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AirPods (2016) Review

AirPods are Apple's attempt to bring us a better, brighter wireless future. They look like the ends of Apple's wired EarPods, but with the cord snipped off at the stems. The way they work, though… that's magic.

I've now spent over a year with Apple's $159 AirPods and used them day in, day out, in a variety of situations and circumstances. And here's my updated review...

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AirPods In-Brief

For people who want:

  • EarPods-style look and fit
  • Noise-canceling mics
  • Powerful voice control
  • Long battery life
  • Cutting-edge wireless technology

Not for people who want:

  • On- or over-ear headphones
  • Noise-canceling speakers
  • Physical controls
  • Wired option for when batteries die
  • Low, low pricing

If you want instant access to a wide array of physical controls for, or noise-canceling headphones for study or long flights, AirPods aren't for you. If, instead, you want cutting-edge wireless technology fit into one of the smallest, lightest headphones on the market, with a clever charging pack and really great noise-canceling mics, then AirPods are absolutely for you.

Likewise, if Apple's one-size-fits-all EarPod design didn't look good or feel good to you, then AirPods are more of the same. Almost. The lack of wires make an incredible difference in how well and comfortably they stay in-ear. Whether having stems drop an inch down your jawline looks any worse than cables dangling past your face, you'll have to decide for yourself.

Overall, Apple wanted to push the state of wireless headsets as far as they could, and do it as inexpensively as the sensors and chips embedded in both pods would allow. And that they've done.

AirPods Case

AirPods come in a case that might just be the closest thing we've seen to Jony Ive's classic white iPod since… Jony Ive's classic white iPod.

The top flips open like a vintage lighter and the action is every bit as addictive. Seriously — I still have to force myself to put it down so I don't end up flipping it open and closed constantly. (At least it hasn't come close to falling off...)

A large part of that is its magnetic closure. It's exactly the right amount of magnet to make it click open and closed in just exactly the right way. Have I mentioned how addictive it is yet? And how durable? After a year of flicking open and closed and open and closed and open and — put them down! — they're still working as well as they did when I bought them.

Same with the AirPods themselves: The stems slip into and out of the case, but are also magnetic. That doesn't just make them less likely to fall out of the case but also sucks them in when you go to put them away. It's practical, so they don't fall out in your bag and you don't have to worry about pushing them in all the way, but it's also fun.

When the case is flipped open, there's a light between the AirPods. It's green when the buds and the case are charged, and orange when they're close to needing a top-off. There's a button on the back so you can pair or re-pair them, if needed. You can do initial setup on your iPhone without it but need to press it if you want to pair an iPhone not on your iCloud account or pair to a Bluetooth-only device like an Android phone.

At the very bottom of the case is a Lightning port, so that you can charge the case with the same type of cable you use to charge your iPhone. That's proven super-convenient. I often just plug my AirPods into my iPhone charger at home, in the car, or in hotels when I pull my iPhone off in the morning. At least I did... see the aside on inductive charging below!

Since the case is shaped like a pod, it's incredibly easy to slip into a pocket. I keep mine in my front right pocket with my wallet and keys and it's never felt at all bulky or uncomfortable. (I keep my iPhone in my front left pocket.)

The AirPods case is plastic, so it can get scratched if you put it in with sharp objects or if you drop it — but since it's also just a case, you may not worry about that too much. I did drop my original review AirPods case on asphalt and banged them up but my personal AirPods case, a year later, is still in great shape.

Except for the lint. The white color means you'll see every spec that's picked up. It's easy enough to wipe off if you keep on top of it. If you don't, it'll build up and you'll need to escalate your cleaning.


AirPower (Image credit: Apple)

Inductive charging option

During the September iPhone x and iPhone X event, Apple announced a new, optional inductive charging case for AirPods. Coming in early 2018, you'll be able to buy the case separately and charge it on Apple's upcoming AirPower pad or other inductive charging pads.

AirPods buds

AirPods look like Apple's current EarPods with the cords cut off right below the stems. It's fitting: In a very real way, Apple is using them to cut the proverbial cord.

The left and right buds are mirrors of each other, but otherwise almost identical. One has a small L, the other a small R, so you can tell left from right, but that's it. Both have the same speakers, and both have beam-forming microphones.

The shape looks the same as the EarPods as well, but because there's no cord pulling at them, they stay in your ears far better. My ears have been mangled by years of grappling, and traditional EarPods — like all earbuds — don't stay in for me at all. AirPods, so far, have.

I've taken them walking, jogging, driving, even a little dancing — my living room, my business! — and they've stayed in fine. Year in, year out. I've been out in the heat, the rain, the sleet, and really strong wind. Also the snow. So. Much. Snow.

The left one has never fallen out, far as I can recall, and the right one only a few times. (My right ear is far more mangled than my left — blame grappling.) I know people freak out when they hear about AirPods falling out. I'll point out again that regular EarPods don't stay in my ears for me at all. Like I have to hold my hand over them, over my ear, to keep them in. Same goes for most in-ear headphones.

So, believe me when I say I'm thrilled with how well AirPods have stayed in. It's the first time I've ever been able to use headphones that didn't hook over my ears.

Stil, I'm not a huge fan of the "one design to rule them all" philosophy. It's neater as a product and I've lost plenty of the interchangeable over the years to fill a small jar. But, even with all of Apple's testing, even with a universal shape, they're just not going to fit as many people as they could if there were a range of tips included in the package. It's not as elegant a solution, but it's one that could, for example, let me use a different sized tip for my more-mangled right ear than my less-mangled left.

Using AirPods in the snow did scare me at first. Montreal is covered in the stuff for five or so months a year and anything small and white that falls into the snow can be extremely hard to find. In an attempt to assuage my fears, right when I first got AirPods I deliberately dropped one, hit play to restart the audio, cranked up the volume, and listened to see if I could find it. And I could.

Apple has long since added Find my AirPods to the product. I can't remember the last time I had to use it. Still, it's calming to know it's there for when I inevitably will.

I'd still love it if Apple would add some color to the AirPods line. It's been a year and we're still limited to white. Where's Jet Black? Where's Product [RED]? Now that we're out from under the extreme AirPods constraint, it'd be great to see Apple get a little bolder with the product palette. Especially with Apple's recent focus on fashion and lifestyle.

AirPods Pairing

As nifty as the case and headphones are, the real AirPods "magic" isn't how they look — it's how they work. Bluetooth has gotten better over the years. In the past, there were often bizarre button maneuvers needed to put Bluetooth into pairing mode, codes needed to negotiate the pairing, and small miracles to get and maintain a decent connection. AirPods solve all that.

Apple Watch and AirPods

Apple Watch and AirPods (Image credit: iMore)

Bring the AirPods case close to your iPhone, open it, and a connection interface slides up. It shows the AirPods case. If the AirPods aren't paired or are paired with someone else's iPhone, the interface says "Not Your AirPods".

Tap the Connect button and that's it — you're paired.

Seriously. That's it. Not just with your iPhone either, but every iCloud-connected device you own gets connected: Apple Watch, other iPhones, iPad, your Mac, and as of iOS 11 and tvOS 11, your Apple TV as well.

It's almost too easy. Ideally, I'd love a passcode or even iCloud auth to approve pairing with already-paired-with-someone-else's AirPods. That'd cut down on AirPod pilfering, I imagine.

What makes the pairing — and everything else about AirPods — so simple is all the hard work being done inside the silicon by the W1 chip. There's one in each AirPod and they essentially work like mini computers to keep everything in sync, even absent a hardwire cable between them or to the device.

W1 was Apple's first wireless chip. Apple Watch Series 3 now has W2. They're both part of a growing line of Apple silicon: The A-series system-on-a-chip, M-series motion fusion hubs, and S-series system-in-package for the Apple Watch, the T1 coprocessor for Apple Pay in the MacBook Pro.

It's here where Apple continues to show just how far and fast they can push state-of-the-art silicon. And it makes you wonder what they could do next: Full-on Bluetooth radio? Wi-Fi radio? Cellular modem? There are plenty of letters left in the alphabet, after all.

AirPods in Action

The AirPods panel show the charge level of both the case and the earbuds. Take one or both out, and you see the individual battery levels. Place one in your ear, and the infrared sensors know you're wearing them and start to play mono audio. Place the other one in your ear, and it's likewise detected. Then, the audio will seamlessly shift to stereo. Take one out, and the audio pauses. Hit the play button on your iPhone or Watch, or tap the AirPod to ask Siri to continue your music, and your tunes will resume in mono.

You'll notice that yes, I did mention Siri: Your AirPods are hooked directly into Apple's personal voice assistant. It can be triggered with a double tap of either one of your AirPods, Her-style. If your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch is close by, you can also voice-activate with the usual "Hey, Siri!"

Siri is the primary way you interface with the AirPods — there aren't any minuscule play/pause, volume, or track controls on these earbuds. Instead, you ask Siri to pause your music, raise the volume, or switch to the next track.

If you really want to, you can go into settings and switch the double-tap shortcut to play/pause, next track, or previous track, instead of Siri. It does make starting and stopping easier, but it sacrifices the full width of controls that Siri enables. I've tried switching them around but I always go back to Siri in the end.

Because the AirPods offer beam-forming mics that engage when they detect your jaw movement, you can speak very softly — not quite sub-vocally, but close — and still get Siri to understand and trigger commands. In my tests, they do a great job isolating your voice. I've used Siri in the car, around the house, on the streets, and in relatively noisy hotels and bars with no problem.

By default, the AirPods automatically switch between the two mics as needed. You can force them to use only right or left in settings, though, if you prefer.

