24: Live Another Day starts tonight, relive Jack Bauer's worst days on iTunes now!

24, the smash-hit show starring Kiefer Sutherland as counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer, is back tonight with 24: Live Another Day. Set some 4 odd years after the events of Season 8, Live Another Day sees a shift from the 24 episode format of old, while still retaining the real-time action. It also sees the show leave the United States for the very first time. Oh yeah, this time it's going down in London!

The good news is that 24 fans new and old have a bunch of content to gorge on from iTunes, Amazon and Netflix depending where in the world you are. At 24 episodes a season, 8 seasons and a special one-off episode, that's a lot of Bauer to relive! Since each season saw us experience a day in the life, there's a lot to go through! So, whether your poison is iTunes, Amazon or Netflix, hit the links below for all the classic 24 you can handle. The new season is already loaded up in iTunes to pre-order and receive each episode after it airs.

Also, at the time of writing, iTunes is running a promo where the first episode in every season is free to download. So if you're brand new to 24, there's a great excuse to dip your toe!


Netflix (UK, Ireland, and Canada)

  • 24: Seasons One - Eight - Watch Now (opens in new tab)

Amazon Instant (U.S. and UK)

Are you a 24 fan? If so, which seasons — and moments — were your favorite? And what are your thoughts on 24: Live Another Day?

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  • Too long without Jack! It'll keep me busy until The Walking Dead comes back!
  • Can't possibly pick an outright favorite. The only show I've ever watched where you literally can't help but want to watch the next episode right away. JACK IS BACK! :D
  • 24 - Best Show Ever Hands Down!!! Cannot wait for tonight's 2 hour premier.
  • I binged on 24 last year and watched all eight seasons on Netflix over the course of a week or two. I tried to watch just a couple of episodes each night before bed, but I'd still be watching it when the sun rose the next morning. It's difficult to pick a best moment. I didn't enjoy a lot of Season 3, but the rest of the seasons are all fantastic. The only other shows I've binged on are Sons of Anarchy and Prison Break (well, the the first three seasons at least). It's a shame Apple isn't giving away free 24 episodes in the UK too.
  • IMO TV shows have to be the worst value deal in terms of purchasing media there is. Here we have a show that was recently very popular and is now on sale for what are bargain basement prices compared to it's original cost, but it's still 20 bucks a season! So you need to pay $200 to binge watch "24" and then you will likely never watch it again.
    It will take up so much space in your iTunes library, that eventually you will delete it and rely on your "copy in the cloud," but then you'll never download it again will you? Because by that time, it will be streamed for free on Netflix and a dozen other services. In a very short number of years, the content will be as welcome on your screen as old episodes of the Flintstones are, but you will still have that warm memory of paying over $200 just to watch it that one weekend. For most TV shows, take away the $200 and replace it with a $300 or $400 price tag. So yeah, this is a "deal."
  • I feel really guilty saying this, but I never watched past his daughter still trying to get away from the guys from the furniture store...yeah, my attention span is that bad and I'm not a true fan blah blah blah.
    But I'm still super excited for this. I'm sure anyone who's watched less of the series than me (If that's possible) should be watching this mini revival.
  • "Do it! Do it NOW!"
    - Jack Bauer (Keifer Sutherland, "24," on pretty much every episode)
  • "I say, old chap. Would you mind terribly if you could, perchance, do it? Do it NOW?"
    - Jack Bauer in London
  • Just catching up on all the old seasons through Netflix and I must admit that I'm now on season 4 and can't put it down!!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I got hooked on 24 when I was sick for nine days from work and watched season 1 and 2 in three days. Favorite scene? When Chloe whipped out that automatic rifle and shot the terrorist as he was ramming his vehicle into hers. That had me yelling, "Go Chloe!"
  • Haha I just re watched that episode the other day and laughed. I love it when Chloe tells Bill Buchanan "No I don't do that!" The look on her face too when he tells her LOL. Sent from the iMore App