Chevrolet BoltSource: Electrek

What you need to know

  • Chevy has announced its new 2021 Bolt.
  • It will feature Wireless CarPlay, as well as Qi charging.
  • It will also have USB-C ports and will be available later this year.

Chevrolet has announced its new Chevy Bolt for 2021, which will feature Wireless CarPlay, Qi charging and USB-C ports.

As reported by 9to5Mac:

Wireless CarPlay is still rare in 2020, so it's always great news to see new cars offer the premium version of Apple's infotainment feature. As 9to5Mac's sister site Electrek reports, Chevy's new car of the future will be equipped with Wireless CarPlay and more modern features not widely available in new cars.

The new electric offering from Chevy will feature Wireless CarPlay, Wireless Qi charging and USB ports. Chevy becomes the latest manufacturer to offer Wireless CarPlay as part of its vehicles. Ford announced the feature last year for its 2020 models, and recently the Chrysler Pacifica was also added to the list.

The Bolt will also come with wireless Qi charging, bringing support for wireless charging for the most recent iPhone models (iPhone 8, X and newer). The Bolt will also feature USB-C ports, a welcome upgrade that will be compatible with Apple's USB-C to Lightning Cables and other USB-C devices.

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The news is an exciting indicator that wireless CarPlay and Qi charging are becoming more mainstream within the automotive industry. Not only does this help improve safety and convenience whilst driving, but it also paves the way for Apple to potentially, one day remove all of the ports from its iPhone, creating a truly wireless device. A portless iPhone could one day help reduce wastage of charging cables and plugs, as well as improving security for iOS.