If you don't want to, or it wouldn't be socially acceptable to use Siri, you can still control everything from your iPhone or Apple Watch. I thought I would miss the remote dongle on my traditional, wired headphones, but I don't: I only ever used the remote to play or pause tracks, and I can do that easily enough with Siri.

You can take calls on the AirPods, too: When a call comes in, tap either one of the AirPods twice to answer — or hang up, if you're already on a call. As with Siri, I tried out calling in a variety of rooms and environments; everyone I asked said they sounded great.

If audio starts playing on your Apple Watch AirPods will automatically switch to them. You can also switch to them manually on iPhone or iPad using the audio source setting in Control Center. On Mac, you can switch from the volume icon in the menubar.

How you feel about AirPod controls will depend on how you listen to audio. If you like easily accessible physical controls for volume and skipping between songs or chapters, Siri is going to feel very, very cumbersome. If you're more of a set-it-and-forget-it type listener, who starts a podcast or audiobook or playlist and then lets it go, Siri will be fine.

It's for everything beyond audio that Siri really comes in handy. Yes, it's a complete pain in the soul to have to ask Siri to bump volume or go to the next song, but it's future-in-your-face-fantastic to tap twice and unleash Siri on everything else. Especially thanks to the new Siri apps.

Tap. Tap. "Message Serenity the review will be done on time." Tap. Tap. "Call Kevin on Skype." Tap. Tap. "Turn my lights purple 50%." Tap. Tap. "Siri, remember this [spot in the podcast]." Tap. Tap. "Play Smooth Criminal by Alien Antfarm." "Google 'How to find AirPods in the snow'." Now we just need "Siri, read this." for the last one …

For basic playback, it's frustratingly slow compared to buttons. For everything else, though, it's obliteratingly faster.

AirPods Audio Quality

I'm not an audiophile, so the subtleties of the sound performance are lost on me. To my unappreciative ear, though, AirPods sound as good as the EarPods Apple's been bundling with iPhones for years. That might sound like damning with faint praise, but it's way better than many Bluetooth headphones have sounded over the years.

They're not noise-canceling, which is bad for airplane flights but great for walking out on the street. They're also loud and clear enough that I can hear podcasts, audiobooks, and music just fine, even when cars are racing by.

In the year since I've been using them, I haven't suffered much if anything in the way of audio dropouts. I've used them when recording both video and audio podcasts and they've been solid each and every time.

I've also worn them now with hoods on, caps on, and toques — what we call knit caps in Montreal — without a problem. I am careful when pulling on or off a hoodie, though, because you can physically knock one or both out that way.

Even when in the car or out for a walk, the mic sounds good enough that nobody I've spoken to on the phone or over VoIP apps could tell that I was using AirPods. When I switched to them, some even thought I'd switched back to my iPhone, assuming that would be better.

Whatever beam-forming Apple is doing, the company is doing it really well.

AirPods and Battery Life

When I first started using AirPods, I figured the battery life would never be enough and that recharging them all the time would be a hassle. I was wrong on both counts. I mostly use one AirPod at a time for listening to podcasts or audio books, or taking or making calls.

That way, I can switch them back and forth, and get double the battery life when and if I need to. I haven't really needed to, though. Even on long flights, I've never run out, and because the case charges over Lightning, I can plug it in at home, in my car, even into my portable battery pack, to top it up if and when I need to.

AirPod battery life is also shown on the Today View widget in iOS, so it's easy to keep track. Over the last year, I've never run out of power. I've always ended up plugging in long before I needed to.

AirPods Conclusion

I recently called iPhone X the best product Apple had ever made. To put that in context, prior to iPhone X I would have argued the new iPad Pro was better than iPhone 8. And, last year, that AirPods were better than iPhone 7 Plus. And I liked iPhone 7 Plus and it's dual-lens camera system a lot.

iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods

iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods (Image credit: Rene Ritchie / iMore)

There's just something about the elegance of the way AirPods pair and the freedom AirPods provide that are truly revolutionary. Not having a cord between phone and earbuds is one thing. It keeps them from pulling or being pulled out. Not having a cord between earbuds is another. It makes them not feel like earbuds at all but like part of your ears. Like bionics.

We're in an age of augmented reality (AR) and, while video gets all the attention, audio will be just as important. Likewise, while video is still struggling to be unobtrusive to our eyes, AirPods have already made it unobtrusive to our ears.

For the last year, I've been using AirPods for my workouts, when I'm driving, when I'm flying, when I'm out for walks — basically any time I need headphones. I've used them with my iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV. I've even used them, occasionally, over standard Bluetooth pairing on non-Apple hardware. And, in all cases, they've worked great.

At $159, AirPods may seem expensive. Especially for the sound performance. But you're not paying for the bugs. You're paying for the wireless chipset and the sensors. Apple's pricing them to move and if they could go lower, I'm guessing they would.

There hasn't been a second generation of AirPods yet, though a wireless charging case is coming next year. But Apple has rolled out the same W1 chipset and easy pairing system across the Beats line. So if you're looking for over-the-ear, noise-canceling, and more, you can look there.

But, a year later, this still holds true: If you're looking for the best integrated, lightest, and most future-feeling audio experience for iPhone and all your other Apple gear, look no further than AirPods.

