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What you need to know

  • Lightroom now supports direct photo import.
  • Photos don't need to be imported via Files or Photos anymore.
  • The feature was first announced in June.

Adobe's December Photography Releases are here and as part of that Lightroom for iPhone and iPad finally supports direct photo import (via 9to5Mac).

That means that anyone wanting to import photos into Lightroom from a camera or external storage device no longer has to import them into Files or Photos first. Now, it's all handled via the app without images having to be duplicated first. Adobe says that RAW import is supported and the new mechanism should also make imports more speedy as well.

Ever since Lightroom for iOS was released, photographers have been asking us for a way to allow them to import their photos from their cameras and memory cards directly into Lightroom, making it possible to have a truly mobile photography experience. In July of 2016, we made it possible to import your raw photos directly into your Lightroom library on your mobile device without a laptop or desktop and now, thanks to new capabilities added into iOS and iPadOS 13.2, you can import and bypass the iOS camera roll. By connecting a lightning to SD or lightning to USB 3.0 adapter on iPhone or USB C card reader on iPad, you can now directly import your raw files into Lightroom, without making an extra copy in your camera roll. Imports happen faster and don't require the extra space taken up by having a duplicate copy placed in your Camera Roll.

Adobe says that the feature is rolling out to users now.

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