8Bitdo controllers now work with Nintendo Switch

Though far advanced in their technological uniqueness, the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller can be somewhat uncomfortable for the average gamer, especially when split up and used in horizontal mode. Wouldn't it be cool if you could use an old-school NES or N64 controller with your Switch instead? Um, du'h.

8Bitdo, the makers of retro controllers specially designed to look like classic Nintendo console controllers has released a firmware update that makes all of their game pads compatible with Switch.

If you already have an 8Bitdo controller that you've been using to play video games on your iPhone or iPad, all you have to do is select your controller and download the firmware update from 8Bitdo's support page. After you run the firmware file on your computer, you will press and hold Start + L + R on your 8Bitdo controller until the yellow lights flash. Then, connect your controller to your computer using the included micro USB cable. Click Upgrade in the 8Bitdo update app and select your controller's firmware from the pop up window. The update will install and then you can restart your controller and connect it to your Switch.

To pair your 8Bitdo controller to your Nintendo Switch, Press and hold Start + Y on the controller for one second until the LED light blinks four times. Then, open the Switch's Bluetooth settings and pair your controller. If it worked, the LED light on the 8Bitdo controller will be solid blue.

Because the 8Bitdo controllers don't have HD rumble, a six-axis accelerometer, or motion controls, it won't work properly with certain games. It also doesn't support Amiibo connecting. The retro controllers are best played with classic Nintendo game, like the long list of NeoGeo titles you can get in the eShop right now, or the upcoming promised titles Nintendo has yet to release.

If you already have an 8Bitdo controller, get the firmware update, pair it with your Switch, and start playing. If you don't already have an 8Bitdo controller, what are you thinking?!

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