both push innovation and offer something new.
  • Microsoft Office Professional:
    £192.99 Windows 10 Professional:
    £149.99 Microsoft overprice things as well. The iWork apps are £14.99 each for older Macs that they don't come with, much cheaper than Microsoft's offering, and Macs now include it free too
  • But are those iWork apps platform agnostic? Do they even update iWork? Office is the market leader and it doesn't look to slow down anytime soon.
  • They're not platform agnostic no, that doesn't mean they're not high quality software though. And yes, iWork gets updated, for free
  • 4 Thunderbolt ports, no more mag safe, and dongles/adapters galore. "One Port to Fool Them All!!!!"
  • It's USB-C, the next generation of USB ports, on the next generation MacBook Pro. What part of this doesn't make sense to you?
  • Cmon, they could have included at least one type A port. The only way to use HDMI and all the other connections is to by an adapter at $25-$35+ a pop. Thats a money grab. Just like the iPhone 7 and the AirPods. Apple switches standards to sell accessories. Will you throw out all your thumb drives and buy a USB C one? I won't. They price per GB doesn't justify it at this point. If a C to A adapter was included I would feel somewhat better. Magsafe has saved my Pro many times as I have small children in my household. Where as with my windows machines they hit the floor.
  • The future is having a port that can deliver everything, and I'm all for the future coming as soon as possible. If the Mac still had a type A port then it's still essentially stuck in the past. I don't know it just feels weird to me, the type A ports even look really old compared to the new ones, which ruins the aesthetic of the Mac. I won't throw out existing thumb drives if they still work, no, I'll just use an adapter, the same way I used an adapter for my iPhone 5 when I had a Dock with the old connector, that's just how technology moves along. But if I buy a new thumb drive I'll make sure it's USB-C. I agree with you on the MagSafe, it was a great idea and it's a shame it's gone, it's saved me at times too.
  • You know new tech = expensive accessories until it becomes the true standard. You're already dropping close to 2K with tax, no SSD/RAM upgrades or accessories. I've always liked Apples minimalist design but until the standards switch, I see a lot of cables for our cables in our future.
  • In our future the standards will have switched, so there won't be cables for our cables. In fact, there will be less cables as it will be USB-C for everything
  • Just like One OS to fool them all hey MS?
  • +1
  • I am totally devastated on the prices of these machines. I can't see how they justify the extra cost?? I can't justify $1799 for a 13-inch MBP, much less $2399 for a 15-inch MBP??
  • it has a touch panel dude
  • dude what happened to new features at same prices like it almost always has been. touch panel is nice but not worth the extra price.
  • Yea, those Surface Books are looking like a steal right about now. Iris Graphics and a Touch Bar. Only 8GB RAM. No Touch Screen. But hey... Touch ID! BAM! Home Run... hand over your $1,799 + Tax! No function keys. Have fun trying and failing to play any games on this machine. I need to exit this ecosystem before I get in too deep to escape the mediocrity.
  • speak for yourself, i've been in this ecosystem since 1984. Luckily Apple hardware lasts forever so I'll be using this 2007 17-inch MBP for quite a while longer.
  • It's clear that Apple thinks there are only TWO Macs; iMac and Macbook Pro. Neither will serve me well. Still waiting for a Mac Pro as useful as my old Cheese Grater, and lacking that, a Mac mini that isn't a joke.
  • very nice event thought. not sure how it was fall asleep on the couch at apple tv... and woke up at the price from the MacBook thought i was still dreaming...
  • And that dream turned out to be a nightmare? ;)
  • That's it?
  • There was already the WWDC and the other keynote, there's not much more to add. This keynote was mainly just to announce hardware upgrades in Macs, which is what they did. The Touch Bar was a nice extra.
  • Oh, and the products are overpriced. Seriously.
  • Today's event was disastrous, an hour+ for one new device?! Apple is going to be losing customers following today. Expect an even bigger revenue decline next quarter.
  • Im sure they will be just fine lol. They only make 8.5 Billion in profit last year
  • very under whelming. time to change platform me thinks. Apple will be losing me totally soon. no headphone jack on Iphone 7 was bearable but the pricing on the New computers has really put me off Apple.
    no consideration for loyalty, i am not an apple cash cow.