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Rene Ritchie
Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • Love the concept, hate the design. Apple should follow Bragi's lead (on the design front).
  • I'll bet the Bragis will fall out of your ears. Plus, they they cost twice as much and look like hearing aids.
  • Heck, they could have even followed samsung's lead (samsung gear).
  • Everyone who says AirPods should look like Bragi or Icon X earbuds don't realize what Apple is going for here. Those two earbuds serve one main purpose: listening to audio. They are NOT designed to take in Siri-like commands. Why do you think the AirPods extend down like that? You really think Apple couldn't have designed a Bragi-like bud? C'mon. The whole point of these AirPods is to be both a voice and a hearing device. If you're not interested in that, then sure, the Bragi's or Icon X's might be better suited for you. Also, keep in mind... we don't know how good the battery life on the Bragi's are and the Icon X's claim 90 minutes but all the reviewers are saying they get an hour. Meanwhile Apple's AirPods get 5. So yeah...
  • Actually, you're wrong. The event gave tons of time talking about the Microphones in these things and how it pertains to things like Siri as well as Phone calls. The point is to be great microphones and great earbuds. However, I don't expect the sound quality to match the price, and they look terrible.
  • Neither of those get 5 hours battery life. Plus the stems contain a mic. This clearly is a case of function over form.
  • Apparently in a recent review it was mentioned that Samsung's can get 5 hours if you load music onto the earbuds onboard storage and don't have the phone connected. But yes with the phone connected and inbud heart rate monitor running the battery dies too quick. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I'd really rather not have something that could burst into flames inside my ear.....;)
  • They contain not only mics but antennas, too. I don't know about the Braggi or other earphones but each AirPod transmits to the phone and not to each other, which aids in constant, better connection.
  • I agree the design looks horrible but the Dragi looks worse and I think will fall out more then the AirPods. I might be (dunno, might be) that there is a very valid functional reason for this design. The battery case for example also looks horrible but there is a very good reason it looks the way it does. Design is the way it works, not (just) the way it looks.
  • Couldn't they program them to pause/play with a single tap? Or is that used for something else and I missed it..? Sent from the iMore App
  • Single tap isn't used for anything at present; I'm hoping that we do get play/pause implemented for final release.
  • Taking them out to pause is really good for the way I use earphones. What I'd rather have is single-tap left for previous track, single-tap right for next track.... but I'm also a watch owner, so I don't care too much either way.
  • "What I'd rather have is single-tap left for previous track, single-tap right for next track" They're meant to be used together or separately, so none of the controls can be left/right specific.
  • Of course they can. Nothing stops you using Siri when there's only one in. Most people will be using both for the VAST majority of the time. That's why they sell you a pair.
  • The CAN do anything but they would not. How will they explain to people with only one Airpod in an ear that they will not be able to fast forward or rewind to next track because they're not using both. That would be seen as a much worse design than to never even include a track navigation feature.
  • No it wouldn't. Simply say you get full functionality and features while both AirPods are being used. Personally, If I've only got one AirPod in, Im probably not fully immersed in the music I'm playing anyway.
  • Ever try to use the watch with a winter coat and gloves on? I have and it's not very convenient. Relying on a watch when you're active is not what Apple should be focusing on. Siri is not an option either.
  • Why isn't Siri an option when you're wrapped up warm?
  • Because ... long sleeve shirts, coats, and gloves.
  • Single tap gestures would respond to too many false inputs. At the slightest accidental touch you'd be pausing the audio or summoning Siri. Interactions will likely begin with double taps and, perhaps, extend from there.
  • I agree with this. Would be nice if my left/right taps could be configurable. I really hate Siri, honestly. I think voice input is overrated in general, so it would be nice to be able to choose what the double-tap does.
  • The double tap is configurable. The other option other than Siri is to play/pause. I think removing one is the best play/pause action because it's intuitive. I thought I'd miss the next/repeat function on the inline remote because I use it a lot but I have an Apple Watch and have been using it more and more for playback controls. I've also been using Siri for things like "Go back 20 seconds" or "play that song again".
  • Unfortunately, play/pause is the least of my concerns, since they already solved for that by detecting when an AirPod is removed from an ear. What's really missing is volume control. I would have expected them to include some rudimentary touch sensor that could detect vertical swipes to control volume.
  • Using Apple Watch to control the headphones and playback is a major PIA. I own a Watch since they were released and find that the watch becomes almost useless when wearing a winter jacket, gloves, etc, Not having in-lime controls is a deal killer and Apple won't be getting my money for this gen.
  • I tend to agree. When voice works it's amazing. But when it fails it's awful.
  • Trying to understand your thesis here. How do you envision false inputs? There's no evidence yet is there that it only takes the "slightest" touch to activate? As someone who uses the existing earbuds, I can't recall any accidental touching, however slight, taking place.
  • Do you never adjust their position in your ear?
  • It's possible, but once they are in, not usually. I'd also think that with the technology in these as sophisticated as it is, a tap would be distinguishable from any touching at all, but maybe not.. With the stems, I'd also think that is where you'd logically touch to put them in and then make any position adjustment, negating the issue. Finally, even assuming accidentally touching the main part of the Airpods would be misconstrued as a tap, how often would that happen and how bad of an issue would it be if it happened once in a great while.. Seems like an insignificant issue to gain the convenience of an additional input for skipping, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if when they ship,they may have added the option for a user to customize the number of taps to particular functions, e.g., one tap for skipping, etc. Then it wouldn't be confusing since each user sets it up for their use case.
  • While we're here making guesses and assumptions about what should and shouldn't work, Apple has no doubt invested significant time and effort actually testing these solutions before deciding on the final product details.
  • Yes, Apple has a fantastic engineering team, but they are not infallible, nor do they necessarily see , as you put it, what they produce to be "a final product." We have sites like this for Apple enthusiasts to discuss our take, thoughts, etc., on all things Apple. On the topic of AirPods, with the addition of the W-1 chip, I think there is a lot more room for further control beyond the configuration we've seen, and real world feedback to Apple will help to shape that.
  • >Do you never adjust their position in your ear? This ^. People with longer hair brushing it back. Scratching your ear. There could be several different false triggers that would only make themselves known in a situation where they are allowed to be triggers. Without the weight or pulling of the cords, there *might* be much less reason to adjust their position. That will certainly depend and vary with the fit for any given individual.
  • Every video showing the AirPods in use show Siri activation via a very light double touch gesture. If they were configured to respond to single taps, they would react every time they were touched, including when adjusting their position, while placing/removing them form your ears, donning glasses, etc.
  • I'm pretty sure the article said that single tap is for answering and hanging up phone calls. Correction: Nope, it doesn't. Tap twice to answer/hangup calls. My bad...
  • Ok I really WANT TO LIKE THESE.... But... I don't think I could ever live with this design because they would just fall out of my ear. The wired ones that come with the phone fall out of my ear all the time and I have to readjust them all the time. I rarely wear them because ear buds work best for me. I think the overall concept for these is amazing so hopefully they will come with a redesign that will fit my ears one day. Sent from the iMore App
  • I hope the Apple Store offers (cleaned) demo units once they go on sale. I have terrible ears for the wired EarPods but these were more impressive than I'd originally thought.
  • Good to know and it's definitely worth a try, but just not for $160. IMO Sent from the iMore App
  • I wish all earbud makers offered dud units you could buy. Plastic/rubber shells weighted properly, but with no electronics. It would be totally worth dropping $5-10 to try some of the more radical choices on the market. That said, Apple's 14 day return policy should cover most people's concerns. If they're unusable, they'll get their money back which is more than you can say for any other earbud vendor.
  • Hoping they dont do like some and refuse to let you return them for 'hygiene reasons'.
  • I'm guessing that since they're pricey and easily absconded with, they'd be handed out, and likely cleaned before/after each use. With the EarPods (wired) connected to each iPhone, it's up to you to provide your own Purell and wipes. Maybe it happens but I've never seen staff cleaning them.
  • I agree. But I've never seen ANY earbuds available for try-on at any Apple Store.
  • I have the same concern. I'm worried about them falling out of my ears Sent from the iMore App
  • A lot of people have voiced the same concern. The few people who have actually had a chance to try them out in person, however, have stated that they're surprisingly secure in their ears, perhaps due to the lack of weight from having any attached wires. At least one reviewer went as far as shaking her head around to show how secure they were. This doesn't mean the AirPods will be ideal for intense workouts. But it seems that they should be secure enough for most usage, provided they're not incompatible with the shape of your ears.
  • How do you know? Comparing wireless AirPods to wired EarPods is including the reason why they fall out to begin with. EarPods fall out because of the attached wire. Either you'll accidentally tug on them and they'll fall out or a subtle weight shift will move them into a different position and they'll come out. Leaving them hooked with no interference, there's no reason to fall out other than either gravity or inertia. As long as they're well inserted, gravity isn't "pulling them up", only down. Inertia could throw them sideways but I guess these weren't designed for heavy metal head bangers.
  • The standard EarPods are a slightly loose fit in my ears. They've only fallen out though when the cord has snagged/dragged on my clothing or something. But the slightly loose fitment is a bit disconcerting. Without the cord(s) they might fit better and be less prone to falling out. But since there really is no one-size-fits-all, it will depend on the individual..
  • I use Earhoox with my EarPods. They do a great job of keeping them in my ears and they also improve the sound quality because of the better fit.
  • I was the same, then I tried Ear Skinz. Thin silicone covers foe ear pods - and presumably air pods too. They never fall out now, not even when running. And the better fit improves the sound too.
  • I'm definitely going to be looking for wireless earphones when I get my Nike Apple Watch and there's a lot that I like about the airpods, I just don't know if they're going to stay in when I run given the standard EarPods seem to fall out when I'm pretty much sat still. I'm not bothered by the price as my current Bose noise cancellers cost more or at least I wouldn't be if I knew they'd stay in place. I suspect lots of others are going to have this same dilemma - I suspect I'll end up going for the Bose wireless ones as I know Bose earphones fit me
  • "The sound is as least as good as traditional EarPods" That bad huh? For over $150 I'd expect more than the modern equivalent of piece of string stretched between a couple of cans. And using Siri is great on your own, but on public transport or a noisy environment this is a far from perfect solution. If tapping twice answers calls, then hopefully there's scope for an update that would allow one to tap twice/thrice to change tracks etc. Sent from the iMore App
