Secretlab unveils stunning new standing version of its MAGNUS desk

Secretlab magnus pro
(Image credit: Secretlab)

When we reviewed the Secretlab MAGNUS desk earlier this year we were absolutely blown away by its incredible design and quality, now the company is back with its most requested new feature, a brand new sit-to-stand version of its MAGNUS desk aptly named the MAGNUS Pro. 

Secretlab has built on the incredible success of the MAGNUS by creating a height-adjustable metal desk with a unique control panel built right into the body of the desk itself. 

The new MAGNUS Pro retains all of the original build quality and materials that made us love it, and the magnetic ecosystem of accessories that make the desk so useful and customizable. No doubt, the MAGNUS Pro is shaping up to be one of the best standing desks ever made. 

Secretlab magnus pro

(Image credit: Secretlab)

What's new?

Otherwise, the new MAGNUS Pro comes with just two legs instead of four, which house the motors that drive the desk up and down. The MAGNUS Pro's secret weapon is the world's first fully integrated power supply column, which runs through one of its legs and ensures you only have to plug your desk into one wall outlet, with the desk itself providing all the power you need to your PC, laptop, console, and any other peripherals. 

The MAGNUS Pro shares the MAGNUS' unique cable tray system and magnetic accessories, but also sees the debut of some brand new Secretlab accessories. That includes a new monitor arm, available in both single and dual configurations, and a Secretlab Premium PC mount that can carry your PC securely underneath your desk to save space. 

The MAGNUS Pro is also unique in offering two sizes, a 1.5m version, and a 1.7 meter XL version. The MAGNUS Pro also features the same RGB capabilities as the old desk, as well as compatibility with its Nanoleaf-powered strip that can be used with Apple HomeKit. 

The MAGNUS Pro will support a weight of up to 120kg and can be raised between 650mm and 1250mm, the desk also has anti-collision detection to prevent injuries. 

The new MAGNUS Pro is available from, with prices starting at $799 (£729) for the 1.5m version or $949 (£829) for the XL. You can read our 5-star review of the Secretlab MAGNUS here, and we'll have a review of the MAGNUS Pro for you in the future. 

Secretlab magnus pro

(Image credit: Secretlab)
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