Y tho meme

What you need to know

  • These AirPod knock-offs don't make any sound.
  • We're not even sure they look good.
  • Our minds are so blown we can't think of a third point to make.

I'm sorry. I really am But that header image is all I could think of when I spied this story on Cult of Mac earlier today. Because, well, why? We've seen plenty of AirPods knock-offs and most of them cost a fraction of the price of the real thing. But these. These take the biscuit and cost just $12.

There's a very good reason for that, too. These aren't actually earbuds. They don't make any sound. They do.....nothing. They're just there to look good and, I think you'll agree, the jury is very much out as to whether they manage that or not.

No it isn't. They don't.

ASOS faux AirPods

This madness comes courtesy of "fashion" store ASOS and was first spotted by an Australian news outlet.

We can understand companies wanting to make earbuds that look like AirPods. They're iconic, and they sell in huge numbers. But these don't even look like AirPods. It's as if someone wanted to make something like AirPods, but different enough not to get sued into oblivion.

Mission accomplished, really.