Hello Kitty Casetify LifestyleSource: Jason Barbagelott & Milena Mallory | CASETiFY

What you need to know

  • Hello Kitty X CASETiFY is the latest collaboration collection from the accessory maker.
  • Priority access to those who joined the waitlist starts on May 21 at 9 pm PST.
  • The collection will be available to everyone on May 22 at 1 am PST.
  • These collections sell out fast, so it's best if you have priority access.

CASETiFY, makers of tough, durable, and unique mobile cases and other tech accessories, is teaming up with Sanrio's Hello Kitty in the latest Co-Lab collection: Hello Kitty X CASETiFY.

In this new Hello Kitty X CASETiFY Co-Lab collection, you'll find a plethora of classic accessories, such as the company's cases for iPhone and iPad, AirPods and AirPods Pro cases, wireless charging pads, Apple Watch bands, and other accessories plastered with adorable Hello Kitty designs. Some of the case options allow for customization, so you can even include something like your name on the case itself.

Hello Kitty Casetify Phone Grip LifestyleSource: Jason Barbagelott & Milena Mallory | CASETiFY

Additionally, the company is introducing some all new products in this collection, including a new liquid "milk" case, floaty case, phone straps, and even a designer UV Sanitizer to get rid of nasty germs and viruses on your device.

Some previous Co-Lab collections that CASETiFY has done include BTS, The Rolling Stones, Pokémon, Lisa Frank, and Coca-Cola. The price range for these products starts at around $25 and go up from there, depending on the product. Most of the phone cases are around $45 to $60, and the UV Sanitizer will be $120.

If you're interested in the Hello Kitty X CASETiFY collection, make sure to join the waitlist. Hello Kitty X CASETiFY launches on May 21 at 9 pm PST for those who have priority access from the waitlist. Otherwise, the collection is available to everyone on May 22 at 1 am PST.

Historically, as far as these limited edition collaborations, items sell out very quickly once they go on sale. So if there is something that catches your eye, you'd best get on that waitlist for priority access.


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