When you pair an Apple Watch with an iPhone running iOS 8.2, it looks like a new "Activity" app miraculously appears.

Activity tracking on the Apple Watch

We've seen a lot about the Apple Watch so far, there are still a few surprises in store. Take the Apple Watch app that appeared after updating to iOS 8.2 — it's not the only new app there. There's also an "Activity" app designed to work with an Apple Watch, but it doesn't appear until after you've paired a watch.

The app was uncovered by iOS developer Hamza Sood on Twitter:

It emulates the circular fitness tracking language of the Apple Watch, but offers deeper analysis and data than would be reasonable on the Watch's smaller display. It also gives us our first look at the achievements that will be attainable in the app, though what exactly the stars and circles and squiggles all mean isn't clear from Sood's screenshots.

Apple Watch pre-orders and in-store previews will open up on April 10, with the watch becoming available two weeks later on April 24.

Via: 9to5Mac