  • I gather you can tap twice to pause and restart, instead of using Siri, on a Settings option
  • I suspect that Siri isn't the main intended interface here. Remember, Apple is skating to where the puck is going, not where it is. It's safe to expect that soon, many AirPod users will be wearing an Apple Music controller on their wrists. Apple Watch is the best way to control your music if you're wearing wireless audio. Nonetheless, lately I've noticed that Siri works better in noisy environments, even if I speak softly with my voice projected inwards so people can't really hear me. AirPods detect your jaw movement and use beam forming microphones so it's expected that it'll work even better.
  • The Watch might be good for choosing a new track, album etc, but simply pausing and skipping music is far easier with controls either on the headphones (as in most wireless sets) or on the cord. If as the poster above reckons there is going to be the option to tap to change tracks that would be the easiest and most efficient method. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I'm dying to know whether the addition of this W1 chip eliminates the bluetooth dropouts that occur way too regularly when listing to podcasts or music, while walking around with an Apple Watch moving arms?
  • Other reviews have noted some connection issues. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Tacos, I was wondering when you would weigh in with a quick poke at Apple. Samsung said to say high and thanks for trying to distract from their little problem. They know you aren't having much success, but they appreciate your efforts.
  • He's right though Posted from my Nexus 6P
  • I've also run into this issue with the PowerBeats 2 Wireless. While at home, they work perfectly even when I'm twenty feet away from my phone. But when I'm bike riding, the connection frequently cuts off even though my iPhone is in my pocket, less than three feet away from my ears. My guess is that while indoors, walls reflect the Bluetooth radio signals, creating an optimized environment. But once you're outdoors, there are no longer any surfaces to consistently reflect the signal and reception is then limited to direct line of sight.
  • He *is* right, regardless of anything else. BT is a flaky protocol so I'd be really impressed if no one reported dropouts or everyone reported no dropouts. Apple's tech of each AirPod talking to the phone and not to each other gives me hope that these will work much better than other brands of BT earphones. I've owned a lot of them and none have been great and most have had some problem or other. I have high hopes for an improved connective experience with the AirPods, but it's still BT.
  • BT 5 early next year is going to have packet error correction and vastly increased range, some are speculating that the 'secret sauce' of the W1 is early implementation of some of these coming improvements. My concern is how often I am in transit and locations where the cloud based Siri just doesn't work. If Siri is going to become a default user interface some level of it has to be local.
  • It's gotten to be funny how the Android clan come rolling in to troll.....all the time! Sent from the iMore App
  • In all seriousness, do Apple fans go to the Android Central site to troll ? Just an informal survey/question for the masses. You like what you like, and leave others alone. Ask legitimate questions (seems hard) and go from there. Maybe I'm too pragmatic and reasonable for the keyboard world. Just my 02 cents.
  • Only the ones who have "issues." I'm not a fan of Google, but good for those who are Android fans. I guess if I was angry at the world or had some other emotional problem, I might go to that site to post some rantings against their choices. Many Apple fans, bloggers, etc., criticize decisions Apple makes, they are far from perfect, but to spend so much of your life on a site for products from a company you hate is like those on Twitter who go the feed of someone they hate to post incessantly. Sad indeed.
  • Uh, he's right Sent from the iMore App
  • I am afraid of these falling off as well since the standard earpods fall off easily for me. I guess I will stick with my Bragi Dash.
  • I have seen in three or four reviews so far that people who say standard earpods don't work for them, find the airpods fit much better. Presumably because of the lack of cable
  • I find it curious how people use EarPods to come to the conclusion that AirPods will fall out. EarPods include the very reason why they fall out: wires. Wires tugging, even gently will reposition the EarPods, causing them to fall out. AirPods don't have that problem because they don't have wires. This has been confirmed by testers who say that EarPods used to fall out but AirPods don't — including Rene in this very review that you're commenting on.
  • I agree with you. The wired ones won't stay in my ears and after awhile they are painful. Sent from the iMore App
  • Love the concept, but Apple needs to redo the design, color, and fit....I'll stick with my BOSE.
  • Bose products looks like something from a Radio Shack clearance sale. Their industrial design isn't exactly what they're known for.
  • They actually have good sound though, hipster. Posted from my Nexus 6P
  • Funny, but most people would rather have good sound out of a headset....
  • How can you say that when you haven't even used them?
  • Very good point, I'm just going on the assumption that they will not fit my ears (they never do). So I'll wait to try them on before I decide) Posted via the Note 5 or iPhone 6s Plus
  • Can't wait to get my hands (or ears) on these. You say the music starts automagically when you plug one in your ear. Though, what music? Your last played? I'd prefer to pick what I wanna hear myself before they play anything in the first place.
  • You're right but the phone has already been doing this for years. Every time I get into my car and start it, my phone connects via bluetooth and the last track always starts playing automatically. Sometimes it's what I want (recent podcast) and sometimes it chooses the same annoying song that is first on my list of 50,000 songs. So I wish there was a simple default audio file you could choose when it defaults to that same song every time. Does anyone have a simple hack for something like this?
  • If the song is so annoying, why do you have it on your phone?
  • My car behaved the same way, and I was getting tired of hearing that song start automatically. The song also started with a heavy bass beat, and I was afraid I'd blow my speakers if the volume was up too loud. So I created an audio file called "AAA Prius Volume Warning" so it would be alphabetically first in my library. It was 3 minutes of silence, followed by a message recorded with the female Irish dictation voice ("Moira") from my Mac: "Excuse me! I hope I didn't startle you; but your audio system is on, and if you don't do something soon, the first song in your collection will begin playing automatically. Please make sure the volume isn't too high." A couple more minutes of silence after that, with countdown warnings at "30 seconds," "20 seconds," "10 seconds," and then "5 seconds... 4... 3... 2... 1...." :-) I'd post it here if it were possible. I can upload it to somewhere and share a link if anyone else is interested.
  • These are interesting. The design seems weird -- I wish they weren't white. They stand out too much. But AirPods are DOA for me without the ability to SILENTLY pause, change tracks and volume -- and without reaching for my iPhone (and I don't have an Apple Watch, nor will I ever have one). And about pausing... I'd want to be able to pause them without taking them out of my ear (or commanding Siri to do it).
  • You can silently pause them at least three ways, and change tracks and volume silently via Watch or iPhone, the latter of which you'd always have with you. That said, it'd be even more convenient to do it with taps on the Airpods. Since the chip is on board the Airpods, I still expect Apple to set them up where the user can configure the taps to be whatever each user wants. There's no reason one tap on left can't equal volume up, on left volume down, etc.
  • Like the IconX
  • You can make a change in settings on the phone so that double tap on the airpods works as play/pause rather than engaging Siri. I am considering a pair. I have beats wireless for working out. I would likely use the airpods more at work. With Siri set in settings, if listening to music, tap works to answer calls. If listening to music and someone comes by, I believe you can take one out to pause, and if listening with one/mono, the same. But in an office environment, I can easily use the controls on my phone (not eas easy when running/exercising) or on my apple watch. We shall see. I would love product red or black, but with a gift card in my pocket, I am really thinking about getting a pair....
  • I have a pair of power beats wireless headphones. They constantly drop the connection while outside. I hope these improve on that Sent from the iMore App
  • Interesting concept, disgusting design. Apple could have designed them better. Samsung's ICONX earbuds or Moto's VerveOnes look way better. Design wise, I don't think it's up to Apple's standard, or at least what their standard used to be... Posted with the Nexus 6, Nexus 5, or Surface Pro 3
  • "disgusting design. Apple could have designed them better. Samsung's ICONX earbuds or Moto's VerveOnes look way better" Some of us prefer non-exploding products in our ears.
  • Oh? When did you hear about the IconX exploding or are you just a worn out tool that just turned 13?
  • Do those earbuds get five hours of battery life? No. Design is about way more than how something looks. The stems on these contain the battery plus mics.
  • Yes they do, apparently if you load music on the iconx and just run them standalone. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • Why on earth would you buy earbuds that need to upload music to have reasonable functionality?
  • You can stream to them as well.
  • Exactly. People look at the price, but don't seem to realise that for what you get, it's actually very very reasonable. They are impressive. Sent from the iMore App
  • I dont use the normal ear-pods because they are not even slightly sealed, and they are worthless to my while running because they don't stay in, so I imagine these would be similar. I imagine much of this is particular to each persons ear. That said, I am hoping you guys get a chance to try out the beats version. They look promising.
  • I don't think I'll be buying any more Beats products in the future... The inline control button module on my PowerBeats 2 Wireless just came apart after 13 months of light use, rendering them unusable. Apple does not directly handle repairs for Beats products, so it was a waste of time to make a Genius appointment days in advance only to discover they would just ship the headphones to the nearest Beats service facility. One month out of warranty and they offered no grace period whatsoever, charging me $99 for replacements, which they refused to provide onsite from their store inventory. Note that these are the newly obsolete model which aren't even offered on their website anymore, pending availability of the PowerBeats 3. One can buy these brand new on eBay for the same $100. The only reason I agreed to the $99 replacement was that my credit card covered the cost under their warranty extension benefit. When I came back days later to pick up my replacement headphones they were delivered to me unceremoniously in a plain, flimsy ziplock bag, sans any retail packaging or accessories. So lessons learned: 1) Beats products aren't particularly durable, even when used gingerly. 2) Apple stores do not offer the same customary service and support for Beats products as they do for their own product lines. 3) Beats' warranty policies are followed to the letter, without any grace periods. 4) Beats' out of warranty repair/replacement costs are comparable to that of buying a new replacement product.
  • Wow. You win the award as the 'Most entitled consumer of the month". Talk about an entitlement mentality. Do you really expect the Apple store to do on-site repairs for Beats headphones? Does Bose or any other store do that? Of course not. Talk about raising consumer costs. They offered to ship them to a Beats repair shop, a very reasonable service that you didn't have to pay for. But that's not good enough. Finally, they offer you brand new ones for 50% off (Apple sells them for $199). And you are still not satisfied because you saw some dude on Ebay selling them for the same price.. And you want a "grace period" after the warranty expires??? That makes no sense, but let's say that Apple said they had a 30 day "grace period" as you desire, in other words a 13 month warranty. You'd be the person who walked in during the 14th month and complained it was only a few weeks past the "grace period" so Apple should be nice and extend their warranty again. Finally, after giving you new headphones after your warranty had expired for 50% off, you are upset that Apple didn't also give you new free accessories and a new box. Wow. You are also being put in for Most Entitled Consumer of the Year Award, stay tuned as you are a strong contender
