Best holiday photography accessories for iPhone

During the holiday season, snapping photos is a must: Whether you're setting up the perfect light display or getting up close and personal with your pets in an adorable Santa outfit, there are many moments that can (or rather, need) be caught on camera!

While snapping pictures with your default iPhone camera is great, there are some super cool photography alternatives and accessories out there that can help you break the mold of holiday photos past… if you know where to look, that is.

This year, I'm playing photography Santa Claus and delivering 5 incredibly creative photography accessories that you can use to capture your memories in different ways this holiday season!

Prynt Pocket

Prynt Pocket

You know how in Harry Potter, all of the photographs and the paintings walk around and move, almost like they're living in a picture? What if I told you that there's something that exists in the Muggle world that does pretty much the exact same thing?

Prynt Pocket is a standalone version of the Prynt case. You can mount your iPhone into the phone mount, and any Lightning port phone will fit. Then, snap a picture or grab one from your photo library or social media feed, print, and you're good.

Just like the Prynt case, this pocket printer supports video-to-picture printing, so you can use augmented reality to see your picture come to life by looking at it through your camera's viewfinder. It's like real-life Harry Potter moving photographs!

It's also half the size of the original Prynt iPhone case, so even though it doesn't stay on your phone, it's actually more portable because it's so small.

It uses the same "Zink" ink that the Polariod ZIP uses, which is heat activated — no ink needed. It prints out 2"x3" sticker-backed pictures that you can stick to anything.

The Prynt comes in gray, graphite, lavender, and mint. You can pick one up for about $150. It comes with a 10-pack of printer cards. You can add on a 40-pack of printer cards for about $18 more.

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Turn your iPhone into a professional-grade camera, complete with interchangeable lenses, a shutter button, a beautifully designed wooden grip, and one of the sleekest, functional, and creative photography cases available out there today.

The SNAP! PRO case not only turns your iPhone into an easy-to-use point and shoot camera, but it also allows you to shoot stunning video and photos through a number of different lenses. You can pick from a 3x telephoto, an ultra wide angle, macro lenses, a fisheye, and so much more depending on the look and feel you want for your photos and video.

While most photography cases can sacrifice protection, the SNAP! PRO is actually one of the sturdiest cases I've used, period. I've dropped my iPhone with and without the lenses attached, and I've haven't seen a crack or broken piece of glass yet.

The price range with the SNAP! PRO vary quite a bit, but you can get a standard case starting at around $43, a clip for around $10, or the Premium Photographer Set (SNAP! Camera Case + HD Wide Angle Lens) for around $120. The lenses themselves also start at around $25.

The SNAP! PRO really is a great tool to use during the holiday season, and whether you're looking to shoot detailed macro images of your decorated tree, a wide-angle shot of the flickering light from your menorah, or anything in between, the SNAP! PRO gives you the option to be effortlessly creative during the holidays.

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I've said it once, and I'll say it again: The Cliquefie is the anti-selfie-stick selfie stick and is the perfect tool to just have around the house, in your bag, in your car… essentially, wherever good times and pictures may happen, the Cliquefie should be there!

But why, you may ask? Well the Cliquefie isn't just a boring old selfie stick: it actually doubles as a tripod and a remote shutter, which means you can set up the Cliquefie Max, pull the legs out from the bottom with a simple click, pop out the shutter remote, and start snapping group photos.

Forget straining an arm to get your entire family into a festive selfie; use the Cliquefie instead! They also make really great gifts, and if you're not sold on the larger model, the Cliquefie Mini also comes in a ton of fun colors.

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LuMee Case

Sure, the holidays are all about snapping photos of loved ones, and presents, and beautifully laid out dinners, and pets destroying decorations, but sometimes you have to take a minute to admire yourself and just take a selfie!

Luckily, the LuMee has your lighting on point with its string of LED lights that are positioned around the front of the case to illuminate and brighten up every self-portrait you take. Simply press the button on the back of the case and hold to adjust the intensity of the light. Then when you're done snapping your selfies, press the button on the back again.

While some people may not be a huge fan of how bulky the LuMee may make their phone, the case is actually quite protective (and even fits in the Cliquefie Max if you're looking for that extra little pop in a picture!)

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TRNDlabs Skeye Mini Drone Quadcopter With HD Camera

While most drones can burn quite the hole in your pocket, this little drone from TRNDlabs is affordable, small, fun, captures HD video, and is the perfect toy to play with when it comes to capturing photos and videos during this year's festivities!

This mighty quadcopter has four strong propellers and incredible aerobatic capability to let you show off your flying tricks and skills while recording your flight.

Powered by four AA batteries, the Skeye Mini Drone comes with a 1280x720 HD camera and 4GB memory card. You just need to toss the drone in the air and you're good to start shooting and flying!

This drone really is perfect if you're looking to get creative and switch up your perspective during the holiday. See if you can capture an epic aerial family portrait, or make a cute drone video of you and your nonna cooking Christmas dinner. The possibilities are endless – you just need to step outside of the box.

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How are you photographing and recording this holiday season?!

Is there a photography accessory that you cannot get enough of? Let me know what your favorites are in the comments below and I'll be sure to check them out!

Updated November 2017: This article has been updated to include the Prynt Pocket.

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