Baseus PowerMega 140W GaN Fast Charger review: A very fast charger with a few problems

A fantastic charger with some caveats.

Baseus 140W GaN Fast Charger
(Image: © Future / James Bentley)

iMore Verdict

The Baseus PowerMega 140W GaN Fast Charger does pretty much exactly what a charger should, offering high charge rates and plenty of ways to use it. It’s great even if heat dissipation could be a bit better and user reviews lament a lack of support from the company itself.


  • +

    Reasonable price

  • +

    Strong charge speeds

  • +

    Plenty of safety features


  • -

    Can get hot

  • -

    Short pause when plugging in new devices

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It doesn’t take a lot to keep a device topped up with charge. With nothing more than a USB-C cable and a plug, your iPhone 15 can stay at 100%. However, when it comes to keeping multiple devices alive, you may struggle. The Baseus PowerMega 140W GaN Fast Charger seems designed for this specific predicament and it manages to mostly pull it off without major downsides. 

Baseus PowerMega 140W GaN Fast Charger: Price and availability

Baseus 140W GaN Fast Charger

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

The Baseus PowerMega’s availability is a strange one because you can pick it up in all the normal places, like Amazon and its own site, for $89.99. You can also, however, grab it from Baseus on AliExpress for cheaper, generally at $64.99 — and that muddies the waters. We wouldn’t recommend making a habit of buying on AliExpress due to counterfeiting and a general lack of customer support like you would find on Amazon — but for those willing to risk it the option is there.

Since monitoring the chargers stock, it hasn’t been sold out and seems easy to get, if you’re in the US. The Baseus PowerMega 140W GaN charger is not currently available on the likes of Amazon in the UK as there is not a version of the charger with a UK plug — and there’s no news as to when one might become available.

Baseus PowerMega 140W GaN Fast Charger: Specs and features

Baseus 140W GaN Fast Charger

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

While you’ll spot 140W in the title, the reality of the device is actually a little different. If you only plug one device into the top, then you’ll get that max 140W charge rate, but plug multiple in and things get more complicated.

Let’s break it down: When you plug in two devices, the charge is divided over the two charge ports you’re using. One will get 100W, and the second will get 30W. Plug three in and the wattage is divided again, the top device retaining its 100W charging while the second and third get 20W and 10W respectively.

This charger is super easy to use, as it should be, with convenient access to ports, a nice size, and it manages to keep my devices topped up without problems. 

The charger can split power between different devices, depending on how much they need to take. It is quite smart in that more power-hungry devices will be prioritized where needed. The charger also has a “trickle charge” mode, which, starting at 80%, slows charging as the device reaches full battery. This is an effort to prolong the battery health of your devices.  

Despite it being a GaN charger, it can get a bit hot after long hours of use. It doesn’t get worryingly hot, but it’s enough to be noticeable. In addition, when you plug in more than one USB, the power cuts out to the other devices for a few seconds. The website says this is due to ‘overpower protection’ and, while it’s not a major annoyance, I found myself unplugging and plugging affected devices when the charging connection disappeared..  

Baseus PowerMega 140W GaN Fast Charger: Build and Looks

Baseus 140W GaN Fast Charger

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

As it’s a 140W Fast Charger, it is pretty bulky, but still much lighter and smaller than the MacBook Pro fast charger, which doesn’t come with the added benefit of extra ports. It feels sturdy in the hand, which makes me feel more comfortable popping it in a bag. 

The charger shell is relatively understated, mine coming in all black. The ports themselves are bright orange, which makes it easy to know which way to plug in your USB — the ire of many USB users.

It is worth noting that a quick search online for Baseus returns a litany of users who report problems with the build quality of Baseus products and the company's return policy. These reviews don’t reflect my experience with the charger, but it’s important to keep this in mind when buying. 

Baseus PowerMega 140W GaN Fast Charger: Competition

Baseus 140W GaN Fast Charger

(Image credit: Future / James Bentley)

Ugreen offers a very similar 140W charger for about $20 more, but it comes with a foldable plug and its own 240W PD3.1 cable. Satechi’s new 145W 4 port GaN charger is more impressive due to its portability and extra port but also about $40 extra. Apple’s own 140W adapter is $10 more and, though it is sleek and comes with a retractable plug, it only features one port. 

With these other options in mind, the Baseus PowerMega 140W GaN sells for less than its competition and offers some unique features. Those user reviews above do make me feel cautious about the support experience but, if bought through a reputable site like Amazon, it is worth the asking price. 

Baseus PowerMega 140W GaN Fast Charger: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if...

  • You want to take advantage of fast-charging
  • You need to charge multiple devices
  • You think Apple’s 140W charger doesn’t offer enough

You shouldn’t buy this if...

  • You don’t live in the US
  • You don’t need to charge three things at once


If you don’t mind a bit of heat from your chargers and some poor user reviews don’t entirely put you off the company, The Baseus PowerMega 140W Gan Fast Charger is capable of delivering super quick charge speeds with some smart features, and manages to look pretty decent too. A momentary pause in charging when swapping wires can be slightly annoying but, for the price, it manages to find the perfect spot in its otherwise very competitive sector.. 

With three ports and a ‘trickle charge’ mode that stops your devices from overcharging, it's easy just to let everything charge at once without any worries. 

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