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What you need to know

  • Adobe Creative Cloud now supports "Sign In with Apple."
  • The feature allows users to sign in without creating a new account.
  • Service providers and apps don't receive the user's email address.

Adobe has flicked the big switch in the cloud, adding support for "Sign In with Apple." The new sign-in option can be used on the Creative Cloud website as well as Adobe's apps.

The feature was first spotted by Jonny Evans on Twitter and we've been testing it ourselves. It works exactly how you might expect it to and offers users another way to sign in without having to first create a whole new account.

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What exactly is "Sign In with Apple? Our own Lory Gill has you covered.

It's a single sign-on service, similar to the way Google and Facebook allow you to use your account credentials to sign up for and sign in to apps and services. Have you ever went to a website to check out some new thing and been prompted with a request for you to sign up right away? Some prompts, for example, will offer the option to Sign up with Google, Sign up with Facebook, or Sign up with your email address.

If you use the first two, your internet usage, activities, and habits (and location in some cases) are tracked by Google or Facebook. If you decide to sign in with your email, you risk having your email address sold (it's also a more cumbersome user experience).

Apple's version doesn't track you or sell your email address to third-party interests. It allows you to keep your personal email address hidden from companies, while providing a communication relay that's private and secure.

You can learn more about how it works, but "Sign In with Apple" is a great addition to any service. The fact that a company the size of Adobe has brought it to Creative Cloud is even better.