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Adobe Ink & Slide kit for iPad now just $30 at Amazon

Adobe's Ink stylus and Slide ruler kit for iPad is now available at a pretty considerable discount from its launch price. Amazon currently has the kit listed at just $30, down from its full price of $200 at launch in 2014.

In the kit, you get Adobe's Ink stylus and Slide ruler, which are both made up of an aluminum shell and utilize palm rejection to keep your inking neat. Additionally, Ink is pressure-sensitive and both tools are connected to Adobe's Creative Cloud, giving users access to things like photos and color palettes.

In any case, if you're looking for a solid price on a digital stylus and ruler, possibly as an alternative to the Appel Pencil, you can grab Adobe's Ink & Slide kit from Amazon for $30 at the link below.

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  • Apple Pencil and the auto lines in Procreate are good enough for me.
  • I think they only worked with Adobe apps. With the apple pencil out now, there may not be a use for them. Sent from the iMore App
  • So does this pen work with any other apps?
  • its £33 in the uk on Amazon my adonit jot touch has just packed in and this is actually now cheaper! plus to use an  pencil you need one of the new iPad pros, I have an iPad air which was a gift a couple of years ago and I don't want to replace it just so I can use an  pencil. I ve ordered one at that price its a no brainer if you have any other iPad than an iPad pro.