AirPods 3: Why we don't need a new design

AirPods Pro
AirPods Pro (Image credit: iMore)

The Apple rumor mill suggests Apple is hard at work on a low-cost AirPods Pro that could arrive on the market in the coming weeks. Duped AirPods Pro Lite, the new earbuds are a good idea, especially if they end up replacing the regular AirPods in the popular lineup.

First introduced in late 2016, AirPods have been a resounding success story for a company that doesn't release brand new products all that often. By the time Apple released the AirPods 2 in early 2019, its place in audio history was already secure. However, the arrival later in the year of the AirPods Pro pushed the line into the stratosphere.

As I noted in February, despite the popularity, the original AirPods design isn't for everyone. And because they don't come with different sized earbuds, that's never going to change. Some people, myself included, simply can't wear those pesky little white sticks in their ears.

Enter the AirPods Pro, which features a much more comfortable, flexible design than the original that's headlined by three sizes of silicone ear tips. This one-two punch more or less guarantees the perfect fit, regardless of your ear size.

Something for everyone

Apple has never been about exclusion. Because of this, don't be surprised to see the company ditch the original AirPods design this year for one that everyone can wear. The "AirPods 3" could very much be the AirPods Pro Lite mentioned in the rumor mill.

While details about these earbuds aren't yet known, it doesn't take much creativity to envision what these earbuds will exclude versus the AirPods Pro.

The AirPods 3 could ship without sweat and water resistance and perhaps only come with a standard (not wireless) charging case. Additionally, the lower-priced item could be without active noise cancellation and adaptive EQ.

What do you think?

The AirPods 2 was introduced in March 2019. Therefore, expect Apple to announce plans for 2020 sooner, rather than later.

Do you think Apple should ditch the original AirPods design or move forward solely with the AirPods Pro design? Let us know below.

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