  • The prices of Apple products have always been overpriced, they class their products as premium. If anything, loyalty is why Apple can charge as much as they do, because they know people will continue to buy their products. As for the headphone jack, that's old technology that had to go, I'm surprised they kept it on the new Macs though, I guess they'll keep it on Macs a little longer.
  • I'd imagine those who are disappointed are in the minority. People always have these doomsday theories after an Apple event. Apple isn't going anywhere. Even though todays release was underwhelming.
  • The doomsday theories always make me laugh. Apple's got enough money that in the event that things start going to ****, they'd just throw money at researchers to give people exactly what they want and bring themselves back up again. In a way that kind of happened with the iPhone, people were dropping out during the iPhone 4/5 because people wanted bigger screens, so Apple caved in and started making money again. Today's release was underwhelming though I wasn't expecting much. Apple seems pretty happy with how their Macs are at the moment, the Touch Bar could prove incredibly useful if used correctly and supported by most applications, but time will tell.
  • I like to hop on here and read all the comments by people that don't even use Mac's. Imagine hating something that you don't even use so much that you feel the need to post on an apple specific site. Its kind of sad really
  • Everyone hates on something in their life. It is no sad, it is part of human nature. Same as individuals who hate on Samsung, but never touched a device. People fail to realize that everyone has their preference. The people commenting on not liking the new MacBooks is their preference. Why fault them for it? Now myself, I own a MacBook Pro Retina, iMac, iPhone 6 Plus and I also carry a Samsung GS7 Edge. I was waiting to purchase a new MacBook pro for my business. Was supposed to meet up with the Apple business rep at the retail location after today's announcement. I will be passing up and just keeping my retina. A touch bar for me, does not warrant purchasing a new laptop. As much as I am impressed with what Microsoft announced today, at the moment I have no practical use. I do feel like Microsoft had a more impressive device than what Apple announced. Just as I sat down and thought about all of the reasons why I needed to buy an iPad when it was first introduced. I will do the same with the Surface Studio.
  • I can understand people hating important things, but hating a brand of devices because it isn't the right fit for you is silly. I'm not saying you specifically because you actually own apple products. I do however get a kick out of it because the people who are doing this usually don't realize that Imore makes its revenue off of advertisement views. Each time they log in to troll comments they are actually helping imore generate more capital to produce even more content. I guess it's just the tech blog circle of life lol.
  • Microsoft is still innovating. Their event really pushed tech forward. Sent from the iMore App
  • I think most companies are innovating. The beauty of innovation is that different companies have different ways of innovating. The Surface Studio looks amazing, and if I was a professional artist/graphics designer I would get one. In comparison, the Touch Bar looks fairly minor at first glance, and maybe that's all it will be, but it has the potential to change the way people use the MacBook Pro, at least in terms of greatly increasing productivity.
  • Ok... if baby steps impresses you. Sent from the iMore App
  • One small step for man… you know how the rest goes
  • Was so disappointed that the iMac and Mac mini weren't getting any upgrades this time around. The MacBook Pro is nice but I have no need for it like other people do. So I guess we'll have to wait next year to see if the iMac or Mac mini or even the iPad/mini will get upgraded.
  • Wow $1200 for a 2TB SSD drive. Pushes a maxed out 15inch to $4300. I'm floored. Plus you don't get the extension cord in the box, so another $20, add $25 for a USB C to lightening cord. So another $100 just to able to connect to things. And the elitist Apple snob in me is livid there is no illuminated symbol anymore! lol
  • Crazy that I will not be able to connect my brand new iPhone7 unless i shell out for a dongle.
  • It's crazy that Apple didn't include a USB-C connector with the iPhone 7. More of a problem with the connector that came with the iPhone rather than the port on the Mac
  • Ouch. Apple is really pricing my family out of their products. My wife has started to think about replacing her 2010 Macbook Pro 13", but at these prices, it's not an option. We don't use Macs professionally - it's just an OS preference. Can't stand using Windows 10 anymore, but ChromeOS isn't half bad for how we use computers. Maybe they will update the Macbooks or MacMini soon, otherwise, I hope my 13" MBA hangs on!
