32 Apple stores reopen in China as special business hours come to an end

Xidan Joy City
Xidan Joy City (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • Apple has reopened 32 of its stores in China.
  • Only 10 stores in the country remain closed indefinitely due to the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Four stores in the country will return to normal working hours next week.

Apple has reopened 32 of its stores in China following a period of extended closures in the country due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Yesterday, it was reported by Bloomberg that 29 stores in the country had reopened since Apple's decision to close its entire China operation out of an abundance of caution.

Following this report, iMore can confirm that a further three stores in the country are due to open tomorrow, February 26. They are:

All three of these stores will operate special, reduced business hours. Each store will only be open for six hours tomorrow, February 26, before operating increased (but still reduced) hours into next week.

Apple China Store Hours

Apple China Store Hours (Image credit: iMore)

iMore can also confirm that four locations in Beijing and Shanghai will return to their usual business hours on either Saturday February 29 or Sunday March 1. Those stores are:

The following 10 stores in the country remain closed indefinitely:

With the majority of stores now open, and several locations returning to usual business hours, there are clear signs that the disruption to Apple's retail sector in the country may be coming to an end. The full extent of the impact on its supply chains and manufacturing base in the country is still to be realized, and Apple has already warned investors that it will not meet its Q2 earnings guidance because of the coronavirus outbreak.

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