Apple's TV app: Everything you need to know!

Shared With You Content In Apple Tv App On Ios
Shared With You Content In Apple Tv App On Ios (Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / iMore)

While enjoying Apple's TV app on your best Apple TV is a great way to watch your favorite content, the TV app is actually available on all your Apple devices. So whether you choose to use an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or your brand new Apple TV 4K (2021), you can enjoy all the TV app has to offer.

Whether you're new to the Apple ecosystem or want to know everything about the TV app, this is the guide for you.

What is the TV app?

The TV app takes all the media from the various TV and movie watching apps you have — like HBO Now, Hulu, Showtime, etc. —and brings it all together in one convenient spot. This eliminates the need for you to open separate apps when deciding what you want to watch.

Will it know where I left off?

Yes! Upon launching TV, you will see a section entitled Up Next, which shows all the content you are currently watching. You select the content you want, and Apple TV starts playing it immediately and even launches the app needed to do so.

For example, if you've been watching your favorite series on the Hulu app, you can launch TV and select the episode you're currently watching. Your Apple TV will then launch Hulu and immediately start playback from where you left off.

You can always get back to the TV app by pressing the TV button on your Siri remote.

What if I want to watch something new?

Don't worry. If you scroll down on the main screen, you can reach the discovery section, where you will be given a ton of options for new content you haven't seen yet, ranging from popular TV shows and movies to suggestions from new services you might not even have yet.

Can I purchase content?

Of course! If you scroll over to the Store tab, you can purchase content and even sign up for streaming services right on TV from all your media sources.

Does it work with iPhone, iPad, and Mac?

Yes, it does! The TV app syncs across all your devices, making it easy to watch everything you want on any device. You can even stop and start viewing on different devices.

Siri integration?

You know it! Ask Siri to play your favorite show, and she'll start playing it instantly from where you left off.

Can I quick launch the TV app?

When the update is released, the TV button on your Siri remote will launch the TV app. Furthermore, to get back to the Apple Tv's main menu, you'll have to tap the Menu button a few times. Don't worry. If you hate it, you can change the button's behavior in your Settings.


Unfortunately, Netflix STILL does not work with the TV app. So if you want to watch something on Netflix, you'll have to launch the Netflix app and browse its content library.

Does it support single sign-on!

Yes, the TV app supports single sign-on. So no more signing in to all your apps individually.

What exactly is Apple TV+, and how does it work?

Apple TV+ is a video streaming service (akin to Netflix) which is a monthly (or yearly) subscription to watch as much of the programming offered by Apple TV+ across all your Apple devices.

What does Apple TV+ cost?

Apple TV+ is priced at $4.99 per month and allows six family members to share the same subscription.

What's on Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ has been steadily growing its content since its launch about two years ago. So there's a ton to watch with critically-acclaimed comedies like Ted Lasso, big epic high-fantasy dramas like See and some big-budget movies like Cherry. Plus, Apple keeps announcing new upcoming movies and series, so the content keeps coming!

What do you think of TV?

What do you make of the TV app? Are you excited to have all your content in one place? Let us know in the comments below.

Updated September 2021: Updated for the latest version of the TV app.

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