  • "Do you really expect the Apple store to do on-site repairs for Beats headphones?" I purchased Beats headphones in large part because Beats is now part of Apple. I "trust" in Apple's quality and service and this creates a halo effect that now extends to the Beats brand. Or at least it did until it became apparent how independent the two companies remain and how different their policies are. When I've brought in Apple devices for service, they've been replaced on the spot, except for computers which, naturally, take some time to repair. In the case of these flimsy headphones, there was no repair to be done. It was a straightforward replacement. Had I brought in some defective EarPods they would have been replaced on the spot. "Does Bose or any other store do that?" I couldn't care less about Bose, as I would never consider buying any of their products in the first place. Bose headphones look like they were designed by someone at Radio Shack. "Finally, they offer you brand new ones for 50% off (Apple sells them for $199)." Bullshit. First of all the headphones I brought in are DISCONTINUED. Go to and try to find PowerBeats2 Wireless. They aren't there. What they show for $199 are the PowerBeats3 Wireless, which aren't even available for sale yet. If you go into an Apple brick and mortar store, outrageously they still have a wall full of the old models, and still priced at full retail even though the vastly improved model is days or weeks away for the same price. Talk about ******** over gullible shoppers unaware of the new models. I can hop on Amazon right now and buy the old model - BRAND NEW - for $99. Apple took my defective old model, made me wait several days and make two roundtrips to their store, for the honor of receiving a replacement in a ziplock baggie for the $100 price + the broken ones I traded in. "And you want a "grace period" after the warranty expires??? That makes no sense" Canon just replaced a $900 camera for me that developed a defect just past the one year warranty. With a 2 day turnaround. they FedExed me a brand new camera, sealed in original retail packaging with all accessories including battery, charger, neck strap, manuals, etc.. My only expense was the $10 I spent to ship it to them. "You are also being put in for Most Entitled Consumer of the Year Award" Congrats for personifying the stereotypical Apple fanboy who defends the company at any cost.
  • You still don't get the fact that YOUR WARRANTY HAD EXPIRED. In spite of that, Apple still offered to send them to the factory for repair, and still gave you a pair for 50% off of the price they were selling them for at the store you were at! It's irrelevant that some dude on Ebay is selling them cheaper than Apple has them for in their stores. Apple went above and beyond with you--that's why they are renown for their customer service.
  • +1
  • "You still don't get the fact that YOUR WARRANTY HAD EXPIRED" Some companies, including Apple, will often bend the rules a bit, particularly in cases where the product that failed is in otherwise pristine condition, indicating int had been well cared for. Apple has bent the rules for many in the past, and as I cited above, reputable companies like Canon do the same. "still gave you a pair for 50% off of the price" Did you bother to read anything I wrote? These headphones are selling elsewhere, brand new, for $99. Apple didn't just give them to me for that price. They made me turn in my old ones, required two roundtrips to the Apple store, and what they delivered to me for that price were just the headphones with no packaging or accessories whatsoever. This was the closest thing to a Walmart experience I've ever encountered at an Apple store. "t's irrelevant that some dude on Ebay is selling them cheaper than Apple has them for in their stores." Once again, proving that your reading comprehension is as lacking as your common sense. AMAZON sells them for that price. Furthermore it's an outrage that Apple continues to sell the old model in their stores for $200, considering the brand new ones will sell at that price very shortly. That's a sleazy way to treat walk-in customers and reduces people's trust in the company.
  • As an audiophile Apples headphones are a joke, comparing Bose (who are not that great yet years ahead of anything Apple have) is also a joke, do some research.
  • As an audiophile, you represent a teeny, tiny fraction of the market. The entire audiophile market could vanish overnight and it wouldn't make a noticeable impact to Apple's bottom line. Like the vast majority of folks out there, I value convenience and design over audiophile-grade sound quality.
  • I haven't had the problem with the Powerbeats 2, though I certainly don't doubt it. My use case for them is limited to the gym and that is it so maybe I haven't worn them enough to wear out on me.
  • My advice: be extra gentle when operating the play/pause/volume controls. The module will eventually come apart, rendering your headphones useless.
  • I had trouble with a pair of the Apple earbuds staying in my ear but solved it by buying these ear hook thingies from Amazon. Worked perfectly.
  • I thought of that too. But I'm not sure you can put them in the charging case with those attached. I think you'll have to remove the earhooks?
    That being said earpods fit and stay in my ears very well. I've never had them "fall out" even running.
    I prefer these not being white but otherwise they seem pretty grat to me. I can't wait to get them (it seems like I'm alone in this sentiment.)
  • How is the transition handled between W1-aware devices and standard Bluetooth devices like the Apple TV? For example, if after pairing your AirPods with your iPhone you later pair them in the traditional way with you Apple TV, will this require re-pairing them with your iPhone later, or will the AirPods always remember the last iPhone they were paired with?
  • I believe this is what the W1 chip does. You pair with your iPhone, and the earphones can then be selected as a playback device on your Apple TV, Apple Watch et cetera. The same way as you choose an airplay device.
  • The Apple TV is excluded from that feature. Using AirPods with an Apple TV will require traditional pairing. Some have suggested this may be because, unlike other Apple devices, the Apple TV is generally used by several people in a household, rather than tied to a single person and their iCloud account. And I'm wondering if this traditional pairing will delete any previous associations with W1-aware devices including the iPhone, iPad, and any Macs logged into your iCloud account.
  • That seems like a weird excuse for not having it compatible with the Apple TV. If it can make my entire Photo library available to anyone who picks up the remote, I should be able to opt in to AirPod pairing!
  • I agree, but can't think of any other reason why it was left out.
  • Me, like most here have several to many Apple devices in their house. Will these automatically switch or connect to more than one simultaneously like by Bose QC35 does? Hopefully I will be able to choose which device and I won't get continuous notifications about connecting to other ones.
  • Once you connect them to your iPhone, they will be available from any Mac or iPad running macOS or iOS 10 and logged into your iCloud account. For example, on a Mac you will simply select them from the "output devices" dropdown list that appears when you click on the menubar volume button. The exception appears to be the Apple TV, which will require traditional pairing.
  • Indeed you're right about the traditional pairing. And that's also a real pain when switching from an iPhone to an Apple TV multiple times a day! And in my case both are always on, so the Airpods will reconnect to the last device it was connected to. So the only way to switch from one to the other is going in Bluetooth settings and force connect on the device you want to use.
  • How about sound quality? If it is the same as old EarPods, it's crap.
  • From what I've read, seems the sound quality is just as bad, but louder.
  • Crap compared to what? Most people aren't audiophiles.
  • Right. Here are the earbuds (and a pair of headphones) that are much better in comparison (all of these I own and (used to) listen to extensively, including the wired EarPods): Much better:
    RHA MA750i (
    Audeo Phonak 012 (
    Samsung earbuds that came with the phone (
    Koss KSC75 - most incredible headphones for the price ( These might be on-par with the Apple EarBuds:
    Cheap sony earbuds ( Only pair that is worse is a cheap no-name pair that I got as a promotional gift from my dance teacher, but then those probably cost 50 cents from china. What I am saying: The wired earbuds are OK, because they are also cheap. But for 150 bucks, I expect not only flawless wireless performance but also a good audio quality.
  • Or for around $100 you could get some Shure SE215s that'd pretty much blow all these away.
  • Is it at all possible to whisper into these things? Like if need be, can a person take one out and speak softly into the mic, like the original earpods?
  • You don't need to take them out. They have beam forming microphones that would pick up your whisper while in the ear. It is amazing technology.
  • Giroscopes in the AirPods detect your jaw movement and the microphones in each AirPod work together to create beam forming listening. As Rene said in the review, you can speak very softly, even in noisy environments and Siri will hear you correctly.
  • I'm so excited about Airpods, using BT headphones with various devices and charging them constantly is so frustrating, such level of innovation only Apple can deliver.
  • I've often found that it's best to wait for second generations of most devices Apple makes. Nobody is saying you HAVE to get these, so complaining about a lack of features is really kind of moot, especially when they haven't even been released yet. Sent from the iMore App
  • I don't know, these look like they're going to turn me into a Cyberman or something:
  • Wait, are the AirPods supposed to be water resistant? Because if they're not, some folks are going to want to sue iMore for this story's banner image.
  • This comment is ridiculous.
  • they look like male earrings.
  • First and foremost and all the wireless technology aside, these still have the same drivers as the EarPods which means they are only an average sounding set of earbuds. For the price there are better options out there. Cutting the chord between device and earbuds is a great thing but cutting the chord between the actual earbuds themselves makes them impractical. I can already see the accessories market bringing out a chord or rope to tie them back together again because being able to hang them around your neck makes a lot of sense.
    Finally, they actually make you look like a ****** bag with sticks sticking out your ears.
    Going completely wireless doesn't mean you have to be impractical.
    The W1 chip seems to be a good innovation, but in designing earbuds the order of priorities should be as follows:
    1. Sound Quality
    2. Comfort
    3. Technology, Connectivity
    4. Practicality
    All those boxes should be ticked as well. Sent from the iMore App
  • The rope is already exists for $9.99 from some accessories makers.
  • On the design, there is probably a form priority for the two directional microphones, but I also suspect some symbolism on Ive's part that requires the airpods to look the same as the old EarPods but the cord has been cut. This symbolism probably also dictated that there would be no cord tying them together. Whether that was a reasonable approach or not time will tell.
  • As with so many other Apple accessories, the price remains the main stumbling block. Make it $99 and I will pick it up in a heartbeat.
  • But how do they stack as an essential item against a pair of Bose QC35? I would love to read an article from Serenity on these :)
  • Not the same product category why compare them?
  • Here's the same category then...
  • Can't wait to get one but will be weird wearing initially...I may get a lot of weird stares thinking what's that thing hanging off the ear. Sent from the iMore App
  • I'm really hoping that they don't cut out when outside. Every bt head set I have used with multi diff iPhones cut out when outside it's like they have to be right by the phone but yet inside I can leave the phone and walk away and they work just fine
