Apple New Imac Spring21 OrangeSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple has published the new iMac's acoustic performance, saying it will run at just 7 dB when browsing the web.
  • A leaf falling to the ground generates around 10 dB of sound.

Apple's upcoming iMac has everyone talking because it comes in some pretty interesting colors, but there's one thing people aren't talking about – noise. Or in the case of the new iMac, the profound lack of it.

Apple has published the 24-inch iMac's acoustic performance as spied by Stephen Hacket and, well, your new iMac is going to be the quietest thing in your house.

According to Apple, the iMac will create just 7 decibels of sound when it's idling and that won't increase when it's browsing the web over a Wi-Fi connection. That already seems quiet – and then you realize that 10 decibels is the sound of a leaf falling and 20 decibels is the sound you hear from rustling leaves in fall. A whisper? Well, that's just 30 decibels.

An iMac, browsing the internet, will essentially be silent. Impressive stuff, indeed. And that's despite having what will presumably be a very fast Apple-designed M1 chip inside there, too. Isn't it amazing what you can do when you don't need to cool Intel's chips?

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