Airbuddy 2 Mac ScreenshotSource: Guilherme Rambo

What you need to know

  • AirBuddy 2.4 is now available for download.
  • The update will alert you when your batteries are running low and more.

Popular accessory monitoring app AirBuddy has a big new update out that includes a new feature that will alert users when their batteries are running low. The app, which was originally designed to make it easier to connect to AirPods, can track the battery of Apple's AirPods lineup as well as iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches. and other Apple accessories.

Users can customize the threshold at which they receive alerts and those thresholds are per-device as well. Anyone running AirBuddy on multiple devices will be pleased to learn that these alert settings sync, too.

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The update also adds support for the new Beats Studio Buds, while support for the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is also included.

Airbudd Battery AlertsSource: Guilherme Rambo

Improvements in this update include:

  • The list of devices in the menu bar will now grow to show all devices when there's enough space available on screen
  • Some device icons have been refined
  • AirBuddy will now use simplified monochrome glyphs for Macs just like it does for other device types
  • When using the "connect to favorite device" and "disconnect" shortcuts, AirBuddy will now attempt to connect/disconnect directly, even when the given device can't be immediately seen nearby
  • In Device settings, AirBuddy will now dim devices that have not been seen recently and suggest that you remove them (this will apply after a device hasn't been seen by AirBuddy in two weeks)
  • The "connect to nearest headset" shortcut and the shortcut to manually show the status window are now better at picking the expected device when multiple devices are present
  • AirBuddy now uses the new Big Sur icon style regardless of which version of macOS it's running on
  • Improved reliability when connecting to a headset with auto-switching enabled

Existing AirBuddy users can get this update for free, while everyone else can download it for $9.99 right now. I've been using AirBuddy for a good long while now and can wholeheartedly recommend it. It's one of the best Mac utilities I have installed.