9 must-have accessories for new DSLR camera owners 2022

Hero Dslr
Hero Dslr (Image credit: iMore)

What's the best digital camera? It's that shiny new toy you just brought home, of course. Now, you just need a few extras to up your photography game. Your DSLR will do more, last longer, and take better photos with a few accessories. These are the best DSLR accessories this year, and all are gear I trust and use regularly.

My top three picks

The tools you use in conjunction with your DSLR can help to improve the quality of your images and keep your gear out of harm's way. My most used DSLR accessory is the Giottos Large Rocket Air Blaster. A quick squeeze of the bulb blasts air to your camera sensor or over the exterior of your lens to free stuck-on dust and debris.

I've carried the Endurax backpack from coast to coast for the last year, and I love it. There's enough space for lenses, your camera, memory cards, battery chargers, cables, extras lights, and even a bottle of water. Bonus: it's also one of the best drone accessories. Rearrange the dividers, and this backpack can hold a Mavic Air 2 or similarly sized aircraft.

If you want crisp photos, you need a tripod. I invested in the 3 Legged Thing Punks Corey ages ago, and it's never let me down. It supports 22 pounds, comes with a ballhead and level, and it's steady as can be, even in high winds.

Jodi Owan

Jodi Owan works behind a keyboard and a camera. She's a freelance writer for iMore, Android Central, and Windows Central.