  • I love my MacBook Pro, but come on Apple and give me a discount for usage or number of products that I own. Loyalty means what? Stupid MS
  • Well, sort of like us, We were windows users since 3.11. Windows 10 put the nail in the coffin for my wife and I. We said no more of this garbage. Its terrible, and windows mobile is non existent at this point. We sold off all our windows crap and moved to apple (was there once before for a short time during the iPhone 4 days and should have stayed it out!). However, The price you pay for the apple devices are acceptable to us since when you sell them down the road, you get a good cut back for them. Unlike windows devices…even our surface pro3's dropped 50% value as soon as you take them home. Worse depreciation than a car. No thanks. Now, To find a thunderbolt apple monitor to connect our new 12" macbook and 13 Macbook pro with touch bar to! Cannot wait to get them!
  • no updates to the Air, mac Pro or mini? wot, they're like dead.
  • Nice to see the updates to the MacBook Pro. But honestly, with a 8 month old MacBook Pro 13" Retina 256 gig model, I have absolutely no desire to get the new one. I use this for my business and am on it everyday, but not for design, video, photography, etc. 99% of what I use it for are for proposals and written documents that have me mainly utilizing Office 365. From my perspective this is the best laptop I have ever had and I am more than pleased with it. I may be the only person on the globe that feels that way.... I suspect everyone wants the new one.... but I really don't. Love my MacBook Pro and am sticking with it!!
  • I agree. I have no desire to upgrade from my 2012 15" MacBook retina. I've had zero issues and the speed, battery, and keyboard are fine for me. Plus I have a full set of function keys, all my USB ports, and a keyboard that actually has some play in it.
  • Wow so Apple increased the price of the base 13 inch model and didn't give it the touch bar?
  • **** itz thinnar!!! did iMore just censor "bµtt"? zomg.
  • This is a mixed bag, as most Apple Keynotes are these days. On the plus side, new processors (including quad core) for the MacBook Pro, and the TouchBar. On the minus side, price increases, no updates to any of the desktop hardware, removing the very useful MagSafe connector, the SD reader and completely removing the standard USB connector that even the iPhone 7 uses by default. I know that there is a ton of potential upside to the USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 connector, but Apple seriously goofed when they did not include AT LEAST ONE USB-A connector. I work in IT for a university and everyone has USB flash drives. No one in my department owns a USB-C flash drive (and very few of them are offered). Apple does not offer a USB-C ethernet adapter, so one has to daisy chain a USB-C to USB-A adapter ($20) to a USB-A to ethernet adapter ($30) or buy a third party adapter ($35) to work on a real high speed application. I can not overstate how stupid attempting to force the USB-C connector down people's throats is. I consult with users all the time - both for their work purchases and their personal ones. It is becoming increasingly difficult to recommend Apple products (and before I get blasted as a "Microsoft fanboy", I am typing this on my personal MacBook Pro (the final non-Retina 15" model)).
  • It would've made more sense for the iPhone 7 to also come with a USB-C cable, rather than the Mac to come with a USB-A. I personally wouldn't want to see last-generation ports on a next-generation MacBook, and like you said you still had to use a USB-A to Ethernet adapter before, so the only difference is that it will be USB-C to Ethernet. I don't know why Apple doesn't offer this adapter but there will be plenty of other manufacturers making them
  • Well I'll stick to my 2014 Mid MacBook Pro :D.
  • All in all, big deal. Apple is plain vanilla anymore. Meh. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'll vote with my wallet; I'll keep my iPhone 6s Plus and 2014 MacBook Pro. Sent from the iMore App
  • We are all Sent from the iMore App
  • Apple need to catch-up... MS is way more innovative these days.
  • Hearing all the comments I believe people are not happy with apples MacBook line up. I understand there view just focus on iPhone sales and we just try on high end customer. I would of like to see a MacBook Air 11 and 13 inch with upgrade specs and better screen same size 899$ Sent from the iMore App
  • So I guess it's safe to assume that the MacBook won't drop in price since the pro line had price increases across the board and then Air line is practically dead. Quite frankly these new MacBook pros don't impress much imo. Sent from the iMore App
  • Apple stop messing around, the truth is in the technology.