  • I'm hoping we see black ones as a option in the future, but as far as weird stares, have you thought about how it looks like to have the typical headphones on, or how it looks like to have earbuds with cords dangling around you? Or any other BT earphone sticking out of your ear?
  • Or earrings coming coming out of your ears?
  • Black ones is when I'm all in on these haha. Sent from the iMore App
  • Apple: offer them in other colors. Something subdued or even a dark earth color. Sent from the iMore App
  • These look like its a slightly different shape than the wired earbuds that came with the 6S, so these might stay in my ears.
  • It will be interesting to see how long the batteries hold up. I assume they are not replaceable which means a new set of EarPods to purchase if they die within a year. Hopefully, a big advance in battery technology will happen in our lifetimes.
  • Always buy stuff with a credit card that provides extended warranty protection. In the case of the AirPods, at least you'll be covered for two years instead of one.
  • My bottom line is how do they sound? If they sound like crap then what's the point?
  • "If they sound like crap then what's the point?" Why do computers, tablets, and smartphones have built-in speakers when you could get much better sound in a home entertainment system with a huge amp and full size speakers? Because people will happily trade absolute audio quality for mobility and convenience. Same reason laptops are more popular than desktop computers even though they cost more and have less power and expandability. Many people think the standard EarPods sound like crap yet millions use them. Why? Because they sound "good enough" and they look good. The AirPods will have the distinctive Apple design that many people like to wear, they will sound "good enough" for most purposes, and the fact that they're cordless and recharge when placed in their tiny carrying case will make them extremely convenient for all day usage. I can't wait to get a pair.
  • Because you can get better headphones for the same prices that don't look stupid.
  • What about the range ? I have a 2 floor house and my cheap Bluetooth is almost plying anywhere in the house. Did you test the range ?
  • Thanks for a nice mini review. I have three pairing questions I would appreciate someone answering. 1. In the unlikely scenario that I am able to steal your AirPods that you've already paired with your phone using your Apple ID, can I then pair them to my phone with a different Apple ID? Sure, they won't be much use without the charging case, but for security reasons, can they even be paired with another device without first being explicitly unpaired from the original Apple ID device? 2. In a much more likely scenario, suppose my wife and I both have a set of AirPods paired with our respective phones (with different Apple IDs). One day we get them mixed up and I take her pair to the gym. (They all look exactly alike, you know.) Can I use her AirPods with my phone or do I have to return home to trade her set for mine? This is really almost the same question as number 1 except now I have the charging case. I.e., do they have to be unpaired with the first device before being used with a second device with a different Apple ID? 3. Same setup as number 2. My wife and I have identical (of course) sets of AirPods. One night, during, umm... adult activity, we get them mixed up and I end up with "my" right AirPod and "her" left AirPod in my charging case. Next morning I take my mixed set to the gym, 10 miles from my house. Do they work with my phone? Does only one work? Or what? Thanks.
  • 1. Apple will likely sell replacement charging cases, and they should be cheap, considering they don't contain a radio or sophisticated electronics (other than the battery/charging system.) With the case, the AirPods can be paired to any supported device and its associated iCloud account. 2. You need to charging case to pair the AirPods to different devices/iCloud accounts. 3. Pending verification during actual adult activity, I suspect that - again - placing EarPods in a charging case will make them whole again.
  • always hard to say that they are fail because it is apple and when apple does something yeah millions get sold. sad that they dont even do anything better and still people think they are good. well is apple
  • It must be wonderful being so much smarter than the billions of people who disagree with you.
  • And the billions more that do agree.
  • My first concern is sound quality vs price. The OEM EarPods are satisfactory for me for out and about use. I don't care for the artificial bass-bump that so many 'buds have. I don't wear isolating 'buds as ambient sounds will compromise sound quality anyway. So $160 is pricy. My second concern is fit. EarPods are slightly lose in my ears, and one ear in particular. This may be noticeable because of the cord(s) but I won't know until I can try them out. So $160 is pricy. I don't care how they look. More accurately, I don't care what others think about how I look wearing them. People who worry about things like that, suck. They hate pink hair, men with earrings, women with facial piercings, tattoos, Segways, They're insecure and easily threatened by who others-- appear?? I've got no time for that. It boils down to- will the sound of the APs please me. If not, $160 is too much for the freedom from the cord, and the ease of pairing, charging, contacting Siri, and moving them from device to device. In short- convenience. I want to like these in person, not just in concept. But $160 doesn't make it easy.
  • It's actually the other way around. Those that have to draw attention to themselves are insecure but you tell yourself whatever helps you sleep at night....
  • The jury is still out on long term effects of Bluetooth radiation on the brain. I for one will not use Bluetooth earpieces so if Apple ever goes all wireless it's bye bye iPhone for me. Sent from the iMore App
  • But you still use cell phones?
  • Yes, with wired ear buds for calls/music.
    I am referring specifically to bluetooth near the brain, basically microwaving the brain with each use. No thanks.
  • Ah yes, no source so reliable as a nut job anti-vax site.
  • It's about choice - I choose no. I do encourage you to use them though. In fact, I think you should use then 24/7, always on. That would be good.
  • Can't wait to get these!! Sent from the iMore App
  • I say it's consistency. Improving what already exists and what people already know and love. Sent from the iMore App
  • So, it connects via Bluetooth ? Apple may call it a magical connection, so what exactly is magic about it over regular Bluetooth./Bluetooth LE... They don't disconnect ? I do like the flip open-ligher type case.. I could play with that all day. Based on the above, it looks like they must be in the case to pair.... ?
  • I suppose those aren't good for any sport activity, right ?
  • Sorry Mac Guy, but guess I just suck. How about a black finish please - then they wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb (is that earring) for those of us wanting something a little less conspicuous.
  • Input for play/pause, next/prev and volume up/down does not have to be on the AirPods themselves. It has mics and sensors that could detect a tap or stroke on the ear and distinguish it from a tap on the AirPod itself. Siri is nice but also a little bit clumsy. And does Siri even work for this without a mobile data connection? Hopefully the firmware can be updated when a good method for doing commands with gestures on the ear is implemented.
  • These sound great in theory, but they are literally the ugliest designed item ever to come from Apple. They look like you're walking around with an electrical toothbrush brush in each ear. Sorry Rene, you and Tim Cook and pretty much everyone else wearing these look ridiculous. Plenty of other very good Bluetooth headsets om the market.
  • Interesting, but it's early days, and I will wait a while before I try them.
  • So, I've asked Apple, and so have several others, what the range is on these things and Apple doesn't answer. Can you say what the range from the phone is?
  • I mean with the watch as your remote these should be dreamy!
  • I curious about these being used for hearing assistance. Really good hearing aids are expensive, and often overkill. I know they make hearing aid apps for the iPhone, it seems to me these would be perfect for that use, since you can use single one easily, there are no cords hanging down, etc.
  • The wired headphones will not stay in my ears so why would I buy these. I am afraid I would drop one or both of them without knowing. Sent from the iMore App
  • It's the same reason why i switched to other wired headphones
  • I really want these airpods they seem awesome!
  • No black air pods? Why? Isaiah Heart.
  • Bottom line as impressive as the tech is your still paying $160 for the exact sound components as the $29 earbuds, that while they don't sound bad for $29 bucks, you can buy much better headphones for $160 than these
  • Agreed. You're paying a premium for the "magic" of the W1 chip, not sound quality. Personally, I'd rather just spend $160 on a nice pair of traditional BT headphones.
  • For $159, they darn well better sound better than the wired EarPods.
  • Rene himself said they sound just as good as the EarPods, which means they don't.
  • Easy to lose, easy to steal, expensive, yet another thing to charge.
  • It's easy to make anything look bad when you only list the negatives…
  • When connected to an Apple Watch will call audio be routed to AirPods? Currently regular bluetooth headphones paired to Apple Watch won't work with phone calls (only music). Often I'm out of range of my iPhone and would love to answer calls on my watch using wifi calling, but it's too difficult hear the caller with the tiny speaker.
  • That's disappointing...was eager to buy this. Now have to wait longer, agree no point releasing if they aren't ready. Hopefully they can release it early November. Sent from the iMore App
  • Wonder if they are waiting on Bluetooth 5? Sent from the iMore App
  • They sourced the battery from Samsung and blew a testers ear off. Sent from the iMore App
  • Too bad you didn't try them.....
  • "AirPods sound is as least as good as traditional EarPods" that is still what troubles me the most. What am I purchasing these for if I'm not getting increase audio quality? For $159, I'd imagine we all at least deserve that.
  • "What am I purchasing these for if I'm not getting increase audio quality?" Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they're cordless.
  • Which provides what advantage over the usual hands free Bluetooth stereo headphones? For $159 I'd hope my audio experience would be improved.
  • But these are magic.
  • Automatic syncing with all your devices, automatic switching to the device playing back audio, tiny form-factor?
  • Apple earrings
  • I don't like the look and feel like it is oddly out of step with the design aesthetic with that said I use bluetooth headsets for work and talking to my wife on her commute home and have held out for these because of how they function. I have had 4 different headsets all the way up to $200 ones and haven't found any i like because of all the issues. I will buy these and use with all my devices and the apple tv when the kids go to bed and hopefully they come out with black ones or space grey sometime in the near future.
  • Rene - if you stay in contact with Apple on these, PLEASE ask they [roduce a black model that wouldn't stick out like a sore thumb as these white ones do?
  • I like the idea but a question does come to mind when I travel.
    Can I use them on an airplane even though my phone has to be in airplane mode?
    Is Bluetooth allowed during a flight? If yes then that means I have to switch on airplane mode then reactivate Bluetooth. Sent from the iMore App
  • You mean what most people have to do already when using in flight wifi? Who hasn't activated airplane mode and then toggled wifi on? Sent from the iMore App
  • Right now I got a pair of Monster freedom Bluetooth headphones. I am more than happy with them at the moment. Sent from the iMore App
  • Interesting after reading I called Apple and they said yes they will be on sale this week. I have heard so many different things.
  • I just left my local Apple Store and an employee that I know said they already received them and they go on sale very very soon.
  • Thanks tut00, I chatted with apple as well and they said there still on before for the end of the month
  • These are the ugliest things that have ever been designed since... well since the Air Pods. Sent from the iMore App
  • They shipped iOS 10 and macOS Sierra before they were ready. I bet they cancel these. Only Rene wants them. Sent from the iMore App
  • Not true, I'd love a pair
  • I can't wait for these.
  • Apple think they're slick, the only reason they're not bringing them out now is because the Beats are coming out this week, $200 vs $160
