iPad Pro 2021 reviewSource: Daniel Bader / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple's 2022 iPad Pro could get a new glass-backed design according to Bloomberg.
  • Support for reverse wireless charging is rumored to be part of the next iPad Pro.

Apple's 2022 iPad Pro will have a change in design as well as features, according to a new report. Thanks to the inclusion of a new glass back, it's thought the tablet could also be capable of reverse wireless charging for the first time.

According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple is set to make the new iPad Pro look similar to the current iPhone 12 lineup – all glass panels and squared-off metal.

The main design change in testing for the iPad Pro is a switch to a glass back from the current aluminum enclosure.

The use of a glass back will not only make the new iPad Pro look significantly different to previous iPads, but it will also make for a new feature as well – reverse wireless charging, says Bloomberg.

As part of its development of the next iPad Pro, Apple is also trying out technology called reverse wireless charging. That would allow users to charge their iPhone or other gadgets by laying them on the back of the tablet. Apple had previously been working on making this possible for the iPhone to charge AirPods and Apple Watches.

Wireless charging won't just be in reverse, though. A MagSafe-like wireless charging implementation is also mentioned, although charging times will still be considerably slower than using a cable.

However, with the 2022 iPad Pro still being finalized the report does note that things could change between now and launch time.

The inclusion of a glass panel on the back of any iPad sounds like a pretty bad idea in terms of making the tablet more fragile. Tons of people break the glass on the back of their iPhone every day – imagine something the size of a 12.9-inch iPad Pro!

That being said, who wouldn't like to be able to charge their iPhone from the back of their iPad Pro?

The current iPad Pro might not have reverse wireless charging, but it does have the amazing M1 chip. Check out the best iPad Pro deals before you snag one of your very own!