Beats Studio Buds + fall to new lowest price for Cyber Monday, and that's not all

Beats Studio Buds +
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While Apple's AirPods are usually the first and last word in great headphones for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, Apple also sells a stellar range of alternatives in the form of Beats. The iconic lineup of headphones, founded by Dr. Dre, is known for being generally much more vibrant and more affordable than AirPods while offering many of the features that make AirPods fantastic to use within the Apple ecosystem. 

If you've scoured the best Cyber Monday AirPods deals on offer this weekend and found yourself unmoved, then these alternative Beats selections might be the one for you. There are the great over-ear Studio Pro headphones that are more than 50% off, as well as the Beats Studio Buds, Beats Fit Pro, and more. With a range of colors to choose from they offer users flair and personality you don't get from Apple's iconic but generic white AirPods. One of the best deals we've seen is a new low price on one color of the Beats Studio Buds +, now just $119 at Amazon!

Where to find the best headphones Black Friday deals

Beats Studio Pro | $349$169 at Amazon

Beats Studio Pro | $349 $169 at Amazon

Okay, so first things first — at full price, these headphones aren’t worth considering. They’re expensive, not well built for the price, and they don’t sound like $350 worth of headphones. They do, however, make a lot more sense now that they’ve dropped below $200. For that price, they more than trounce the similarly priced competition and bring a little style for a lot less money. This is their lowest-ever price as well and one that looks locked in for Cyber Monday, so why wait?

Beats Studio Buds + | $169$119 at Amazon

Beats Studio Buds + | $169 $119 at Amazon

These scored very highly in our review for a reason – they’re a really good pair of buds. The noise canceling is good, they’re comfy, and they sound excellent to boot. I just wish I could have gotten the transparent pair… This is a new lowest price for a relatively new pair of headphones, as long as you choose that cosmic silver color!

Beats Studio Buds | $149$89 at Amazon

Beats Studio Buds | $149 $89 at Amazon

These are the older versions of those above, and while they’re not as good, they are a great deal for under $100. They’ve got features that should make them more expensive, like ANC, and they’re really comfortable. Now back down to their lowest-ever price of $89. 

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