    They wouldn't sell many Beats if they were to drop them at the same time.
  • The powerbeats 3 for 199.95 you can order now. My location says will get it nov 11. Beatsx are 149.95 they are available this fall. The air pods will be on sale by the end of this Month!
  • They're not the same thing.
  • Website is still showing late October.
  • Finally a honest answer from apple. They said they were suppose to be releases tomorrow but now they have been pushed back. What a failure for apple!
  • Hello Rene, in the MBW 530 you have a single AirPod. Did it serve for you both as the monitor and as the only mic?
  • They look stupid!
  • "AirPods sound is as least as good as traditional EarPods: I'm not an audiophile". Me neither but i dont need to be one to notice that earpods soundquality is crap.
    Still think they are waiting on Bluetooth #5. Sent from the iMore App
  • they look like earings. At the price i'd go for something more affordable off of ebay for under $50. That would meet my needs. Plus i'd use wireless more for working out and running so i'd want ear hooks.
  • Yes thanks G-luv, you too! Oh and I found the name...It's called "goStrap". I use it on both my e-reader and my phone, which are both phablet-sized and make them easy to operate single-handedly. It definitely has stopped the dropping problem but probably just as importantly, it has given me back the use of my hand!!! Their website's kind of dinky but you can also get them at Bed Bath and Beyond. Hope this helps and best of luck!
  • Thank you for an honest an non emotional, biased fueled review. Its refreshing to have journalists and enthusiasts actually try a product and give it a go before copying and pasting a negative post from another news source or just knock it because you hate Apple. I was very curious how they performed in real world. I personally enjoy the EarPods because they have good audio, a really good mic, and are convenient plain and simple. I knew better than to succumb to the (in my mind) idiotic hate posts about there not being a cable attaching them together. I think it would defeat the whole spirit of pursuing a truly wireless experience. The more legitimate concern would be battery and you made a great point about using one at a time. I find myself often listening to music or a youtube video in the background while working but also want to keep an ear open for my coworkers to get my attention.
    Hopefully others will take your example and actually try to use something more than a day before they go on a smear campaign. And i would be saying this even if you have negative things to say after months of use. There are some drawbacks as they are new technology but I see the air pods as being something that would be useful in my daily habit of both working with my macbook and having fewer wires to deal with, working out and not hitting my cord while bike riding or running on the treadmill and having the awkward experience of the buds flying off and hanging as I feebly attempt to grab them and get them back in my ears.
  • What about when you don't have access to Siri? Like on a plane? Then you are SOL for voice control?!?!?! The lack of gesture controls is maddening here. No attention to sweat/water resistance is very troubling. No talk of noise isolation. I have yet to read a pre-production review that says anything truly positive about the sound quality. Pairing my Jaybird X's is actually easier. After you do it the very first time in settings, the future pairings are as simple as it gets. I power on my X's and after a second I hear 'headphones connected'. Even faster than having to tap something on the iPhone screen every. single. time. I want to love the AirPods because I really want truly wireless headphones but I have my doubts here.
  • "Pairing" a bluetooth headset is different than reconnecting one. "Pairing" is what you do the first time you connect a bluetooth headset to a device. In your case, you had to get the device itself into pairing mode (which in many cases, such as the SOL wireless headphones I just returned is witchcraft), go into settings, choose the device and let it connect. In many cases you have to type in a code for security as well. With the airpods all you do is get the case for the device close to the phone and it will pair. This also means the device is paired with your ipad, and your mac mini or laptop. You don't have to tap the screen with the case every time, just the first. So this product shortens the original pairing process, and means you don't have to pair the device with any of your other apple products, as the pairing is stored with icloud. To me that takes literally any difficult at all out of using a bluetooth headset.
  • Yes, pairing has to be done only once, the very first time you connect your new headphones to your iDevice. After that, I never have to worry again. I don't go into settings, I don't enter any codes (after the very first and only pairing). I simply power on my X's and I hear 'headphones connected'. My iPhone and X's connect daily in this manner. With the AirPods you need to remove them from the case and then tap 'connect' on your iPhone. I find that to be more hassle than what I'm currently doing with my X's. AirPods do not pair unless you tap 'connected' on your iPhone screen. I've seen this confirmed in many reviews. Yes, it helps if you use many Apple devices in one sitting. I'm not one to constantly jump between my iPhone, iPad, and Mac in one sitting with my X's. I primarily use them with my iPhone.
  • >Yes, it helps if you use many Apple devices in one sitting. I'm not one to constantly jump between my iPhone, iPad, and Mac in one sitting with my X's. That's the major difference here. BT headphones are a pain when it comes to switching between more than one device, which some of us do regularly. It looks like AirPods have solved this nuisance.
  • I seriously doubt that you have to tap the connect button on your iPhone screen each time of use. That would be pretty ridiculous. I think you are misunderstanding that part. I am sure you only need to do that one time. My guess is that when using the AirPods after the first time, they connect automatically. With traditional bluetooth headsets such as your X's, you must seek and find bluetooth settings and (after starting the pairing with the headset button) choose the device and go from there. With AirPods, it's not necessary to go into bluetooth settings ever at all. Just hit the pop up "connect" at the first pairing and your AirPods will automatically connect to all of your iCloud connected devices as well (Mac, iPad, whatever) from then on. For non-tech people like most people in my life, they would find the AirPod method of being presented with a one time setup "connect" button much easier that having to find the **** bluetooth setting.
  • The only time I have to enter Bluetooth settings to connect my X's is the VERY FIRST TIME I connect them to my iPhone. That's it. Once the iPhone establishes a connection I never need to go into Settings again. At that point I simply power on my X's from that point forward and I hear a voice prompt in my headphones 'headphones connected'. No need to tap a screen, enter Settings, etc.
  • I am well aware of that. I have been using different Bluetooth headphones for over a decade. My original post was only pointing out your misunderstanding of airpods. You seemed to have the impression that the user must tap connect every time.
  • If you did not need to tap connect every time then why has no one said otherwise?
  • Having to tap connect each time would be insane and nobody has ever had to do that in the history of Bluetooth headphones. That's probably why no one has said otherwise. I have been using Bluetooth headphones for over 15 years and that has never been the case. I saw your earlier post and thought it was odd that you would say that. Are you new to Bluetooth headphones?
  • No I'm not. You could be absolutely right by the way. If that turns out to be the case I'll apologize then for my ignorance. At this point I'm going to withhold any judgment until the **** things even hit the market. It's embarrassing that Apple features them in marketing pictures in their stores yet keeps us in the dark about availability. Especially with Xmas around the corner.
  • Yeah I agree with you. I wish they would give the public a little more detail on what the hold up is. I am sure the hold up will be eventually appreciated by the consumer in the long run if it happens to be product performance related. The more I think about it, I will probably hold off on getting them and will wait until they are hopefully/possibly released in black.
  • By the way, somebody please confirm or correct me if I am wrong.
  • "I don't enter any codes (after the very first and only pairing). I simply power on my X's and I hear 'headphones connected'. My iPhone and X's connect daily in this manner. With the AirPods you need to remove them from the case and then tap 'connect' on your iPhone. I find that to be more hassle than what I'm currently doing with my X's." It seems to me that you have a fundamental misunderstanding on this issue. With your headphones you need to pair them with your phone just like you pair every other bluetooth-device. With pairing-modes and all that. After that they (usually) just work. With the Airpods the pairing is done by flipping open the case and pressing one button on the phone. That's it. No "pairing mode" or other voodoo. And after that, they just work. No, you don't have to pair them again every time you want to use them. Furthermore, when you pair the Airpods with your iPhone, they get paired with all of your devices. With your headphones, you would have to manually pair them with each device. And your headphones can only be connected to one device at a time. From this review, it seems like if you start playing music on different device, Airpods will automatically switch to that device. I hope this clears things up!
  • I think Apple has the product and they will not sell it yet I can't put my finger on it . I believe it's the same demo units shipped out for people to try I don't think that changed a thing please are are euejjvrjgtrrew
  • I think that the Siri implementation in these are poor. Why can't you activate Siri with your voice (hey Siri) and then use tap to pause/double tap to skip tracks? I really wouldn't like to use Siri to pause and skip songs in public places like a bus or a coffee shop. Once again this seems to be a "review" in which no negative points or criticisms were brought up... No product is perfect Rene. Posted via the iMore App for Android
  • I've never been more disinterested in an apple product. Sent from the iMore App
  • Yet your still reading/commenting on an article about them
  • Yep. Sure am. I went on to comment how disinterested I was. Thanks for your reply too bro!!! You're great! 👍🏾 Sent from the iMore App
  • I cant order till Thursday, think there will still be some in 2 days? Been wanting these since announcement
  • Welp changed to 4 weeks already so im screwed
  • Thanks Mobile Nation for your heads up about the AirPods. Just ordered mine. Yay!!
  • Hard to say "they are here" when they SHIP in 4 weeks.
  • my thoughts exactly
  • Just saw the article pushed to the top. Wish imore would've said these were available to buy or I just missed it. Four weeks and no in store pickup. I ordered mine but this feels a lot like a Kickstarter program rn. 😐 Sent from the iMore App
  • Found this article earlier this morning. Got my order placed via the app as soon as I found out with a 12/21 delivery. Woo! :-) Sent from the iMore App
  • I am glad I decided to get a pair of Rowkin bit charge instead.
  • Some 'less is more' writing tips (further reading: On Writing Well, Politics & The English Language, Revising Prose): "of situations and circumstances" < choose 1.
    "might just be the closest thing" < say "is" not "might just be" "AirPods come in a case that might just be the closest thing we've seen to Jony Ive's classic white iPod since… Jony Ive's classic white iPod."
    "AirPods come in a case that gets back to the roots of Jony Ive's classic white iPod." "The top flips open like a vintage lighter and the action is every bit as addictive. Seriously — I force myself to put it down so I don't end up flipping it open and closed constantly."
    "The open action is addictive like a vintage lighter. I force myself to put it down so I don't constantly flip it open." I could go on but I wont.
  • "I could go on but I wont." What is wont?
  • He is "wont" to criticize others writing styles.
  • He is wont to criticise Rene's writing skills. Posted via the iMore App
  • Holy nitpick Batman!
  • It's not a nitpick when you turn in poor writing to a boss, interviewer, etc.
  • Nice that some will get them in time for Christmas.
    I'm in that group, if orders ship.
