This adapter allows you to charge all your devices with one cable

We've all had it happen. You're at a friend's house when you notice your iPhone battery has trickled down to nothing, so you ask to borrow their charger. But — oh god, what's this? — their phone requires a different charger, and there are no Lightning cables to be found. Enter charging technology company VOLTA and its recently launched Indiegogo campaign for the VOLTA Magnetic Adapter — an adapter that allows you to change any Android charging cable into a USB C, micro USB, or Lightning cable. Thanks to of VOLTA's adapter, you can use any micro USB cord to charge all your devices, saving you from a dead battery or from having to pull a tangled, snakelike mass out of your bag (and — ugh — unravel it) when you need to power up on the go.

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How does it work?

Each adapter comes with two magnetic adapter tips. When you want to charge your phone or tablet, all you have to do is insert the appropriate tip into the device's charging port. After that, you'll need to plug your existing micro USB cable into the adapter itself. Then just hold the adapter near the end of the tip sticking out of your device, and voilà! The magic of magnets will cause them to snap together, and you can begin charging. The VOLTA Magnetic Adapter is capable of both Quick Charge 2.0 and 3.0 as well and fast charge, so it's speedy as well as convenient.

An individual configuring the adaptor in the manner detailed above

In addition to charging, the VOLTA Magnetic Adapter can be used in data transfer as well. Once the adapter is connected to both the cable and the tip, you can plug the other end of the cable into any computer to back up your phone, add new music, and whatever else your heart desires.

Is it durable?

The company definitely claims that it is:

We refuse to be cheap, so we decided to use the world's strongest magnets … two perfectly complementary N52-Grade Neodymium ‎reversible magnets in a 360‎° orientation to deliver an instant and ‎powerful connection every time!

They even share a gif of an iPhone being dangled from the cord and shaken, assuring potential customers that the adapter won't detach.

How do I get one?

The VOLTA Magnetic Adapter set currently comes in gold, silver, and black — presumably to match whichever iPhone color you have. If you support the project now by giving $16 or more, you'll get an adapter set in the color of your choice at a reduced price, as it'll retail for approximately $32. All adapter sets are expected to ship in February of 2018.

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Note: Backing crowdfunded projects involves a certain level of risk. Though this project is fully funded, there's still a chance it may never come to fruition.


What do you think of the VOLTA Magnetic Adapter? Do you feel it's something you'd utilize? Let us know in the comments!

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