  • I'd be tempted by these if the price was below £100, but every unbiased review I've read thus far has rated the sound quality as being similar to standard Ear Buds (ie. pretty naff) . Posted via the iMore App
  • Every name brand cordless Bluetooth headphone set I've seen has been a similar price, or much worse. (Although I have managed to pick up a Chinese made single-wire set for £20-30 which are OK for exercising)
  • > cordless Bluetooth headphone As opposed to corded Bluetooth headphone?
  • I usually like gadgets like that but I believe I will loose them in a minute
  • lose
  • loose inside my ear...
  • The AirPods would be fantastic for my use case! I'm a truck driver and sometimes I get into a truck with no bluetooth. The AirPods would be convenient without the pain in the a$$ wires!!
  • I hope you're only going to use one of them then. Wearing them in both ears would be both irresponsible and highly dangerous to other road users.
  • Wow! Serious question here. Do you drive new trucks? Cause I've yet to find a truck with bluetooth built in it? I always just use my bluetooth piece.
  • These look awful. Don't waste your money, folks. Personally, I'm waiting for the iBrain so I don't even have to think for myself anymore. lol
  • Kinda sounds like you are already there.
  • These are so nice, a must have:) Sent from the iMore App
  • Screw the AirPods. I just want to know where I can buy that watch band, Rene.
  • Rene's AirPods
    Rene´s Apple Watch See the tiny inconsistency here? :) If I were you I wouldn't rest until it was fixed!
  • Amen.
  • What i can't understand is if Airpods are delayed 6 weeks in many countries, why can u get them
  • Press got review units :)
  • I really want black! Or jet black even.
  • I want black too. Or mahogany
  • I have wired EarPods and they never come out when I am running - even with 50km winds, because I use Earhoox I would use these if I were wearing the AirPods.
  • I got those for the same reason. And then I realized a few hours ago that once I put the EarHoox on, the AirPods probably won't fit in their charging case... I'll have to take them off and put them on each time I want to use them (so, every 5 or fewer hours).
  • Same realization for me too :) I opted for the QC35 with 20 hours battery life and don't have to worry about them falling out. Wanted to like the Solo3 but on-ears hurt my ears.
  • Every article I've read says the AirPods must first be paired with an iPhone, after which your other devices (except Apple TV) are automatically paired through iCloud. My question: can the initial pairing be done on something other than an iPhone? In my case it would be a cellular iPad mini 2. I do not currently own an iPhone, but do have three iPads (small, medium, large) an iPod touch 6 and an iMac. If the iPhone is a pairing necessity, then the Airpods will not be useful for me. Anybody know for sure?
  • Any device running iOS10 or later. So, iPad Mini 2 - yes.
  • Can Serenity review these so I can hear a couple things that don't work well about them, which is really what I'd want to know before buying.
  • I always thought with Bluetooth u could only connect one device at a time...
  • My Apple Watch is always connected but I can also add other Bluetooth devices at the same time too. The devices themselves cannot be connected to more than host or controller of that device. That might be the limitation you're thinking of.
  • Originally that was true. For a while (BT version 4, I think) devices could stay paired to two devices... I have a lot of cheap BT headphones from Amazon that have been paired to both my iPad and my iPhone; I could hit the "connect" button in Settings -> Bluetooth and they could both be connected at the same time. AirPods (and the Beats devices with the 'W1" chip) work a little differently. The W1 chip lets the "pairing" get shared automatically, through your iCloud account, to any of your devices. There's also something 'fancy' in iOS 10 that lets you connect automatically when you start playing audio on another device that's in range... I haven't tested that yet. But my AirPods show "disconnected" in the iPad's Bluetooth settings, yet I can still select them in the Music app and the iPad will take them over, pause the audio I have playing on the iPhone, and start playing through them.
  • hi,after pairing pods,is possible to carry only one with me without the case?and when i turn on bluetooth will connect to the pod or i need the case again?
  • Thanks for the review Rene. You've answered a number of questions and concerns. I guess I wouldn't be leaning over any bridges or such though, heh. However, this scares me a bit... "Instead, I've been able to use them constantly. So much that I don't really want to wear corded headphones any more." I'll probably pick some of these up eventually for convenience. But, I wouldn't be using them constantly, until we know more about the impact of Bluetooth RF on health. While it's low power, it's really, really close. While it's too low power to cause direct cellular damage, we've learned a lot more about epigenetics in the last few years. We don't what the impact will actually be (just that there WILL be one). I don't think I'd be using them all the time... maybe for short periods of time, from time to time. That's the problem I have with where it seems Apple is going. Wireless is nice for convenience, but IMO, it's way too soon to know if it should be a replacement.
  • $160 (as per my Apple Store app) for ear phones that only sound as good as what is included in the box with a new iPhone? Yikes. For that price, they need to sound a lot better than that in my opinion.
  • I didn't have time to read all but, THESE ARE THE SICKEST HEADPHONES EVER!! You gotta have an Watch for convenience tho... just for Volume Adjustment!
  • I got my AirPods this morning. It's made me realize I don't know how to do something that has never previously been all that important - How do I use Siri to play and pause NON native-apple audio apps? How can I play and pause Spotify, Audible, Pocket casts, etc.? I know I can pause by pulling one of the airpods out of my ear, but then how do I resume playing? If there is not an easy way, the same way I would just hit the button on the wired earbuds, then this is crazy. nothing is more frustrating than the "solution" of "just use Apple's app to do ____." Rich
  • Playing with the AirPods. I find it hard to double tap do start Siri. I have an iPhone 7 - so I just "Hey Siri..." to control music and do things. It is pretty quick.
  • First had an issue with the AirPods connecting to iPhone 6, a quick restart fixed that. Like @arkaroola, I am having trouble making the double tap work properly for Siri or pause/play. I hope it's a software fix, not the reason they where delayed.
  • Rene addressed this. You have to press harder than you realize. Once he got the hang of it, he said it was very natural.
  • they look cool but you cant get them... they say theyre available but I've checked stores from Ohio to Virginia and they all say Feb 8, 2017...
  • the software side amazing WOW works so good. there are so small. music sounds great as well. BUT the problem i have is that it is missing something like heart rate monitor and more exercise features. would be great to have internal storage for music. i think apple can do a better job. will wait now for the second edition and return them.
  • Rene, How long does it take to fully charge the AirPods?
    Also, are these capable of receiving firmware updates to possibly add touch gestures?
  • Yes to the firmware updates. AirPods keep receiving the updates wirelessly, through iPhone/Mac or whatever device it is connected to.
  • I have the new AirPods and I like them very much. But.... What is the best way to clean out the ear dirt that tends o accumulate over a few days or hours without damaging the screens or electronic?
  • I use a can of compressed air held away from the AirPod at a good distance then just move it forward using short bursts until the debris has been blown out. I've gotten the air within a few inches of the buds and had no problems with damage.
  • I picked up a pair at the Apple Store on Monday. At 1PM they had 8 on the shelves. I get lot's of popping noises using them with Skype and via my MacBook Pro, but music is smooth and clear. I'm also experienced drops with my iPhone 6s. 2-3 times a day on calls. I also tried them on runs, and the AirPods dropped the connection after about 20-30 minutes. I had to stop, dig out my phone, and press play, to get them working again. I've got a Genius Bar appt. on Friday, maybe it's me, maybe it's the AirPods.
  • Hi! I wonder what would happen in the following situation: you have the AirPods connected and playing music from a Macbook, then a call arrives to your iPhone. What I expect is that the music on the Macbook pauses and the call goes into the AirPods. Then when you finish the call the music in the Mac starts again and sounds though the Airpods. Can anyone confirm that?
  • Day one with my AirPods, and I can confirm this is exactly what happens :).
  • I had ordered my AirPods on the day they became available. Estimated shipping date was December 29th. Just got a notification that they will arrive on December 23rd. Merry Christmas to me and thanks Apple and iMore for the heads up. Sent from the iMore App
  • After reading all these great reviews I just got a pair, but from first moment it was clear that the sound is not as good as just regular ear pods. I'm wondering if this is just my pair or other people have noticed the same. Most reviewers say that sound is little bit better then on airpods and that even the base is little bit stronger. I'm experiencing exact opposite. There is hardly any base and when I turn on EQ and make it higher it just distorts the sound really bad. If anyone has noticed the same could you please share with me or do I just have a bad pair? Thanks.
  • I would return them or get them replaced at the Genius Bar if you haven't already.
  • Great review. Can you comment on any audio/video sync issues for those of us who watch videos and edit videos while wearing headphones? I have heard some say they can't watch video or edit video because the audio lags behind the video by about 230 milliseconds (someone actually measured). That can be a big deal when watching and especially when editing.
  • The ease of pairing of the AirPods is truly excellent, especially when compared to ordinary Bluetooth devices. Alas for myself (and I imagine many others) I'll never be able to use them properly thanks to the rigid design and the discomfort and ease that they fall out of my ears (my wife has no problem with the ones she owns). If Apple provided them with soft coverings then more folks would be able to use them. I'm not even that fussed by the frankly lousy sound quality as hi fidelity isn't what these products are designed for (if you want that get a pair of cans that make you look like you work on the deck of an aircraft carrier).
  • So commenting on the "Review: One Year Later" I have to say I agree with much of it. I've had my AirPods since February and still love them. I've not had mine fall out, they are quite comfortable in my ears (can keep them in for hours) and I enjoy using them. While I enjoy using them to listen to music, my absolute favorite use is for phone calls. Callers find the sound quality of the phone calls to be quite good, and it is liberating not to have to hold the phone to your ear.
  • AirPods are the sort of product I expect Apple to make. Integrated,futuristic & well made.
    I cannot depend on Siri being always there ,as I use headphones on both an El Capitan Mac, which is old, and also an iPod Touch 6 which isn't always connected to the web. That is why I have chosen the BeatsX. They provide Class 1 BT too, which is a plus,and the W1, allows them to stay connected within 2 stories of my house,which is amazing.Battery life is something I need a lot of ,and that is why I have chosen the one time 8-9 hr of Battery life on the BeatsX. I just plug them into my dock when I go to the bathroom.
    But AirPods are extremely good too ,and if Apple manages to get 8-10 hr battery life out of them by the W3 I might be getting them.
  • Is that clownfish wallpaper stock again on the iPhoneX?!?!?
  • How is the battery holding a charge after a year? I use mine 12 hours a day four times a week for my job. I just bought them and have to charge twice a day.
    I’m thinking of returning for QC35 or Beats Studio 3 which have over 40 hours of battery with anc off. I’m worried after a year charging a lot the charge will only hold for a few hours. But I’ve heard the call quality on the QC35 is poor. Not sure though? But I like how the beats have the w1 chip and stellar battery life. Thoughts?
  • How is this not a problem? I returned 3 phones because that hissing gets me headaches and a nervous state. You spend almost 1000 dolars on a device that is suppose to be "the best phone out there" and you have 0 coil noise proofing? This is cheap technology. Really cheap.